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04.10.01 12:16

20520 Postings, 7200 Tage Stox Dude@star ikone

bzgl. fonix corp., ticker fonx, bin ich bei 0.07 und bei 0.09 cents
wieder einmal eingestiegen. das volumen von ueber 7 mil. shares
erschien mir sehr hoch und ich wundere mich, ob da etwas ansteht was
den kurs noch hoeher treiben koennte.

hast du any news?  

04.10.01 18:33

6203 Postings, 7337 Tage Star IkoneYEAH, hier die News...;)))

Hoffe, Du bist noch drin, hatte auch ein paar shares nachgezogen, und es hat sich gelohnt, auch hier nicht zu früh raus...


Die Meldung:

Fonix Introduces Speech Applications for Pocket PC 2002 at Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 LaunchFonix Voice
                Solutions Available for Mobile Professionals Include ASR and TTS

                SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 4, 2001 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Fonix(R) Corporation (OTC
                Bulletin Board: FONX), a leading provider of natural-user interface for wireless
                and mobile devices, Internet and telephony systems, and vehicle telematics,
                today announced that they are participating in the official launch of the new
                Microsoft Windows-Powered Pocket PC 2002 Software. Fonix speech applications for
                the Pocket PC incorporate Fonix industry-leading Text-To-Speech (TTS) and
                highly-accurate Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). As part of the launch and
                subsequent events, Fonix will be promoted by Microsoft to millions of Pocket PC
                2002 users as a premier speech solution to enable applications that utilize the
                benefits of the Pocket PC 2002.

                Fonix will unveil its compelling speech applications for the Pocket PC 2002 that
                port to the Intel(R) StrongARM 1110 processor. Fonix speech solutions enable
                quick and easy access to Pocket PC applications using simple voice commands. As
                a particular Fonix application will show, the ability to use voice saves time
                and simplifies the process of navigating through the touch screen without the
                user having to take his eyes off of the road to look at the screen, or her hands
                off of the wheel to touch the stylus to a specific icon.

                "Pocket PC 2002 has a great advantage in the marketplace because it is designed
                to be the most connected and expandable PDA available," said Andy Haon, Director
                of Product Planning for the Mobility Division at Microsoft Corp. "We are pleased
                that Fonix is taking advantage of the new feature functionalities of Pocket PC
                2002 with its availability of TimeTalk for Pocket PC and TimeTalk Alert, among
                other applications, that will enhance user productivity."

                "Fonix is pleased to be a Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 launch partner. Our
                compelling applications enhance device usability and enable all users of the
                platform to access information in a more intuitive way," said Kurt Flygare,
                Fonix vice president of sales. "Fonix TimeTalk for Pocket PC has proven to be a
                viable solution in our test markets, as has TimeTalk Alert. We are looking
                forward to developing further enhancements to existing Fonix applications that
                will benefit the time-sensitive user."

                TimeTalk Alert is a personal productivity tool that integrates seamlessly with
                the calendar to verbally announce upcoming appointments and important tasks as
                specified by the user. Time Talk for Pocket PC announces the current time, at
                intervals set by the user, in a female voice that is indistinguishable from an
                actual human voice.

                About Fonix Corporation

                Fonix Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: FONX) is a leading provider of
                natural-user interface technology and voice solutions for wireless and mobile
                devices, Internet and telephony systems, and vehicle telematics. Leading chip
                manufacturers, independent software and hardware vendors, and Internet content
                and service providers' incorporate Fonix technology to provide their customers
                with an easier and more convenient user experience. Fonix products, including
                Text-To-Speech (TTS), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), and Handwriting
                Recognition (HWR), can be implemented easily on multiple microprocessors and
                operating systems, and provide the most natural communication solutions
                available. For more information visit www.fonix.com or call (801) 553-6600.

                For further information, please contact: media, Whitney Seamons,
                +1-801-553-6600, mediarel@fonix.com, or investors, Michelle Aamodt,
                +1-801-328-0161, invrel@fonix.com, both of Fonix Corporation.

                Note: The statements released by Fonix Corporation that are not purely
                historical are forward-looking within the meaning of the "Safe Harbor"
                provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including
                statements regarding the Company's expectations, hopes, intentions, and
                strategies for the future. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking
                statements involve risk and uncertainties that may affect the Company's business
                prospects and performance. It is important to note that the Company's actual
                results could differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements.
                Risk factors including general economic, competitive, governmental, and
                technological factors as discussed in the Company's filings with the SEC on
                Forms 10-K, 10-Q and 8-K. The Company does not undertake any responsibility to
                update the forward-looking statements contained in this release.

                Other product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their
                respective owners.

                                    MAKE YOUR OPINION COUNT -  Click Here

                SOURCE Fonix Corporation

                CONTACT:          media, Whitney Seamons, +1-801-553-6600, mediarel@fonix.com, or
                                  investors, Michelle Aamodt, +1-801-328-0161, invrel@fonix.com, both of Fonix
                URL:              http://www.fonix.com

                Copyright (C) 2001 PR Newswire.  All rights reserved.

                KEYWORD:          California
                INDUSTRY KEYWORD: TLS
                SUBJECT CODE:     PDT

05.10.01 05:49

20520 Postings, 7200 Tage Stox DudeGestern bei 0.19 cents geschlossen, wow what a

profit in such a short time.
Werde Fonix weiterhin halten  

05.10.01 08:34

6203 Postings, 7337 Tage Star IkoneWeiteres Potiental wahrscheinlich...

die Partnerliste ist top, FONIX ( WKN 893208 ) dürfte ein Highflyer im nächsten Aufschwung sein!


05.10.01 08:42

2779 Postings, 7157 Tage FranzSAn welcher Börse kauft ihr diesen Exoten??? o.T.

05.10.01 10:26

20520 Postings, 7200 Tage Stox DudeFranzS: OTC in USA, der Handel

in Dtld. wird mit Sicherheit zu gering sein.
ca. 7 Mio shares werden am OTC von Fonix gehandelt und dies ist enorm
hoch fuer eine OTC gelistete Firma.
Sollte Fonix weiterhin von deren Partnerschaften mit Microsoft, Panasonic,
etc. etc. profitieren, koennte evtl. eine Wiederaufnahme am NSDQ nichts
mehr im Wege stehen.

PS: Fonix war mal am NSDQ gelistet.  

05.10.01 10:31

2779 Postings, 7157 Tage FranzSDachte ich mir schon, denn der Handel in D ist

einfach zu gering.


05.10.01 12:53

20520 Postings, 7200 Tage Stox Dude@star ikone: hast Du deine alten KK's von 0.30 cts

und 0.18 cents noch?

Meine vorhergehenden KK's ergeben einen Schnitt von 0.23
plus die letzten getaetigten KK von 0,07 & 0,09 cents.

Denke das Fonix heute wieder steigen wird und sobald die
0.23 Marke ueberschritten wird, fange ich an zu jubeln.

Bin zwar mit den letzten KK's bereits ueber 100% im Plus,
jedoch denke ich an weitere Kursanstiege in den naechsten
4 Wochen.


05.10.01 13:10

20520 Postings, 7200 Tage Stox DudeKorrektur

vorgestern wurden knapp ueber 7 mio shares getraded, gestern
ueber 11 Mio shares.

08.10.01 16:27

20520 Postings, 7200 Tage Stox Dude@Star Ikone: BUYX startet wieder, hast Du was

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