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1161 Postings, 7024 Tage Pavian1Tip der Woche von Zacks!

Wer sich etwas mit US-Werten auseinandersetzt, dem ist Zacks ein Begriff. Ich habe gerade den aktuellen Newsletter erhalten. Wer schnell reagiert, könnte heute Mittag vielleicht schon schöne Gewinne bei Coventry Health einfahren:

1) ZacksAdvisor.com TIMELY BUY of the WEEK


Take the Zacks Rank to the next level with the
ZacksAdvisor.com Timely Buy of the Week. Here you`ll
discover a Zacks #1 Ranked stock hand selected by Ben
Zacks to outperform the market over the next 30 to 90
days.  Note that Ben manages a portfolio of #1 ranked
stocks on ZacksAdvisor.com called the Zacks Timely Buys.
This portfolio continually crushes the return of the S&P
500, yielding an amazing +695.2% return vs. only +54.8%
for the S&P 500 (3/96 thru 6/03). And is up +26.7% in 2003.

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Now on with the ZacksAdvisor.com Timely Buy of the Week.

Coventry Healthcare (CVH)

Size matters in the tough world of managed care, and Coventry
Health Care wants to measure up. Created in 1998 when Coventry
Corporation acquired Prinicpal Financial Group's health care
unit (doubling its size), the firm provides managed health care
services to almost 2 million enrollees in about 15 states,
primarily in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast regions.

Its plans include point of service, HMOs, and PPOs, as well as
Medicare and Medicaid products.  The company also administers
self-insured health plans for large employers. Coventry has
acquired Wellpath, a subsidiary of Duke University Health
Systems. Investment firm Warburg Pincus, owns more than 30% of
the firm.

Coventry Health Care Inc. said on July 29 that its quarterly
profit jumped 73 percent, as it raised its rates and added new
members, and increased its earnings outlook for the full year.
The company posted earnings of $63.4 million, or $1.05 per
share, compared with $36.6 million, or 60 cents per share.  
Wall Street analysts on average expected earnings of 87 cents
per share, according to Zacks Research.



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ZacksAdvisor.com Timely Buy of the Week continued...

The company raised its 2003 earnings per-share outlook to $3.95
to $4.00 from an April estimate of $3.40 to $3.50.  For the
third quarter, the company said it should earn around $1.05 per
share.  In the second quarter, the company added 228,000 new
members over the period a year ago, while operating revenue
rose to $1 billion, from $890 million.

CVH estimates raised to $4 a share in 2003 and $4.60 for next
year, according to Lehman Bros. Organic growth momentum should
continue.  Analysts have an Overweight rating and new $64 price
target for CVH shares.

Shares are trading at only 12 times this fiscal year's estimate
of $3.96, and 11 times next fiscal year's estimate of $4.37.  
The company has not posted a negative earnings surprise over
the past nine quarters and has a projected EPS growth rate of
15%.  This stock has both value and earnings momentum on its
side. Very attractive qualities for long and short term.        


Why Zacks Timely Buys?

The proof is in the results. The Timely Buy portfolio has
beaten the S&P 500 every single year since inception in
1996. $10,000 invested in this strategy since inception
would now be worth $79,517 vs. only $15,471 invested in
the S&P 500. And so far this year we are up +26.7%.  

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Grüße Pavian  

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