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885 Postings, 6206 Tage QADSANÜbernahme um den 10-fachen Aktienpreis!

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stells mal ungeprüft hier rein:

Exculsiver Daytradertip von Zockstocks.com!

Entertainment Investment Group Begins Process to Acquire LIVESTAR at $0.05 - $0.07/Share
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VANCOUVER, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 26-08-2003 -- LIVESTAR Entertainment Group Inc. ("LIVESTAR" or the "Company" (OTC BB: LSTA) today announced that it has executed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU" with an entertainment investment group of businessmen led by The Sequel Nightclub owner, Terry Lall (the "TCAL Investment Group" or "TCAL" to offer to purchase a majority of the outstanding shares of LIVESTAR. Current discussions with TCAL include a planned purchase offer of between $0.05 - $0.07/share and these discussions include the executing of major plans for the Company. The Sequel Nightclub (the "Sequel" is the first nightclub LIVESTAR is in the process of acquiring according to its report on Form 8-K filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on August 11, 2003.

According to the Founder, President and CEO of LIVESTAR, Mr. Ray Hawkins: "Since we first formed plans to acquire the Sequel in September of 2002, Mr. Lall and Company management have developed numerous strategies to make LIVESTAR the premier nightclub oriented live entertainment company in North America and then the world. The future plans of LIVESTAR beginning with the numerous developments that have been taking place have prompted the TCAL Investment Group to move up the timeline for its possible plans to bid for a controlling interest in LIVESTAR. "

According to Mr. Terry Lall, founder of The Sequel, "The value of the LIVESTAR business plan and the acquisitions that are being negotiated currently present an opportunity to act now rather than later. According to our research, the House of Blues is a company that generates 100`s of millions of dollars a year with a similar business model to LIVESTAR. If we can successfully develop LIVESTAR to achieve just a portion of the House of Blues revenue base, we feel our move will be correct and the shareholders will be pleased. Over the upcoming 18 months, LIVESTAR plans to make major changes including the addition of new management, additional board members and standards committees, the acquisition of other major properties and brands, a possible application to be listed on a higher tier market and even the possible development of a real estate division to purchase the underlying property assets of the entertainment establishments of the Company."

The Company has conducted its initial due diligence and is satisfied with the resources available to Mr. Lall to make a successful bid for a controlling interest in LIVESTAR. A complete due diligence and subsequent closing period has been stated as 60 days from the date of the MOU. Terms of the MOU also provide for financing for the Company.

TCAL`s expected offer remains subject to the parties successfully satisfying their respective due diligence requirements and reaching definitive agreements on the offer price and future plans for the Company. Upon the hopeful execution of a definitive agreement with the TCAL Investment Group the details and process of the offer will be provided for in a further press release and information statement to the shareholders and the public.

Mr. Lall also stated, "Mr. Hawkins and the other members of the LIVESTAR team have done a commendable job taking the Company from a difficult position to one with much promise. And the shareholders have been very patient. The business plan and proprietary concepts that LIVESTAR has developed are very unique and possess tremendous future value. It is time to improve the quality and chances of success for LIVESTAR by increasing its resources and internal skill sets and take an aggressive stance in its growth to ultimately add shareholder value."

In closing, Mr. Hawkins stated, "We are very pleased Mr. Lall and TCAL have decided to make LIVESTAR the home for their plans. Starting with the Sequel and other projects, LIVESTAR plans to rapidly execute its business plan. Management expects the majority of these efforts will commence in the final quarter of 2003 although many moves have already been initiated awaiting funding and execution. We believe the next 12 to 24 months are poised to be fruitful for the Company, thanks to the commitment of Mr. Lall and the TCAL Investment Group."


The core business of LIVESTAR Entertainment Group, Inc. is the development of entertainment entities, specifically; Liquor Licensed Entertainment Establishments (namely nightclubs and lounges) and Live Entertainment (concerts and special events).

Statements contained herein that are not based on historical fact are "forward looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. LIVESTAR Entertainment Group, Inc intends that such forward-looking statements be subject to the safe harbor created thereby. Such forward-looking statements are based on current assumptions but involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause LIVESTAR Entertainment Group, Inc`s. actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from current expectations. These risks include economic, competitive, governmental, technological and other factors discussed in LIVESTAR Entertainment Group, Inc.`s applicable public filings on record with the Securities and Exchange Commission which can be viewed at its website at www.sec.gov.

Contact: Investor Relations
Voice: 604-682-6541
Email: investors@LIVESTAR.net

gegenwärtiger Aktienpreis ist 0,0065

Achtung es ist nur ein MOU, also nicht bindend!
Es gibt keine Garantie das das Szenario stattfinden wird. Ich halte es aber für eine gute Day oder Swingtrading chance!



26.08.03 14:47

885 Postings, 6206 Tage QADSANBin gespannt wie weit das heute


werde mich versuchen zu positionieren!

Vorbörsliches Bid schon 0,009!

Ask aber immer noch unverändert bei 0,007

wo soll man da rein???


26.08.03 15:51

10091 Postings, 6304 Tage big lebowskyTja,da geht die Post ab

über 2.0 Mio Shares in den ersten 20 Minuten und über 100% plus.Guter Riecher.Hast Du die privat eingelagert?  

26.08.03 17:28

885 Postings, 6206 Tage QADSANhab mir 500k vergönnt

zu 0,0135 und zu 0,0205 rausgetan!


26.08.03 17:37

412 Postings, 6112 Tage GoldmarieWKN ??? Danke ;-) o. T.

26.08.03 22:19

10091 Postings, 6304 Tage big lebowsky@ Quadsan

Perfekt--herzlichen Glückwunsch. Heute sind fast 100.0 MIo Shares gehandelt worden.Letzter Kurs 0.021! Da hast Du alles richtig gemacht.

Ciao B.L.  

26.08.03 22:47

885 Postings, 6206 Tage QADSANDer Tip ist ja nicht von mir

habs nur gelesen!

aber wer viel ließt erfährt auch viel!

Möglicherweise geh ich morgen noch mal rein bei einer Schwäche!

Die Eröffnung und Level2 wirds weisen


27.08.03 05:12

2756 Postings, 6251 Tage rapido LSTA nachboersl. 0,0201 250T

WKN gefunden,813025- alt?kann nix mit anfangen.

27.08.03 23:29

885 Postings, 6206 Tage QADSANDer Tipgeber schlug heute wieder zu

heute wurde Kohle mit

Federal Mogul (FDMLQ)



27.08.03 23:41

10091 Postings, 6304 Tage big lebowskyLSTA heute auf 0.0135 eingebrochen.

Ist mir etwas unverständlich.Ist das Übernahmeangebot nur ein "Fake"?  

28.08.03 11:58

885 Postings, 6206 Tage QADSANMOU

Memorandum of Understanding!

absolut nicht bindend!

Es gibt öfter solche Räuberpistolen an der OTCBB!

Da muß man rein, schnell ein wenig Kohle machen und wieder raus!

Solche Sachen glaube ich erst wenn sie auf http://www.sec.gov zu finden sind!


28.08.03 17:13

10091 Postings, 6304 Tage big lebowskyThanx,Quadsan für die Info.

Heute wieder stabil bei 0.014.  

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