der USA gehen die Truppen aus....

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18298 Postings, 6916 Tage börsenfüxleinder USA gehen die Truppen aus....

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Marine Corps will start ordering what could be thousands of inactive service members to return to duty in the coming months to counter a steady decline in the number of such troops who volunteer, the service said on Tuesday.

Col. Guy Stratton, head of the Marine Corps' manpower mobilization plans, said the service is short some 1,200 volunteers over the next 18 months to fill roles in the war on terrorism. The total shortfall fluctuates regularly, he said.

Stratton said President George W. Bush authorized the Marine Corps to issue involuntary recall orders to members of the Individual Ready Reserve, part of the non-active force. It will be the Marine Corps' first involuntary recall since the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The authorization limits the number of Marines who can be activated involuntarily to no more 2,500 at any one time, out of a pool of about 35,000, Stratton said. The length of each activated service member's duty is capped at 24 months but will likely last 12 to 18 months.

Under a general contract, a Marine serves four years on active duty and four in reserve. While on reserve, Marines may volunteer to return to active duty to fill needed roles.

But the number of Marines volunteering outside their active-duty service requirement has been steadily declining for two years, according to Stratton, who said could not offer an explanation.

The Marine Corps' authority to involuntarily recall Marines for jobs in the "Global War on Terror" -- a war whose parameters remain largely undefined -- has no expiration date.

"The authority is until GWOT is over with," Stratton said. "Until we're told to do otherwise, we'll use it."  

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The Marine Corps' move comes almost five years after the September 11 attacks that led the United States to declare a war on global terrorism and more than three years after the Iraq war began.

Many Marines have performed three tours of duty in Iraq since March 2003. While the U.S. Army has provided most of the ground forces fighting an insurgency there, the Marines have carried a heavy load and been deployed in one of the most dangerous parts of Iraq, Anbar province.

Beyond Iraq, which the Bush administration considers part of the war on terrorism, the broader war is expected to last many years, defense officials regularly say.

The Marines and Army have been meeting monthly recruiting goals. But some analysts have questioned the military's ability to sustain long-term operations with its all-volunteer force.

Involuntary recalls and other steps taken to stop the loss of personnel have been criticized by some as a back-door conscription and a threat to the volunteer nature of the force.

"What's really worrisome about involuntary recalls is they put even more of the burden on the handful of people who voluntarily join the military, and thus undermine the long-term viability of the whole volunteer force," said Lexington Institute defense analyst Loren Thompson.

"In some ways this is worse than a back-door draft because it penalizes the handful of people who had the inclination and the courage to volunteer in the first place," he said.

Stratton, however, said the Marines' involuntary recall was not a back-door draft and that Marines on nonactive status should always expect that they may be called when needed.


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18298 Postings, 6916 Tage börsenfüxleinjo...

erste Folgen der "Kriegspolitik" der Bush-Regierung....wer wird künftig schon gerne zur Armee gehen, wenn man von vornherein weiss, dass man an die "Terrorfront" nach Afghanistan, Irak etc. geschickt wird ?


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2616 Postings, 5160 Tage 14LandserMinderheiten die keine andere Arbeit finden Mfg o. T.

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18298 Postings, 6916 Tage börsenfüxleinaljazeera: "US-Armee overstretched"...

The U.S. army has become dangerously overstretched because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which force the Marine Corps to take extraordinary measures to boost both manpower and equipment, according to an article on the Mercury News.

On Tuesday, the Marine Corps said that it has been authorized by President Bush to recall as many as 2,500 inactive reservists to involuntary military service in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to meet manpower needs; the first such call-up since 2,700 soldiers were recalled to active-duty before the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

The Marine Corps describes the move as prudent planning, but critics say that the announcement shows that the U.S. army is overstretched in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The call-up coincided with a report by two military experts who said that the Marines have to take equipment from non-deployed units to replace tanks, trucks, armored vehicles and other hardware worn out by the war in Iraq.

Critics say the latest developments show that the U.S. army is facing difficulties in maintaining its combat readiness with the Iraq War entering into its fourth year.

According to the BBC, the Marine Corps is only allowed to recall up to 2,500 Marines for duty at a time. But the authorization is open-ended and will only expire when the so-called "Global War on Terror" (GWOT) - a war whose parameters are largely undefined ? ends, so many thousands could eventually end up serving.

?Heavy burden?

One correspondent says that the U.S. military has already recalled up to 10,000 inactive reserve soldiers. But he adds that the smaller Marine force plays a key role in Iraq where they serve in the most dangerous parts of the war-torn country.

Democrats, who have been pushing for a change of course in Iraq, say that the call-up shows how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are straining U.S. forces.

"After serving our nation, often for more than one tour, these men and women are being asked to once again shoulder a heavy burden," said Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a frequent critic of Bush administration policy on Iraq. "The drain on our soldiers, their families and the military's resources caused by today's operations in Iraq and Afghanistan need to be addressed immediately or there will be severe long-term consequences for the nation and our military,? he added.

More than 2500 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq since the war started. In addition to the human cost, the Iraq War put unprecedented wear and tear on the Marine Corps' trucks, tanks and other combat equipment, according to a report by the Center for American Progress and the Lexington Institute, two policy research groups that study national security issues.

Helicopters fly more hours than they should, tanks are being used four times as much as anticipated, and Humvees, that are expected to last 14 years, need to be replaced after only four years, the reports says.

"This war in Iraq has a very heavy equipment cost, and this bill is going to have to be paid for years to come," said Larry J. Korb, a former Pentagon official and co-author of the report.

Due to this heavy equipment cost, the Marines have been forced to borrow equipment from non-deployed units and pre-positioned stockpiles in Europe and elsewhere to maintain sufficient combat gear for units in Iraq, seriously hampering the military?s ability to respond to a crisis elsewhere, said Korb, now a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.

"If, heaven forbid, Korea breaks out or something like that, you wouldn't be able to do as well as you should," he said.

Korb and co-author Loren Thompson, a defense analyst at the Lexington Institute, estimate that the Marines Corps will have to spend more than $12 billion to replenish their ground and aviation equipment. This figure will grow by $5 billion for every year the Marines remain in Iraq, the two experts said in their report.


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25551 Postings, 6860 Tage Depothalbiererdas sind doch mal gute nachrichten.

die enormen kosten kriegense ja durch geld nachdrucken in den griff.

aber menschen??

das ficken ist des bürgers pflicht, damit der staat soldaten kricht.

hilft vielleicht weiter...  

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