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25.08.03 09:18

36803 Postings, 6793 Tage first-henriWer macht dann die Futs ? Habe mich schon gewunder


r4lle da gibt es was von CoDi glaube ich, hab' aber den link nicht zur Hand  

25.08.03 09:19

10212 Postings, 6201 Tage r4llewelchen nutzt du denn? o. T.

25.08.03 09:21

36803 Postings, 6793 Tage first-henrinehme die Futs o. T.

25.08.03 09:22

10212 Postings, 6201 Tage r4llealles klar

bin schon im p950768 zu kk 0,73
möchte zu 0,80 raus...


25.08.03 09:24

36803 Postings, 6793 Tage first-henriVDax + 3,77 ! o. T.

25.08.03 09:30

10212 Postings, 6201 Tage r4llevk 0,80 o. T.

25.08.03 09:30

6164 Postings, 6221 Tage alberto@first-henri

ab welcher marke könnte man im dax nochmal kurz long gehen und auf einen snap back spielen - 3.509?



25.08.03 09:31

10923 Postings, 6716 Tage OptionimistDANKE

FH..hol mir mal lieber einen Kaffee..

zum aufwachen..


25.08.03 09:31

36803 Postings, 6793 Tage first-henrijetzt alberto


25.08.03 09:32

4346 Postings, 6303 Tage Lolo22eigentlich jetzt müßte es etwas hoch gehen o. T.

25.08.03 09:32

36803 Postings, 6793 Tage first-henriSteht oben Opti seite 1 o. T.

25.08.03 09:33

10212 Postings, 6201 Tage r4lle958472 geladen o. T.

25.08.03 09:34

36803 Postings, 6793 Tage first-henriGenau Lolo !

Intel's Barrett says too early to see 'total turnaround' - UPDATE 25.08.2003 09:32    Headlines

   (Updating with more quotes)
   TAIPEI (AFX-ASIA) - Intel Corp's chief executive officer Craig Barrett said
the hike in the company's third quarter sales and profit margin forecasts is not
a decisive indication of a cyclical recovery in the semiconductor industry.
   "It is too early to say we have seen the emergence of a total turnaround,"
Barrett told a news conference where he and Taiwan's Premier Yu Shyi-kun jointly
announced the opening of the Intel Innovation Center in Taiwan.
   The Intel CEO declined to say if the company plans to invest in other DRAM
suppliers following its recent investment in Elpida Memory Inc, saying "we will
let you know as soon as we decide."
   He said the Intel Innovation Center in Taipei will have 25 scientists almost
instantly, with the number to increase to 50-60 in a couple of years.
   He declined to elaborate further in capital terms.  
   While research and development is how innovation comes from, any given
country must have government support, educational infrastructure and products
with global footprint, he said.  
   Taiwan has been chosen as home to the Intel Innovation Center as it is
well-positioned for such a huge opportunity and a huge challenge, he said.
   Barrett said Taiwan is now at a technology crossroads and government and
business leaders should accelerate their efforts to make the island an
innovation hub for digital convergence.
   "The convergence of computing, communication and content is underway and
presenting a wealth of opportunity for technology innovation and creation.
   "Innovators create the future and Taiwan has a unique opportunity to build
upon its strengths in design and manufacturing to play a key role in the
creation of future technologies."
   Barrett said it was virtually unthinkable for Taiwan to be linked to
computer system design five years ago.
   "But now computer system design is not being done anywhere else but here.
You are seeing a lot of innovation in terms of system design.
   "Wireless technology is another good example... (there has been)
participation by Taiwanese companies from the outset."
   The role of Taiwan as a future convergence hub can be summarized as
"innovated in Taiwan" instead of "manufactured in Taiwan" commonly known in the
past, he added.
   In its media backgrounder, Intel says the Innovation Center in Taipei is
designed to focus on supporting product and technology development for the
networking communications industry.
   The center is established to assist in transforming Taiwan's IT industry
from a design manufacturing hub into an innovation hub through collaborating
with the island's ODM (original design manufacturing) and OEM (original
equipment manufacturing) manufacturers, government and universities to boost the
industry's global growth, it added.


25.08.03 09:34

4346 Postings, 6303 Tage Lolo22die Futures geben leicht nach o. T.

25.08.03 09:34

10212 Postings, 6201 Tage r4llec958472 kk 0,36 o. T.

25.08.03 09:39

10203 Postings, 6313 Tage Reinerzufallguten morgen o. T.

25.08.03 09:40

10212 Postings, 6201 Tage r4llemoin reiner o. T.

25.08.03 09:41

36803 Postings, 6793 Tage first-henrimoin reiner

@r4lle  eng absichern, könnte ein Fehlsignal sein  

25.08.03 09:43

10212 Postings, 6201 Tage r4llejo sehe fh

solange die 3520 aber konstant gehalten werde geb ich noch nicht auf.


25.08.03 09:45

10923 Postings, 6716 Tage Optionimistheute gehts runter

wir schliessen heute unter 3500


25.08.03 09:47

10212 Postings, 6201 Tage r4lleaber nicht bevor ich raus bin opti ;) o. T.

25.08.03 09:47

714 Postings, 6137 Tage Tango 958418 KK 1,14 o. T.

25.08.03 09:49

10923 Postings, 6716 Tage Optionimist@r4lle

nein...mach erstmal deine 10 Cent und dann lassen wir es nach unten krachen..sag Bescheid, wenn du raus bist, damit ich meine DTE und MUV2 auf den Markt schmeissen kann..


25.08.03 09:50

10212 Postings, 6201 Tage r4lledanke opti! o. T.

25.08.03 09:52

36803 Postings, 6793 Tage first-henriraus r4lle o. T.

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