Timeless Fakten z.b. Microsoft Partner

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15 Postings, 7441 Tage belowTimeless Fakten z.b. Microsoft Partner

Kurz auf Deutsch: Timeless und seine Allianzen Partnerschaft mit MICROSOFT HÈWLETT PACKARD IBM SUN und CYBASE  
Alles in Ruhe unter www.timeless.com nachzulesen.Hier ein Auszug der Partner,der Kunden und der Zielevon Timeless.
P.s. an alle die Meinen das Timeless keine Chance gegen Microsoft hat,warum auch?ALS PARTNER NICHT NÖTIG!!
Feb 08,2000 - 16:40:28 HKT  

According to Timeless Software Limited (8028), the software contracts that it signed last month totalled $36 million, of which $32 million is from an undisclosed private website, while the remaining $4 million comes from the government including the Environmental Protection Department and the Hong Kong Examinations Authority.  

Timeless will participate in the platform construction of i100 Limited (Acme Landis Holdings, 0616), a company in which Timeless recently purchased an equity stake.  


Timeless is the first company listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of Hong Kong as the largest software company and the only Internet Technology Provider (ITP) in the region. The issue was massively oversubscribed by institutional investors and the first day closing price was 80% over the placement, implying a market capitalization of over HK$4 billions. This is a remarkable event on the record of Hong Kong history.  

Timeless always completes projects at web speed. For GEM listing, we have spent about 2.5 months to go through the whole listing process from selecting one of the world largest investment banker as our sponsor, proceeding with the financial and legal processes, submitting application form to listing.  

This is the characteristic of Timeless to be an internet technology provider. We are a focused play on the internet industry with over three and a half years of R&D in this area. Timeless is at the forefront of internet technology in the world. Timeless is led by a solid management team who are IT veterans in the IT industry. They have thorough understanding of IT in terms of technology, IT trends and directions, as well as markets.  

Hong Kong has become a hub of both financial and information technology. The prevalence of internet and e-commerce in Hong Kong and China creates new avenues for Timeless to reinforce the base of providing internet solutions.  

Timeless' capabilities in respect to business application software has also been strengthened by the acquisitions of the two subsidiaries : Three Principles Computer and Expert Consulting, two established players with over ten years in the enterprise IT consultancy and software industry in Hong Kong and China.  

Besides, Timeless also intends to become a meaningful player in the ERP market in China. This in turn could also build up a potential customer base for its internet-related services.  

Business Alliance  
Alliance is a key to success in the high-tech scene. Given the wide array of technologies and the pace of change in the industry, no one player should be trying to come up with all the answers to the technology needs. Timeless has established strong network with international vendors to come up synergetic teams.  

Oracle Products  
Hewlett Packard  

Apart from such alliances, Timeless has demonstrated in the past, our capability of finding, executing and consolidating new acquisitions and transforming their expertise and business. We also work closely with prominent consultancy firms, EDS, Founder and Ministry of Information Industry in China.  

Major Customers  

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TDC)  
The trade portal is the TDC's new initiative to provide more value-added information services to the business community. TDC commissioned this project to Timeless that we will lead the project through from content management, system / application development and consultation services. This trade portal will ensure enterprises around the world anefficient and easy access to a host of business information on the internet. It will also enable users to employ various applications, including virtual office, business news service, e-mail, web directory search, personalization features, forum, etc.  
China Telecom Guangzhou (CT)  
Timeless provides architectural and networking consultancy, technologies, software and hardware to enhance the internet platform of CT. The development will be very intensive and the completion date is targeted at before the turn of the century. Timeless and CT put in the best-of-breed technicians to create a high quality, high efficiency and high transaction volume facelift for CT. URL : www.gznet.com  

Mass Transit Railways Corporation (MTRC)  
MTRC runs the largest transportation system in Hong Kong. MTRC has requested consulting services on system analysis, application programming, system integration support and Y2K implementation services from Three Principles (subsidiary of Timeless), total value of the contract is over $50 millions.  

Hong Kong Police Force  
The Hong Kong SAR Government has awarded a contract worth HK$10 million to Timeless to computerize the Hong Kong Police Force's inventory store. Timeless will convert 1.6 million manual item records to electronic form to be used in the Oracle Financials Application. Besides, Timeless will also customize the application to fit into the Police operation environment. We have set up a special task force with 60 people to work on the project to meet the tight schedule.  

Hong Kong SAR Government - Information Technology & Broadcasting Bureau  
(HKSAR-ITBB) Re-designed and re-developed the HKSAR-ITBB's official Y2K Web site. It is a bilingual site and Timeless is responsible for the day-to-day enhancement, updating, relevant content aggregation, Chinese translation and maintenance. (URL: www.year2000.gov.hk)  

CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd. (CLP)  
CLP is the largest electricity company in Hong Kong, with a capitalization of over $100 billion. Expert consulting has been serving the IT needs of CLP over the past 7 years, through a "One Stop Shop" concept. The services provided cover hardware, networking, consulting, training, software packages and development, Y2K renovation and testing. Being the leading software supplier to CLP, Expert has developed, on a turnkey basis, more than 10 major client/server applications used by hundreds of users in CLP.  

Hosptial Authority (HA)  
A full Java multi-tiered solution for HA's pharmaceutical management was developed by Timeless. This web-based system serves over 300 hospitals that is critical to the day to day drug distribution, monitoring and control of the hospitals. This is a pioneering project for HA to apply state-of-the-art technology to streamline its operations.  

Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA)  
HA is the government body in charge of public housing in Hong Kong. HA claims to be the largest property developer in the world. Project Management System is a significant contract awarded to Three Principles in March 1997 to replace the existing Capital Budgeting System running on an IBM mainframe. PMS is a sophisticated management information system for architects, project managers, quality surveyors and finance managers..  

Airport Authority (AA)  
AA is the largest Y2K site in Hong Kong. Timeless has provided consulting services to them to resolve the millennium problem for their computer and embedded systems. Our consultants worked closely with AA's systems professionals as well as their engineers and technicians. We carried out comprehensive services for AA including strategic planning, systems assessment, renovation and thorough testing.  

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)  
More widely known as Hongkong Bank, HSBC is the largest financial institution in Hong Kong and one of the top-ten banks in the world. There is a solid relationship, as well as strong synergy between the skills required by the Bank and those available at Timeless. We started with providing the bank with our consulting services for their different divisions.  

The Hong Kong & China Gas Co., Ltd.  
The HK & China Gas has been serving their customer in Hong Kong since 1862. The operations have been computerized for more than 20 years which was not Year 2000 ready before Timeless took up their Y2K project. We have spent about 9 months to finish all the programs and data conversion. It was one of the toughest and challenging Y2Kprojects that we have ever had.  

Cable & Wireless HKT (HKT)  
HKT is the largest ISP in Hong Kong. They have outsourced their internet project to Timeless recently. It is an application that will help HKT boost their business of international calls and internet services. We have applied the newest internet technologies and completed the project in a very short period of time so as to enable HKT to have a time-to-market product.  

JDH (HK) Ltd. (Inchcape)  
Inchcape is the largest conglomerate in Hong Kong. Having been an AS/400 user with Three Principles for many years, Inchcape signed one of its largest software contracts with Three Principles for a Y2K turnkey in late 1997. This was one of the successful projects among others.  

Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA)  
CITA is a quasi-government organization that assists and supports the garment industry in the territory. They provide different kinds of training course to the proprietors, designers and workers in the industry. Since 1998, CITA worked with 3P (a subsidiary of Timeless) to design and develop an Open Function Suite, a comprehensive and easy to use garment system for the garment trading and manufacturing companies. Timeless continues the system support and provides customization services to CITA and the end users.  

Japan Travel Bureau (JTB)  
JTB is the largest travel agency in Japan and Asia. Three Principles signed the first contract for the development and implementation of a Travel System on IBM S/36 platform for JTB Hong Kong in 1987. Three Principles has been the prime supplier of software solutions for JTB in Southeast Asia. The Three Principles solution has been developed and deployed in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.  

Kawasaki Heavy Industrial  
Kawasaki is one of the largest shipbuilders in Japan. IBM referred Three Prnciples to Kawasaki in 1995, when Kawasaki was looking for MRP II solutions to be deployed in the China market. The company has since undertaken two major projects for Kawasaki; in Wuhan and in Nantone (near Shanghai), in China. The first was completed in 1996 and the second was completed in April 1998.  

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu  
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is one of the world's leading professional firm, providing world-class services to world-class clients in 130 countries all over the world. Timeless helps them to convert their payroll system to become Y2K compliant.  

Astec America Inc.  
Astec is a world-wide power supply corporation with offices in different parts of the world. 3P has renovated their Sales Information System used in their US, UK and HK offices. Y2K compliance of these systems is important which impact their day to day sales activities. We have spent 5 months to complete the works for the 3 systems which were accepted by all the users involved.  

Sun Fook Kong  
Sun Fook Kong is one of the largest construction companies in Hong Kong. 3P helped them remediate and test their construction costing system in 9 months with a satisfactory result. They further awarded 3P the 2nd Y2K project to fix their billing system back in 1998.  

Oracle Systems Hong Kong Ltd.  
Oracle is the world leading supplier of software for information management, and the world's second largest software company. In July 1998, Oracle Systems Hong Kong Ltd. awarded Expert Consulting a master contract to provide consulting services to their major account customers.  

Oracle launched an Oracle Partner Program (OPP) in September 1998 and formed a strategic alliance with Timeless Software Limited to provide joint service at all levels in implementation of Oracle applications to major customers in the Greater China region.  

Epicor Software  
Platinum is an international vendor of finance systems. Platinum has been very keen in exploring the Greater China market, a major obstacle to that objective being the need for localization of their system. Timeless signed up with Platinum in August 1997 to localize its sophisticated finance system in three versions, targeted separately for China, Taiwan and the Hong Kong market. The project was completed in December 1997 and certified by Platinum in January 1998.  


Timeless is focused on servicing the Greater China market, and has already established a solid reputation in Hong Kong and China. Going forward, the key earnings drivers for Timeless should be internet-related and ERP implementation services for the medium-sized and large private companies and government enterprises.  

Timeless will continue to strengthen our R&D capability and internet-centric application development by increasing our staffing as well as new acquisitions.  

The internet software will be productized to be selling to the world-wide markets. In the forefront, eDynasty21.com will market e-Commerce applications for banking and insurance industries in the next century.  

We will extend our service scope in the government sectors who are outsourcing at least two-thirds of all their IT projects by 2001. The Hong Kong government is leading the way in IT outsourcing in an effort to speed up the deployment of technology in government departments and fostering the development of the local IT industry. This is the target area Timeless has already built up a strong base and relationship.  

In China, we are setting offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan in addition to the Guangzhou office set up 2 years ago. This reinforces our commitment in providing IT services in the Greater China regions in the coming two years. A software localization operation will be set up in the Zhuhai Southern Software Park to support our service target at multinational companies setting up operations in Greater China and software companies seeking to sell their products to Chinese customers.  

Es ist alles in Ruhe unter www.timeless.com  


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518 Postings, 7446 Tage ber1 Timeless


dein nächstes KURS_ZIEL ??  

09.02.00 20:45

2048 Postings, 7610 Tage checkitMal morgen abwarten. Jetzt ist hoffentlich Konsolidierung angesagt. Vielleicht bis

runter auf 0,80 E ? Wenn es weiter runtergeht, werde ich morgen oder übermorgen auch zuschlagen. Ich halte das Konzept von Timeless für sehr vielversprechend, wobei ich aber die Ankündigungen im ERP-Bereich für doch sehr vollmundig halte. Das wollten schon viele und sind daran gescheitert.

09.02.00 21:34

518 Postings, 7446 Tage ber1Timeless

sehe eher Kurs_Anstieg auf bis 1.5 Euro kommen.

Nach dem Feiertag in China (am Montag) ist weiterhin
ein starkes Interesse an diesen S/w-Lösungen von TIMELESS abzusehen ...    

09.02.00 21:49

2048 Postings, 7610 Tage checkitsorry BER. Feiertag ist vorbei. Heute morgen -5,1% nach gestern +30%. Umsatz

heute morgen ca. 113 zu 163 Mio Stück.

09.02.00 22:15

518 Postings, 7446 Tage ber1T. , Earining per share (mehr als 1 cent) ... KEIN ZOCKERWERT-als PERLE zu betracht

Timeless geht seinen Weg !

STORY: TIMELESS Software yesterday reported net profits amounting to $7.17 million in the quarter to December, bouncing back from losses of $3.02 million a year earlier.

It is the first financial results since the company`s November listing on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM).

It said turnover fell 14 per cent to $7.88 million in the quarter, against $9.18 million a year earlier.

Operating profit was well up at $7.17 million against a $3.02-million loss previously.

Earnings-per-share were 1.17 cents compared with the a loss of 1.25 cents a share in the last quarter of 1998.

Timeless jumped more than 30 per cent on the GEM yesterday to $7.75 per share on market expectations of positive financial results.

In a statement the company said it did not know why there was such a jump in its stock price. Analysts say the firm`s recent investment in Acme Landis and its results announcement gave it a boost.

During the day the stock hit a new high of $8.50 before profit-taking pulled it back to the $7.75 finish _ still $1.80 up on the day on turnover of $119.63 million.

Timeless yesterday also said the value of total Internet-related contracts it signed in January and February was $32.6 million.

Most of the contracts are software-related. About 90 per cent of the contracts involve Internet portals while the rest are government software development contracts and others, said Danny Cheng Wan-cheung, chief operating officer.

``January was excellent for Timeless. After the Y2K issue, many companies accelerated their pace of Internet development,`` he said.

The main source of future income would be e-commerce and portal development.

``Our paper profit on Acme Landis is good, however, our focus is not merely on money but also to develop software,`` said chairman and chief executive officer Cheng Kin-kwan.

``Timeless combines and consolidates the two models of Internet operations. One is similar to the core business of Microsoft and Timeless where software and technology are developed and deployed to become market standards,`` he said.  

The other model was similar to Softbank and Pacific Century CyberWorks wherein funds were mobilised to invest in companies to increase market share.

``The synergy of our investment in i100 Holdings (the new name of Acme Landis) is that we can increase the value of i100, participate in its Internet-related projects and have a stable, long-term income,`` said Mr W C Cheng.

But the firm declined to disclose whether it has exclusive rights for i100 to use Timeless`s platform for development of Internet projects.

Timeless executive director Laurie Kan Siu-kei has been seconded to i100 Holdings.

09.02.00 22:48

2048 Postings, 7610 Tage checkitHi BER: Das sieht ja immer besser aus. Trotzdem hoffe ich auf einen Einbruch.

Dafür hast Du sicherlich Verständnis, da ich Timeless noch nicht habe.

09.02.00 23:42

56 Postings, 7478 Tage kofiCheckit:hättest heute kaufen sollen! noch 18 Minuten! o.T.

10.02.00 00:54

56 Postings, 7478 Tage kofitimeless news

[February 9, 2000--HONG KONG] Timeless Software Ltd, a company listed on the Growth Enterprise Market
                              (GEM Board) of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since November 1999, announced yesterday it has signed a
                              number of Internet-related contracts in January valued at HK$32.6 million (US$4.2 million), its biggest monthly
                              record according to its chief operating officer Danny Cheng.

                              According to company officials, its core business is developing a suite of Internet infrastructure software components,
                              modules and interfaces.

                              Among its recently signed contracts, Cheng revealed over 90 percent of the signed contracts are Internet-related
                              projects. The others are government outsourcing consultant tenders.

                              The signed contracts include one with Asia-Steel.com to build a B2B metal-trading portal. The contract is valued
                              over HK$27 million (US$3.48 million).

                              The company also announced its financial result for the quarter ended 31 December 1999, despite a 14.2 percent
                              decrease in turnover, it has gained a profit of HK$7.2 million (US$920,000). For the nine months ended 31
                              December 1999, the company was able to turn a loss of HK$9.9 million (US$1.27 million) into a profit of HK$11.9
                              million (US$1.53 million).

                              An earlier announcement dated 1 February, Timeless has teamed up with Asia Pacific Growth Fund III, L.P. ("H&Q
                              AP Fund") and J.H. Whitney IV to invest into i100 Corp (Originally known as Acme Landis, SEHK 616).

                              According to the investors in i100, they will use their experience in the IT industry to turn Acme Landis? operations,
                              which provides plumbing and drainage services, into Internet businesses.

                              However, Timeless was reluctant to disclose the future planning of i100 in yesterday?s press conference. Laurie Kan,
                              executive director of Timeless and assigned to participate in i100? operation, did not attend the event.

                              Cheng said the company has invested US$2 million and become the third-largest shareholder in i100 Corp.

Checkit: Ups, hab China und Australien verwechselt, liegt aber auch alles in der selben ecke! :-)
Weiß eigentlich jemand, wann chin. Börse offen hat?  

10.02.00 09:08

665 Postings, 7477 Tage lowizardHK: schluss 7.7 HK$ (high), +4.76% o.T.

10.02.00 17:10

518 Postings, 7446 Tage ber1Timeless: NEUE Aufträge !!

Von den Aktien des Hongkonger Neuen Marktes stiegen
Timeless Software  
um 1,80 HKD auf 7,75, nachdem sie seit Beginn des Jahres neue Aufträge im Wert von 32,6 Mio. HKD akquirieren konnten.  

10.02.00 17:24

710 Postings, 7484 Tage TamerTimeless !! Timeless ich hab dich lieb ! bist meine neuer liebling o.T.

11.02.00 12:49

518 Postings, 7446 Tage ber1Timeless ... zugelegt ...auf wege nach Norden ...

in München heute
(WKN: 931025)    1,06  +0,05  +4,95% 216.483,50 12:04/11.02

Was für ein neues Kurs-Ziel ?  

11.02.00 13:59

16944 Postings, 7492 Tage preisfuchswarten wir ab obs kracht, ansonsten sehe ich timeless bei 1,80 bis ende märz.00 ! o.T.

11.02.00 14:43

518 Postings, 7446 Tage ber1.... Timeless

hallo, preisfuchs.

danke für dein neues Kurs-ziel.

Meinst du mit "krachen" etwa,
das dieser Wert (obwohl kein Zockerwert, da Perle !)
" im Kurs explodieren " könnte ...
In diesem Fall könnte T. bald bis 2 Euro kommen .

Andererseits siehst du etwas anderes ??  

11.02.00 16:41

16944 Postings, 7492 Tage preisfuchsmit krachen denke ich das der markt einbricht. wen du dir den dax und seine freunde

so ansiehst, wird auch hk mitgezogen da der hang seng nun auch immer toll im plus ist. jedoch auch wenns so kommen sollte, die schlecht wetterwolken ziehen auch wieder vorbei und mit timeless haben wir eine wahre perle in der tasche. also lassen wir timeless den weg bestimmen und am jahresende, kaufen wir fett ein ( was, das überlasse ich dir )
mit gruss

11.02.00 16:49

710 Postings, 7484 Tage TamerAber Preisfuchs in Japan werden doch1.100 Milliarden Dollar frei in den Markt kommen

oder nicht!! würde mich freuen über dein statement.

12.02.00 21:00

518 Postings, 7446 Tage ber1Timeless .... geht seinen Weg ...

wie lange "der bulle" noch da ist , wissen wir ja nicht.

... wachstumsorientierte technologie-Werte werden wohl auch einen "Crash"

an Preisfucchs:
bist du auf den Anleger_treffen von ADULTSHOP
am 16.2.2000 mit dabei (in München) ??


12.02.00 21:22

15 Postings, 7441 Tage belowTimeless url ist: www.timeless.com.hk und mein Kursziel lautet

4 Us $. Da Timeless sich gern in der Nasdaq listen möchte.
Ob und wann dieser Kurs erreicht wird ist fraglich aber meiner Meinung nach noch dieses Jahr möglich.
Hoffen wir das Beste.  

14.02.00 14:28

518 Postings, 7446 Tage ber1... Timeless : wann das Nasdaq-Listing ? o.T. o.T.

14.02.00 14:47

21 Postings, 7422 Tage schlammmonsterHeute 0,95 => jetzt noch Einsteigen o.T.

14.02.00 15:18

16944 Postings, 7492 Tage preisfuchstimeless wird weiter richtung norden laufen!

ber, ich bin da leider nicht anwesen.  

14.02.00 16:40

21 Postings, 7422 Tage schlammmonsterRe: Timeless Fakten z.b. Microsoft Partner

Jetzt ist die letzte Gelegenheit timeless für unter einen euro zu bekommen.  

   Antwort einfügen - nach oben