Universal Express (920232) STRONG BUY!

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2866 Postings, 6196 Tage HiGhLiFEUniversal Express (920232) STRONG BUY!

Universal Express ist ein profitables OTC-Unternehmen das unmittelbar
vor einem Riesenkursfeuerwerk steht.
Kurs Frankfurt:0,10 Euro +100%
Kursziel:extrem hoch

Lest einfach unten die News und ihr werdet wissen, warum das Unternehmen
eine Notierung im Dollarbereich verdient hat.

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08.06.04 16:32

8970 Postings, 6166 Tage bammieund mal wieder News

08.06.04 16:33

8970 Postings, 6166 Tage bammieund mal wieder News

Press Release Source: Universal Express, Inc.

Universal Express Announces Agreement with Transaction Management, LLC
Monday June 7, 9:24 am ET  
Innovative New Bill Payment Services Platform to be offered through Universal Post Division

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 7, 2004--Universal Express, Inc. (OTCBB:USXP - News), The electronic age has been bridged by a new electronic bill payment service now offered through Universal Post, a division of Universal Express, and is being offered throughout their association member stores, nationwide. The service developed and marketed for Security Bank, Ralls, TX is EmpaSys' "Pay All Bills Here" and provides "one-stop" convenience for anyone needing to pay any bill.
An estimated 25 million U.S. wage earners who operate without checking accounts represent a market in need of a solution. Now, a bill payer can take that bill or statement to a participating store, become an established "Pay All Bills Here" customer and pay any bill. The entire process is completed at one convenient location. The "Pay All Bills Here" system is a nationwide, Internet based solution. "Pay All Bills Here" facilitates the transfer of funds from a cash-paying customer to a biller or creditor conveniently and securely. The system utilizes relationships with thousands of commercial billers in various industries that have agreed to accept payments electronically.

"We are pleased to be able to now offer those customers without bank accounts a convenient bill payment alternative while further increasing our products and services to our association of private postal stores," said Richard A. Altomare, President & CEO of Universal Express, Inc.

"Working with Universal Express is an exiting proposition for us. It will extend Transaction Management's mission of providing those without checking accounts access to secure and dependable financial solutions." said Ron Phillips, Transaction Management co-founder and President.

About Transaction Management, LLC - Founded in February 2003, the entire team at TMLLC operates with nearly sixty years of combined experience in the technology and electronic payments industries. EmpaSys "Pay All Bills Here", developed by and marketed for Security Bank, Ralls, Texas has become the industry's choice for collecting electronic bill payments. At present, TMLLC markets services through its channel partners and referral agents for electronic commercial banking and bill payment solutions. These services, along with the many other electronic payment processes that the company provides, enhance merchant's ability to increase their walk-in traffic, increase their revenues, and accept payments anytime, anywhere and in any fashion. On the Net: Transaction Management's site: http://www.transactionmgmt.com/


22.06.04 20:27

125 Postings, 7114 Tage ganaellesieht doch heute nicht schlecht aus, weiss jemand

warum das ding um >40% steigt? über infos würde ich mich freuen

gruss ganaelle  

23.06.04 00:26

8970 Postings, 6166 Tage bammiehier sind die news

Press Release Source: Universal Express

Universal Express Announces Partnership with IBM Southeast Employees' Federal Credit Union
Tuesday June 22, 11:05 am ET

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 22, 2004--Universal Express, Inc. (OTCBB:USXP - News), announced its subsidiary UniversalPost, is now offering the benefit of Credit Union Membership to its postal member stores. Member store employees, as well as immediate family members are eligible to join the IBM Southeast Employees Federal Credit Union (EFCU) with this partnership program.
Established in 1969, IBM Southeast EFCU is one of the nations largest Credit Unions with $600 million in assets and 60,000 members across the country.

"Credit Union Membership adds new value to the benefit packages already in place from UniversalPost. Stores can take full advantage of banking and financial products and services offered through IBM Southeast (EFCU) online program, accessible 24/7. It is as much a priority for us to offer our member stores group benefits as it is to introduce them to revenue producing programs. We want to save them money as much as help them make money," said Linda Jacobucci, newly appointed President of UniversalPost.

"IBM Southeast EFCU is excited to partner with UniversalPost. Their member stores will benefit from the value, accessibility, products and services, REWARDS program and unique personalized service that only IBM Southeast EFCU can offer", states Marilyn Joyce, Member Development Director, IBM Southeast EFCU.

"Our leasing division is prepared to work directly with member stores to assist them in obtaining loans for vehicles and business equipment. A 4 billion dollar industry attracts our interest" said Michael Buccellato, President of Universal Express Capital Corp.

"The management of our private postal trade association continues to search and work for programs and services that may better strengthen this essential but fragmented industry of over 10,000 retail locations. Affording them a 35 year old additional credit facility adds even more value to UniversalPost members and financial opportunities for all involved," concluded, Richard A. Altomare, Chairman & CEO of Universal Express, Inc.


25.06.04 11:34

8970 Postings, 6166 Tage bammieund nochmal news

Press Release Source: Universal Express, Inc.

Universal Express Issues Memorandum Of Fact And Law In Its Case Against The SEC
Thursday June 24, 10:28 am ET

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 24, 2004--Universal Express, Inc. (OTCBB:USXP - News), has directly confronted the Security and Exchange Commission in Universal Express' Case against it. The filing was recently made by the Company's prominent Florida litigation counsel, Arthur W. Tifford.
This 28-page ground breaking and historical document http://www.usxp.com/SECmemoinop.pdf verbalizes what smaller public companies and their CEOs have been subjected to by the unconstitutional conduct of unchecked agents of the SEC.

"There is much more that will be presented regarding the retaliatory, abusive, and illegal actions of numerous conflicted agents of the SEC," stated Richard A. Altomare, Chairman & CEO of Universal Express.

"Our capital system will be better served when the SEC works with and not against CEOs to eliminate the looming, estimated trillion-dollar naked stock short selling settlement crisis and other economic terrorism associated with naked short selling. It's time that the SEC turns its back on the huge economic benefits it derives from the naked short sales transactions, and invest its energies to protect American investors and displaced American workers. Seven years is long enough to wait for forthright and responsive action by the SEC to this terrible, soon-to-be fully exposed scandal."

"Let's see if our Presidential candidates agree that no agency or agent is above the Constitution of the United States," stated Mr. Altomare.

"Universal Express continues to develop its luggage delivery service, its private postal trade association and its capital, credit, and gift card programs during this distraction caused by the agency that owes our shareholders in excess of $900,000,000, as a result of the agency's actions in retaliation against the Company for its public position against naked short selling and the effect of the naked short selling on the Company's publicly traded stock."

"We urge our shareholders to contact their Congressional Representative and U.S. Senators and demand that a full investigation of the SEC's conflict of interest and its resulting inaction for seven years on this matter," concluded Mr. Altomare.

To send a letter to the SEC and your Congressman, go to http://www.usxp.com/lettertocongress.


28.10.04 16:15

1294 Postings, 6189 Tage kramfalls das noch wen juckt...news*g*

Universal Express Sells Capital Subsidiary

NEW YORK, NY ? October 28, 2004 - Universal Express Inc. (OTCBB: USXP), today sold 75% of Universal Express Capital Corp. its former subsidiary, to Capitalliance, a $350,000,000 insurance and funding operation.  USXP will retain 10% of the shares of the new Company and 15% of the shares of the Company will be distributed to USXP shareholders.

After the new Universal Express Capital is approved as a public entity, shareholders of USXP will be notified of the distributions of shares to them.

In addition, the new Universal Express Capital run by Capitalliance will now serve as a lead funding source for future USXP acquisitions and investments.

?Most importantly, USXP will receive a preferred lending rate and Capitalliance is initially capitalizing Universal Express Capital with $22,500,000 of assets.  Capitalliance receives and develops an active trading company, USXP receives a funding partner and 10% of a $22,500,000 capitalized company with bonding relationships worldwide.  Our shareholders will receive stock distributions of Universal Express Capital and, in addition we have received from Capitalliance a funding lead commitment of $22,000,000 for Alpine Airlines financing and $225,000,000 for our Equipment Trust Certificates Program,? said Richard A. Altomare, Chairman & CEO of Universal Express.

About Universal Express

Universal Express, Inc. owns and operates several subsidiaries including Universal Express Capital Corp., (including its USXP Cash Express division) Universal Express Logistics, Inc. (including Virtual Bellhop, LLC and Luggage Express), and the UniversalPost Network. These subsidiaries and divisions provide the private postal industry and consumers with value-added services and products, logistical services, equipment leasing, and cost-effective delivery of goods worldwide.

Safe Harbor Statement under the Private securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements contained herein, which are not historical, are forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements including, but not limited to, certain delays beyond the Company's control with respect to market acceptance of new technologies, products and services, delays in testing and evaluation of products and services, and other risks detailed from time to time in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Media Contact:                                                                        

Glen Calder

TransMedia Group                                                                    

(561) 750-9800

mfg kram

ps:neddes + so far;)  

28.10.04 16:31

6383 Postings, 6770 Tage SchwachmatWow - was für ein Thread, was für ein -90%er

Die Psychologie von Spekulanten ist höchst beeindruckend.
"Kaum haben sie ein Erdbeben überstanden, schon rennen sie ins nächste Epizentrum."  

28.10.04 17:02

1294 Postings, 6189 Tage kramund dennoch wird sich der

der grad mit zahlendreher gekauft hat aergern*troest*

sah dennoch funny aus,kursplus von ueber 1.1k%*g*


ps:da waer ich ja satt im geld gewesen;D  

05.01.05 14:15

2935 Postings, 6058 Tage MeikoHört sich ja eigentlich gut an, aber...


05.01.05 14:16

2935 Postings, 6058 Tage MeikoAber aus irgeneinem Grund muss die ja so

tief stehen.

Bei den Berliner HotStocks waren Werte gefragt, die zum Teil schon gestern im Blickpunkt standen. Zu erwähnen sind Universal Comm. Systems (WKN: 917 633). Bereits im Frühjahr 2004 hatte es Einschätzungen und Berichte zu diesem Unternehmen gegeben. Darin hieß es u. a, dass Universal Comm. System eine Holding ist, die mit jeweils 100 % an den Unternehmen Airwater Corp. sowie Millenium Electric beteilgt ist. Airwater hat Geräte entwickelt, die Wasser aus der Luft gewinnen, ohne die Umwelt zu belasten. Nach der Gewinnung des Wassers wird es automatisch gefiltert und gereinigt. Bereits gestern berichteten wir darüber, dass es auf dem Parkett hieß, dass Airwater Corp. 20 Wasseraufbereitungsanlagen nach Sri Lanka liefern soll. Der Kurs von Universal Comm. Systems zog heute auf 0,06 Euro (nach 0,052 Euro) an.


07.02.05 15:28

159 Postings, 5678 Tage standingstar0.01/0.0101$ vorbörslich

jetzt wollen wir mal die 2cent sehen....  

07.02.05 15:42

159 Postings, 5678 Tage standingstarheute wird aber was eingekauft.... o. T.

08.02.05 16:36

159 Postings, 5678 Tage standingstar+5.05% 0.01/0.0104$

wann sehen wir die 2, 3, 5, 10 oder 50cent??  

08.02.05 16:59

1460 Postings, 5906 Tage RealDOJOin kurzer zeit definitiv nicht!

hallo standingstart,

schau mal die letzten monate der aktie an, immer das gleiche bild. die aktie versucht auszubrechen und alle die zu 0,01XXX eingekauft verkaufen mit 50-100% gewinn. Setzten womöglich gleich wieder einen BUY auf 0,010 Dollar und dann geht das selbe spiel nach 4-8 wochen von vorne los. es ist nur für die leute bescheiden die nicht bei 0,01XX kaufen... ;o)

so long...

08.02.05 19:50

159 Postings, 5678 Tage standingstar@realdojo

sehe es auch so! da spielt jemand massivstens mit dem kurs, das ist kein natürliches kursverhalten...
wer das wohl sein kann & was für interessen dahinter stecken??  

08.02.05 21:58

1460 Postings, 5906 Tage RealDOJOpsssttt geheim.....

psssttt geheim.....standingstar, hinter dem kursverhalten stecke ich... war mit 50000 aktien doch auch tätig und konnte den kurs doch um mindestens 0,0001 dollar beeinflussen... ;o)

was soll dahinter stecken? gar nichts - ist eine zockeraktie eben...


08.02.05 21:59

159 Postings, 5678 Tage standingstarhe he schon gut!

zockeraktie ist vielleicht untertrieben... das ist was krasseres!!  

14.02.05 16:32

159 Postings, 5678 Tage standingstarwerden wieder mächtig papierchen hin

& her geschoben... RT: 0.0092/0.0093$
wann kommen die 10cent, wann der dollar??  

02.03.05 08:46

5511 Postings, 5658 Tage gindantsund was geht hier ab?

gestern bad news, kurs ziemlich richtung S, heute erholung??  

02.03.05 19:52

1433 Postings, 6306 Tage joviUSXP

ist tot abgeschrieben, Glück gehabt noch bei 0,017 rausgekommen zu sein...shit happens  

02.03.05 20:06

63180 Postings, 7595 Tage KickyKredit geplatzt

Feb 28, 2005 Universal Express Inc. (OTCBB: USXP), today formally notified Capitalliance of its failure to meet time deadlines for the various contracts that they have signed and the company has now cancelled stock certificates previously issued.

"First, the spin-off and funding of USXP Capital has not yet occurred, no formal documents have been filed by Capitalliance with the proper regulatory agencies and our shareholders deserve more professional treatment," said Mr. Richard A. Altomare, Chairman & CEO of Universal Express.

"Second, despite having issued almost 300,000,000 legended and restricted shares, which could be cancelled at any time for failure to perform, Universal Express and its subsidiaries have yet to receive one cent of the five million dollars of insurance credits contracted." Those shares have now been cancelled and returned to Treasury.

"Finally, the $1,500,000 bond offered by Capitalliance has not been approved for the funding and development of Universal Jet or any other source," continued Mr. Altomare.

"Universal Express has previously given Capitalliance adequate notice to substantially progress or to complete their contractual obligations, and it has failed to perform these obligations," said Mr. Chris Gunderson, General Counsel.

"These original contracts were signed and co-announced in October of 2004. It's now approaching March 2005 and we simply can't continue to wait. We may also exercise other options available to us," concluded Richard A. Altomare.  

02.03.05 20:09

1433 Postings, 6306 Tage jovijaja Kicky

hast Recht behalten, Asche auf mein Haupt!


02.03.05 20:16

5511 Postings, 5658 Tage gindantsist noch nicht vorbei mit usxp

es sieht zwar nicht gerade rosig aus, aber sie sind noch hier....  

14.03.05 17:12

79 Postings, 5631 Tage CodonAbsturz?

Droht jetz etwa der komplette Absturz, oder wie ist die nachricht vom 28.02.2005 zu werten?  

14.03.05 17:37

5511 Postings, 5658 Tage gindantsdas ist sehr schwer zu sagen

diese aktie ist ein echtes rätsel & das management ist echt unfähig aber jetzt sind sie gerade +9.4%  

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