Wie Bären im dunklen Keller pfeifen

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53438 Postings, 5820 Tage LibudaWie Bären im dunklen Keller pfeifen

5    42232. Spruch des Jahres 2009?   minetopx  24.04.09 20:08  

" Better than expected "

Wenn die Leute wüssten, was sich hinter dieser "positiven" Aussage
alles verbirgt, würde Vielen der kalte Schauer über den Rücken laufen.  

24.04.09 21:33

53438 Postings, 5820 Tage LibudaFakten sind nun einmal Fakten

Most Banks Have Enough Capital After Stress Tests: US
On Friday April 24, 2009, 2:24 pm EDT
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The Federal Reserve, releasing details of how it conducted "stress tests" on the nation's 19 largest financial institutions, said "most banks currently have capital levels well in excess of the amounts needed to be well capitalized."

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BAC 9.23 +0.41

JPM 34.13 +0.92

WFC 21.59 +1.50

{"s" : "bac,jpm,wfc","k" : "c10,l10,p20,t10","o" : "","j" : ""} But the banks need to hold a "substantial" amount of capital above regulatory requirements to weather a potential worsening of the economic recession, the eagerly awaited report said.

The report said the tests are a "forward-looking exercise designed to estimate losses, revenues and reserve needs" under two different macroeconomic scenarios, including an adverse one.

According to the report, the "banks were asked to project their credit losses and revenues for two years."

The process "involves the projection of losses on loans, assets held in investment potfolios and trading-related exposures, as well as the firm's capacity to absorb losses in order to determine a sufficient capital level to support lending."

The stress tests included two economic scenarios. In terms of the unemployment rate, the worse case was assumed to be 10 percent, housing prices are assumed to be 10 percent lower at the end of 2010 than the more likely baseline scenario. The baseline jobless rate averages 9.8 percent.

In terms of GDP scenarios, the stress tests assume baseline levels of minus 2 percent in 2009 and plus 2.1 percent in 2010.

The adverse scenario levels are negative 3.3 percent this year and growth of just 0.5 percent next year The tests also ask banks to provide projections of "resources available to absorb losses under two scenarios" over a two-year period.

The tests also ask banks to provide projections of "resources available to absorb losses under two scenarios" over a two-year period.

Reaction to the criteria and methodology of the tests was muted.

James Paulsen of Wells Capital Management, for instance, was underwhelmed.

Paulsen says he "didn't have great expectations" in the tests, and was expecting to "find out most the banks are OK, which is what we knew going in."

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) called the tests "a good idea to evaluate the strength of the banks and publicize it" because "there is anxiety out there."

The government last week announced a two-stage disclosure process, wherein the test criteria would be outlined today and the actual test results on May 4.

The tests are meant to see how the institution's balance sheets can hold up under a number of economic and financial circumstances, including a deterioration of the current recession. That would include the unemployment rate, which would would lead to higher mortgage delinquencies and home foreclosures.

CNBC has reported on several occasions since the tests were announced in February that one of the capital criteria preferred by the government is tangible common equity. TCE essentially measures the book value of common shares, excluding such intangibles as goodwill and deferred taxes. The target level is thought to be 3 percent of so-called risk-weighted assets.

The tests-performed on the 19 largest financial institutions-have been something of a political hot potato for the Obama administration, since they were first announced in February as the Treasury was outlining the various parts of its financial stability plan.

There's also been widespread speculation about the banks involved, but based on assets, loan portfolios and other key measures, it would certainly include Citigroup , Bank of America (NYSE:BAC - News) , JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM - News), Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC - News) and other big firms that have received TARP funds.

The introduction of a new closely-watched capital metric, which the Treasury has previously said it did not intend to do, would be significant.

Under current banking regulations, the capital requirements of banks are based on Tier 1 and Tier 2 ratios, which measure capital against risk-weighted assets.

Tier 1 is the more important of the two and basically consists of shareholder equity, retained profits and good will, minus accumulated losses. Banking analysts say the industry prefers the Tier-1 metric.

Though the administration said the tests were not "pass/fail", many in the markets say they will inevitably lead to a perception of winners and losers within the industry, with the weaker banks becoming suspect, which could depress their stock prices.

The tests will be used to decide which firms are under capitalized. Regulators will then ask the banks to raise private capital over the next six months. If unsuccessful, the institution will be eligible for new capital injections through the Treasury's capital access program, or CAP.

That program comes with a number of controversial stipulations, including limits on executive compensation and rigorous reporting rules.  

24.04.09 21:35

53438 Postings, 5820 Tage LibudaEs ist umgekehrt wie in Andersen Märchen

vom Kaiser ohne Kleider.

Hier hat der angeblich nackte Kaiser ganz ordentliche Gewänder an.  

24.04.09 21:36

70373 Postings, 6703 Tage datschiWie klingt es den wenn Bären pfeifen?

War schon oft im Zoo, aber Bären habe ich noch nie pfeifen gehört.  

24.04.09 21:37

53438 Postings, 5820 Tage LibudaDa ist kein Stress

Stocks rise but come off highs on 'stress tests'
Stocks pull off highs but still climb as investors parse details of bank 'stress tests'
Tim Paradis, AP Business Writer
On Friday April 24, 2009, 2:52 pm EDT
      Buzz up! Print Related:American Express Company, Microsoft Corporation
NEW YORK (AP) -- Initial uncertainty about the government's test for evaluating the fitness of the nation's largest banks sapped some of Wall Street's strength Friday.

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AXP 25.30 +4.33

MSFT 20.95 +2.03

{"s" : "axp,msft","k" : "c10,l10,p20,t10","o" : "","j" : ""} Stocks pulled off their highs in bumpy trading but major market indexes still rose more than 1 percent. The Dow Jones industrial average advanced 130 points.

Despite the fluctuations, traders appeared upbeat about the economy after quarterly results from Ford brought a glimmer of hope for the troubled auto industry. Better-than-expected results from American Express Co. and Microsoft Corp. also energized the market.

The Dow Jones industrial average and the Standard & Poor's 500 index were close to breaking even for the week after six straight weekly advances, while the technology-heavy Nasdaq was poised to put up its 7th straight advance.

Financial stocks mostly rose after the Federal Reserve said the government was prepared to rescue any of the 19 financial companies that underwent "stress tests" and were deemed vulnerable if the recession worsened sharply.

The central bank released the methods it would use to evaluate balance sheets. Federal regulators have been holding private briefings with the banks on Friday on how the tests will work.

The tests are designed to determine which banks may need further help from the government and which are healthy enough to survive in an even worse economic environment.

"The market was hoping that there would be more details than this," said Daniel Alpert, managing director of investment bank Westwood Capital LLC. That said, the report did not bring any bad news, he added.

The report fell short in detailing the percentage loan losses banks will be forced to take, Alpert said. He speculated that regulators may have decided to be vague so analysts like himself would not try to take the information, do their own calculations, and then try to predict which banks would pass and which ones would not.

In midafternoon trading, the Dow rose 134.12, or 1.7 percent, to 8,091.18 after being up 150.

Broader market measures also jumped. The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 16.67, or 1.9 percent, to 868.59, and the Nasdaq composite index rose 43.58, or 2.6 percent, to 1,695.79.  

24.04.09 21:39

33746 Postings, 4340 Tage Harald9tiefes grollen oder nur

das pfeifen im Walde

24.04.09 21:50

8485 Postings, 5159 Tage StöffenFakten sind Fakten

Während Libuda gerade mal wieder völlig Latte auf den schönen "neuen Bullenmarkt" geht, laden die wohlinformierten Kreise ihre Pakete just an die Dummies ab. Aber wahrscheinlich haben die ja eh keine Ahnung, muhaha....

Insider Selling Jumps to Highest Level Since ?07 as Stocks Gain

April 24 (Bloomberg) -- Executives and insiders at U.S. companies are taking advantage of the steepest stock market gains since 1938 to unload shares at the fastest pace since the start of the bear market.

Eine Lüge ist bereits dreimal um die Erde gelaufen, bevor sich die Wahrheit die Schuhe anzieht. (Mark Twain)

24.04.09 21:54

70373 Postings, 6703 Tage datschiAlso ist es mehr ein brummen als ein pfeifen

was die Bären von sich geben. Das habe ich schon gehört. Schade, pfeifende Bären wäre nett gewesen.  

24.04.09 21:56

53438 Postings, 5820 Tage LibudaLeider hat Stöffen nichts mehr zum Abladen

denn der hat im Jahr 2000 Aktien für 4280 Dollar (in Worten: viertaussendzweihundertachtzig) gekauft und sie dann an Libuda für 3,40 Dollar (in Worten: drei-Komma-vierzig) verkauft).  

24.04.09 22:06

70373 Postings, 6703 Tage datschiVon wem Libuda alles Aktien gekauft hat, irre!

Vorallem woher weiß der das nach so vielen Jahren. Gibt es ein Aktienregister wo man reinschauen kann.
Von mir hat er angeblich auch welche gekauft. So mir Recht gewesen sein, ein Trottel war ja nötig um die
RealNetworks zu einem überhöhten Preis von mir zu kaufen. Danke Libuda!  

24.04.09 22:17

8485 Postings, 5159 Tage StöffenIst der übliche Dumm-Schwatz von Libuda

wer nicht mit seiner Meinung konform geht, der wird halt mal eben als New-Economy-Verocker hingestellt, diese Erfahrungen teilen mittlerweile viele Member hier an Board.

Besser wäre es, mal zu durchleuchten, warum hier jemand so hysterisch reagiert. Fündig wird man dahingehend, wenn man weiß, dass Libuda seine vielgepriesenen Aktienpakete von Internet Capital auf Pump gekauft hat, da ist es natürlich mehr als verständlich, dass man dann auch die Kurse hochbeten möchte. Aber der Markt will Libuda scheinbar nicht so recht gehorchen, so'n Pech aber auch.
Eine Lüge ist bereits dreimal um die Erde gelaufen, bevor sich die Wahrheit die Schuhe anzieht. (Mark Twain)
Angehängte Grafik:

24.04.09 22:19

53438 Postings, 5820 Tage LibudaDu irrst Datschi

die richtige Adresse für überteuerte Schrottpapier ist Stöffen - aber das geht leider nicht, weil er im Jahr 2000 sein ganzes Geld mit Commerce One verzockt hat und heute mit Raten sein Käufe auf Krecit abstottert.  

24.04.09 22:20

7885 Postings, 7653 Tage ReinyboyTatsache ist, ....

...wenn Libuda am frohlocken ist, ist es fünf vor Zwölf,

...soll heißen, nächste Woche fallende Kurse ,...........hehehehehehe.....,

...........dann sitzen die Bullen in der Jauchegrube und lecken ihre Wunden,............................
Je genauer du planst, umso härter trifft dich der Zufall

24.04.09 22:36

7885 Postings, 7653 Tage ReinyboyWir sehen das Autsch im DOW immer noch von unten




Je genauer du planst, umso härter trifft dich der Zufall

24.04.09 22:38

8485 Postings, 5159 Tage StöffenTscha Libuda

so ist das nunmal. Einige können zu Tiefstständen satt nachschießen, Andere stehen knietief im im Dispo, muhaha..., ich krieg' mich nicht mehr ein, was für'n Flachgeschippe hier... muhaha...
Eine Lüge ist bereits dreimal um die Erde gelaufen, bevor sich die Wahrheit die Schuhe anzieht. (Mark Twain)

24.04.09 22:39

2142 Postings, 4599 Tage Private Brokermal janz relaxed,...

... 'n Gedankengang: unter der Annahme daß die Börse der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung um eine gewisse Zeitspanne vorausläuft, sagen wir mal 'n halbes Jahr, könne man ja auf den Gedanken kommen dat dat Janze nun abgefrühstückt ist...     ...problematisch an o. a. Gedankengang ist jedoch, daß viele Institute / Betriebe  ( z.B. Banken ) nicht mal jetzt genau wissen was im eigenen Hause wirklich los ist...  
Die Entwicklung an den Aktienmärkten der letzten Wochen war zwar erfreulich, drängt mir jedoch aufgrund der Intensität und Geschwindigkeit den Gedanken auf, daß es ein "Erdbeertörtchen" mit Arsen ist, schmeckt erstmal lecker doch ist irgendwie schwer Verdaulich...
Es hat sich m.E.  an der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Lage nichts geändert, die Bilanzen der Banken ( z.B. USA ) werden mit ( Zauber-) Tricks derart aufpoliert das selbst Houdini / Copperfield dagegen alt aus der Wäsche schauen...  
Interessant, was man von Bankern lernen kann...

MfG PB  

24.04.09 22:43

53438 Postings, 5820 Tage LibudaDie Substanz der letzten drei Postings

können die Leser sicher selber beurteilen.  

24.04.09 22:48

8485 Postings, 5159 Tage StöffenTscha, wenn man keine Argumente mehr hat

dann kauft man halt noch mehr Shares von Internet Capital auf Pump, muhaha........
Eine Lüge ist bereits dreimal um die Erde gelaufen, bevor sich die Wahrheit die Schuhe anzieht. (Mark Twain)

25.04.09 08:26

6741 Postings, 4418 Tage MarlboromannIhr bekriegt euch wirklich bis aufs Messer

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