seh ich richtig: terrex in australien heute (17.2) mit+18,75% geschlossen?

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528 Postings, 7639 Tage was_weiß_ichseh ich richtig: terrex in australien heute (17.2) mit+18,75% geschlossen?


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1524 Postings, 7651 Tage DaLuigiendlich mal was erfreuliches !! o.T.

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24 Postings, 7599 Tage DummpuscherYO, heute nicht unter 0,14 E zu haben... o.T.

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460 Postings, 7719 Tage woodstockwird denn heute in berlin wieder gehandelt?? o.T.

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24 Postings, 7599 Tage DummpuscherBestimmt wird in Berlin gehandelt. 100 Pro...zu 13-14Eurocent o.T.

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1945 Postings, 7694 Tage DrogoStrrrrike! o.T.

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247 Postings, 7844 Tage RisikoHier die News

TERREX RESOURCES LIMITED                      2000-02-17  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                        


The Board of Terrex Resources Limited ("Terrex") is pleased to
announce the appointment of Mr Hans Reudi Moser as a director of the

Mr Moser is a resident of Switzerland with over 20 years' experience
in the Swiss banking and finance industry. He is currently a
principal of a large European portfolio manager and is a director of
Access1 Limited, Limited, Grange Resources Limited,
Pulsat Communications Limited, Shield Equities Limited, Spinifex Gold
NL and Union Capital Limited. Mr Moser has historically been an
active investor in Australian gold exploration companies, and in more
recent times an active investor in technology based companies.

Subject to shareholder approval, the Company will issue 15,000,000
fully paid ordinary shares at an issue price of 12 cents per share
and 15,000,000 free attaching options to clients of European fund
managers. The options will be exercisable at 20 cents on or before 31
December 2002 and will have the same terms and conditions as the
existing options expiring on that date.

The issue will raise $1,800,000 and the Company will not accept

Funds raised by the proposed share issue will be used as follows:

(i) to fund ongoing development of the Company's medical
communications business, Global Doctor Limited ("GDL").

Terrex recently completed its obligations to expend the first
$450,000 to develop the GDL business pursuant to the acquisition
agreement and has increased its interest in GDT to 60%.

To date, GDL has appointed key medical, technical and administrative
staff to faciliate development of the business, successfully
conducted technical trials of its video conferencing and telemedicine
equipment from its first clinic in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan,
China, and established formal procedures and medical protocols to
ensure the highest standard of patient confidentiality and medical
diagnosis are carried out.

GDL will expend further funds on:

* commissioning the commencement of operations at the Chengdu clinic,
which is scheduled for March 2000;

* researching and developing further clinics in Asia. A number of
potential sites have been identified and GDL is in the process of
seeking the necessary government approvals, staff and offices; and

* continuing to refine its medical systems and procedures.

(ii) to fund exploration of the Company's existing mineral properties

Terrex's main exploration focus is on the Putao, Kawttabun and Mt
Loimye Prospecting Licences in Myanmar, in which Terrex is earning
51%. Terrex has completed an initial stream sediment and rock chip
sampling programme and is awaiting granting of an export permit to
dispatch the samples to Perth for analysis.

Terrex plans to establish a detailed grid over anomalous areas and
conduct a soil sampling programme, and if warranted follow up
identified targets with a RAB drilling programme.

Terrex is also negotiating the farm-out of its interest in the
Southdown magnetite deposit.

(iii) to fund new business opportunities and to provide working

Terrex continues consider new opportunities in both the resources and
technology sectors.

An Appendix 3B new issue announcement is attached.

R Gillard


TERREX RESOURCES LIMITED                      2000-02-17  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                        

                             APPENDIX 3B
                       NEW ISSUE ANNOUNCEMENT

Name of Entity
Terrex Resources Limited

007 553 979

We (the entity) give ASX the following information.


1. Class of securities to be issued    Shares and options.

2. Number of securities to be issued   15,000,000 shares and
                                      15,000,000 options.

3. Issue price of the securities       12 cents per share.

4. If the securities are convertible,  Options exercisable at 20 cents
  a summary of their main terms       on or before 31/12/2002.

5. The amount to be raised by the      $1,800,000.

6. Is there a right to accept or       No.
  retain over-subscriptions                                        
  If so, give details                                              

7. Purpose of the issue                Funds raised will be used to
                                      fund development of the medical
                                      communications business,
                                      exploration of existing mineral
                                      properties and new business
                                      opportunities and to provide
                                      working capital.

8. Will the securities participate     Yes.
  in dividends (in the case of a                                  
  trust, distributions) or                                          
  If so, give the date from which     Fully from the date of issue.
  they will participate, and the                                  
  extent to which they will                                        

9. Dividend policy (in the case of     There are no plans to pay
  a trust, distribution policy) on    dividends at this stage.
  the increased capital (interests)                                

If the issue is a placement, this part does not need to be completed.

   Items 10 to 38 are Not Applicable

R Gillard

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1945 Postings, 7694 Tage DrogoSchööön...und ich hab für 0,08 zugelangt. Was ein Glück. o.T.

17.02.00 08:36

460 Postings, 7719 Tage woodstockhey risiko, wie ist nach dieser meldung dein kursziel??? o.T.

17.02.00 08:40

7885 Postings, 7612 Tage ReinyboyRe: seh ich richtig: terrex in australien heute (17.2) mit+18,75% geschlossen?

Wollte Terrex nicht Ende Februar die Website zum laufen bringen ?
Wer kann das bestätigen?
Dürfte doch nochmal einen Kursschub bringen oder ?

Mfg    Reinyboy  

17.02.00 09:37

1945 Postings, 7694 Tage DrogoBestätigt...hier der Auszug aus dem Q-Bericht.

At 31 December 1999 the Company had essentially completed its obligation to expend a total of
       $450,000 in the development of the internet telecommunications business thereby confirming its
       entitlement to 60% of the issued capital of Global Doctor Limited.

       Development of the business has moved rapidly ahead with the appointment of Mike Galvin as a
       director of Terrex, key medical, technical and administrative staff. Formal procedures and medical
       protocols have been established to ensure the highest standard of patient confidentiality and medical
       diagnosis are carried out.

       Global Doctor Lmited?s web site is under construction and is due to be completed by the end of

       Facilities have been completed in Perth and in the city of Chengdu the capital of Sichuan, China, with
       further clinics being planned for development in the short term within China and Asia.

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528 Postings, 7639 Tage was_weiß_ichRISIKO: die frage von woodstock nach einem kursziel würde mich auch interessieren...

warum gab´s heute eigentlich so viele gewinnmitnahmen???  

   Antwort einfügen - nach oben