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Business Editors STUTTGART, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 23, 1999

Leading companies in the mobile and the information technology-market define uniform standard Today, BROKAT
Infosystems AG together with leading companies in the mobile marketplace founded the "eSign"-Consortium for mobile digital
signatures. The founding of this Consortium aims to develop a uniform application interface as the de-facto standard for the
integration of the mobile phone into the Internet world and to use the mobile phone for implementing mobile digital signatures.
Among the founder members are, apart from BROKAT, the provider of mobile end devices, Siemens; the mobile operators
E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH, Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH and VIAG Interkom; the SmardCard providers Gemplus and
Schlumberger as well as the T-TeleSec Trust Center of the Deutsche Telekom and cryptovision. Other national and
international companies will join the Consortium soon. The application interface will facilitate standardized communication
between customers and retailers, providers of financial services, lotteries and other e-Commerce providers on the Internet. In
the future, it will thus be possible for customers to perform payment transactions, for example for online shopping, anywhere by
entering their mobile phone number instead of having to use their credit card number. Using the signing function of the mobile
phone, customers can sign in digital form which guarantees utmost security in electronic and mobile commerce. This signature
can also be legally effective. "Already today every fourth German possesses a mobile phone. The extremely increasing
dissemination of mobile phones will boost electronic business", said Jozsef Bugovics, Executive Vice President at BROKAT
and responsible for mobile commerce activities. "The mobile phone will be the E-Business-Enabler of the near future."

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