Web 2 Corp - "Aktie des Jahres 2007"

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9 Postings, 4858 Tage ipotWeb 2 Corp - "Aktie des Jahres 2007"

Web 2 Corp - WKN: A0KEL0 - ISIN: US94845E1010  

Der Aktionär:

"Der Aktionär:

"1.000 Prozent
Dieser Titel begeistert jeden Anleger: Tolle Story, riesiger Wachstumsmarkt und eine unglaublich günstige Bewertung.

Die amerikanische Web2 Corp hat mit Byindia.com im Oktober den wachstumsstärksten Internetsuchdienst Indiens übernommen. Experten sagen voraus, dass es dort spätestens im Jahr 2010 die meisten Internetnutzer der Welt geben wird. Die Erweiterung der Plattform um neue Technologien und Anwendungen wie Videoclips und Blogging kommt offensichtlich gut an, denn innerhalb kürzester Zeit haben die Zugriffe auf das Portal um 700 Prozent zugelegt. Der Aufstieg von der Nummer 3 bis zum Marktführer scheint nur eine Frage der Zeit zu sein. Der maydornreport sieht in der Aktie von Web2 Corp die vielleicht größte Story des kommenden Jahres. Zudem ist die Aktie mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von nur 29 Millionen Euro unglaublich günstig bewertet. Allerdings sollte die Aktie nur in Amerika per Limit bei 1,72 Dollar gekauft werden."

Der Artikel:

Der Chart:


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9 Postings, 4858 Tage ipotLatest News History

ByIndia Integration into Web2 Corp Complete, New Product Features to Launch October 26th

ByIndia.com First to Blend Search, Social Network, Video Sharing and Auctions Into One Seamless Product for Indian Internet Users
First of its Kind Product Sets a New Standard for Indian Search Market

Web2 Corp's ByIndia.com Soaring in Popularity
ByIndia's Search Blended with Social Networking, Video, Blogs, Auctions and Classifieds is Driving 20% Daily Growth in Traffic; Site Eclipses Guruji According to Alexa.com

Web2Corp?s (WBTO) ByIndia.com Search Engine Transforms into a Super Center Website

Web2Corp?s (WBTO) ByIndia.com ranked #1 in growth for Indian search engines by Alexa.com
New Indian social networking site rapidly overtaking competitors.

Web2Corp?s (WBTO) ByIndia.com Search Engine to add 5 Major India Languages
Popular India languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi added to boost rapidly-growing site?s user base.

Die kompletten Artikel auf: http://www.web2corp.com/investor.asp#

Von www.byindia.com:

"ByIndia will be launching one the Internet's most unique and fascinating Advertising Programs in January 2007. If you are interested in being one of the first to advertise please click on the link below and send us your contact information, company/product website url and your email. We will begin contacting interested advertisers in December 2006. Reserve your spot today in what expects to be one of the world's largest markets.
Contact our Advertising Department: advertising@byindia.com "

Web2Corp. betreibt mehrere Projekte gleichzeitig. Byindia wird ab Januar 2007 richtig loslegen. Ebenfalls um diese Zeit startet deren Projekt "YouGetIt". Chamber of E-Commerce ist ein weiteres Produkt von web2corp.

Alle Infos und Videos auf:



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9 Postings, 4858 Tage ipotAbout byindia


About byindia

Operations - India
Congratulations! You are one of the early visitors to the first search engine designed by Indian programmers focused entirely on information about India .

We knew Indian internet users don't like to waste time sifting through other countries sites looking for Indian products, businesses, classifieds, news, services and information. India needed a search engine which returned results 100% from India.

India is internationally recognized for producing the best programmers in the world. However, no Indian programming corporation has ever taken on the monumental project of developing an Indian specific search engine.

Our company, Securenext, decided to meet the challenge and be the first Indian corporation to provide this service. Over the past 4 years, we have established as a  worldwide reputation for providing cutting edge applications for corporations and businesses. Now we are developing this search engine to provide our services to our country.

Our top programmers designed this service to thrill Indian internet users. Please bookmark http://www.byindia.com/ as your homepage to search for all things India.

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Feel free to provide feedback, comments and ideas as we enhance and improve our search engine to meet your needs. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Corporate - United States
Web2 Corp acquired ByIndia.com in September 2006 yet remains dedicated to the product remaining true to its India roots. Web2 Corp brings valuable infrastructure, management, marketing and funding to the Byindia.com property that will allow it to grow and prosper in India.

Built by Indians for Indians, ByIndia.com has potential to dominate the search field in a country that promises to be the largest online population by 2010. The acquisition gives Web2 a rapidly growing entry in the specialized Indian market.

Web2 Corp (NASDAQ OTCB: WBTO) Web2 Corporation is an Internet technology company focused on improving the ways people and businesses utilize the power of the Internet. The firm specializes in rapid adaptation of technologies to address new markets of users by reducing the level of technical skills required, simplifying useful products, and lowering prices.

ByIndia.com is entering the Indian market much earlier in its development cycle, while the market is too small for major competitors. The company believes its product is by far the best in the market and can be rapidly improved to achieve a dominant, profitable position that will become immensely valuable as India's Internet user base and economic standards rapidly rise over the next decade.

It is no secret that India is on the cusp of an explosion in population and economic growth. Fueled by increasing numbers of skilled workers who speak English, India has begun to evolve from a center for outsourced services into a self-sustaining economy with an entrepreneurial drive. Infrastructure investments are slowly elevating the country's ability to compete on a global basis. As this cycle continues, standards of living in India are expected to rise to a point where the Indian market as a consumer of goods will be of major international importance within a decade.

See www.web2corp.com for more information.

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9 Postings, 4858 Tage ipotHandel in Frankfurt begonnen!

Web 2 Corp ist seit heute auch in Frankfurt handelbar.  

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