Tyrana Resources ein Wert mit Potential?!

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22.03.18 19:19

437 Postings, 2401 Tage bmuesliTyrana Resources ein Wert mit Potential?!

Hallo zusammen,

da es zu diesem Wert noch keine Diskussion gibt, habe ich mir erlaubt dieses zu eröffnen.

hier mal die Homepage

und die Meldung von heute



22.03.18 19:32

437 Postings, 2401 Tage bmuesliHighlights

? Agreement to acquire 100% interest in high grade Cobalt?Base Metals Project in USA
? Project located in stable mining friendly state of Nevada, 700kms from Tesla?s
? In the early 1920?s approximately 20 tons of cobalt rich ore was shipped from 4
separate copper mines to processing facilities. These shipments assayed between 6%
and 29% cobalt1
? Mining identity Mr Klaus Eckhof appointed as Strategic Advisor to Tyranna
? Tyranna is well funded ($8 million cash & investments) to progress high impact
exploration program to commence immediately on settlement of acquisition
? Project area surrounds ASX listed Longford Resources? (ASX: LFR) (market
capitalisation of $42m) claims to the north & south
? No modern exploration techniques applied to project area
? Results pending from stream sediment & rock chip sampling program completed by
? Mr Greg Smith (Geologist - 40 years? experience) ? previous exploration manager for
Moto Goldmines appointed as Exploration Consultant to head up Goodsprings
Cobalt-Base Metals Project
? Anticipated growth in electric vehicles (EV?s) underpins recent surge in Cobalt price
to US$88,000/ton ? a 280% increase over 2 years.
Tyranna Resources Limited (ASX: TYX) (?Tyranna? or ?the Company?), is pleased to announce that it
has entered into a binding option agreement to acquire private company, US Cobalt Pty Ltd (US
Cobalt), the owner of Goodsprings Cobalt and Base Metals Project, located in the State of Nevada,
The US Cobalt acquisition is part of Tyranna?s diversification strategy aimed at capitalising on the
battery minerals revolution which has seen the rapid rise in the LME price of Cobalt (from
US$23,000/ton in March 2016 to US$88,000/ton in March 2018  

22.03.18 19:49

437 Postings, 2401 Tage bmuesliPräsentation

hier mal eine Präsentation allerdings aus dem September 2017


23.04.18 11:21

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioTyranna Resources develops new battery minerals

09.07.18 07:25

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioPotential Dispute Relating to Eureka Gold Project

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16.07.18 12:33

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioAdvertising Info AGS: New Gold Shoots Identified

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AGS: New Gold Shoots Identified at Weednanna  

20.07.18 13:16

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioJumbuck Gold Exploration

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Jumbuck Gold Exploration Program and Ore Processing Plans  

24.07.18 07:05

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioProactive Investor Presentation

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21.08.18 07:02

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioExecutes Agreement to Acquire Cobalt

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                        Base Metals Project  

28.08.18 08:59

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioTyranna Resources to Buy Cobalt Project in Nevada

Tyranna Resources to Buy Cobalt Project in Nevada | INN
Australia-based Tyranna Resources will acquire 100 percent of private company US Cobalt, which operates the Goodsprings project in Nevada.

06.09.18 14:15

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioAGS: High-Grade Maiden Mineral Res Weednanna Gold

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11.09.18 08:27

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioAGS: The Wilcherry Gold Camp - Investor Presentati

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20.09.18 08:03

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioDrilling Commences at Jumbuck - Campfire Bore Gold

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21.09.18 10:06

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioResults of Meeting

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27.09.18 07:33

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioDrilling Commences at Eureka Gold Project

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28.09.18 07:14

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioManaging

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Director Interview with Proactive Investors  

02.10.18 01:51

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioCobalt & Base

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Metals Targets Identified at Goodspr


04.10.18 04:54

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioYeltana Prospect

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   AGS: Significant Graphite Discovery - Yeltana Prospect  

16.10.18 07:14

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioAGS:

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AGS: Alliance Increases Interest in Wilcherry Proj to 79.01%  

17.10.18 07:30

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioNear Surface

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Near Surface Gold Results at Campfire Bore


18.11.18 13:13

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessio2018 AGM Presentations


Results of Annual General Meeting


29.11.18 07:12

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioDrilling

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AGS: Weednanna Drilling Extends Shoot 5 High Grade Gold  

07.12.18 04:09

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioManager's Presentation

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AGS:SAEMC-7 December 2018-Exploration Manager's Presentation  

12.02.19 05:37

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioCobalt and Base Metal Targets Identified at

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Cobalt and Base Metal Targets Identified at Goodsprings  

19.02.19 07:46

816 Postings, 2334 Tage alessioTyranna Progresses Eureka Gold Mine

Tyranna Progresses Eureka Gold Mine


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