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Ukraine Bars Communists From Elections
Ukraine's Justice Ministry has barred communists from running in upcoming local elections after the passage of new legislation.
Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko said on July 24 that the Communist Party of Ukraine, the Communist Party of Ukraine?s Workers and Peasants, and the Reformed Communist Party of Ukraine will be barred from the October local elections.

nette nebeninfo....

in der ukraine ist es verboten die interntionale zu singen.

"first law ?on the condemnation of the communist and Nazi totalitarian regimes? forbids both Soviet and Nazi symbols, making something as trivial as selling a USSR souvenir, or singing the Soviet national hymn or the Internationale, punishable by up to five years in prison for an individual and up to 10 years in prison for members of an organisation."

dieses land ist nur noch peinlich  

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