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18.12.06 22:16

4308 Postings, 7170 Tage NukemTenajon Resources - News!

Wkn: 882552

News von Tenajon.


Tenajon Resources Corp.: Ajax Molybdenum Deposit Extended 500m Vertically, Results Include 145m of 0.064% Molybdenum Including 12.57m at 0.107% Mo

Tenajon Resources Corp.: Ajax Molybdenum Deposit Extended 500m Vertically, Results Include 145m of 0.064% Molybdenum Including 12.57m at 0.107% Mo
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Dec 18, 2006 (CCNMatthews via COMTEX News Network) --

Tenajon Resources Corp. (TSX VENTURE:TJS) (the "Company") today announced that it has received the remaining assay results from the 2006 deep drilling program on its 100% owned Ajax Molybdenum Property located 13 km north of Alice Arm, BC. Results from the deepest hole drilled in the 2006 program (DDH06-06) include 145.83m at 0.064% Mo, including 12.57m at 0.107% Mo. This hole bottomed in mineralization with the final 7.62m assaying 0.099% Mo, extending the known mineralization over 500m below the pre-2006 drilling and doubling the vertical extent of the deposit.

The 2006 drill program was designed to expand the currently defined Inferred Mineral Resource of 345 million tonnes at 0.070% Mo (0.117% MoS2) to depth, and to test for higher grade mineralized zones along the flanks of the system.

The Ajax Molybdenum deposit occupies a surface area approximately 650m by 600m and this summer's drilling has extended the depth of the zone from surface to depths of over 1 kilometer, and remains open at depth. The mineralized system includes several areas of higher grade mineralization and these areas in the upper portion of the deposit are generally structurally controlled by the faulting that occurred during the formation of the deposit. Similar structures were also witnessed in the recent drill program where the holes typically intersect several higher grade zones. With the additional information gained from this program, Tenajon will be able to better target and define areas of higher grade mineralization, as it advances the Ajax project to the next phase of definition drilling. The details of the final three drillholes are discussed below.

Drillhole DDH06-04 was drilled at a dip of -63 degrees, from the same setup as drillhole DDH06-01(-47 dip). The drillhole was terminated at a depth of 449.59m due to drilling difficulties. This hole only intersected the eastern arm of the deposit at approximately 200m below historic drilling.

Drillholes DDH06-05 and DDH06-06 were drilled at dips of -65 and -73 degrees respectively, from the same location as drillhole DDH06-03 (-57 dip). Both holes ended within the mineralized porphyry system, at the drilling capacity of the available rig, over 500 metres below any historic drilling. Please see the attached diagram for 2006 drill hole location map (http://www.ccnmatthews.com/docs/TJS.jpg).

Results for all of the drill holes at Ajax, including those previously released are summarized below:

Hole                From          To      Length          Mo%
                     (m)         (m)         (m)

DDH06-01(i)       312.42      364.24       51.82        0.062
including          333.4      352.04       18.64        0.081

DDH06-03(i)       340.77      352.96       12.19        0.068
AND                418.7      511.67       92.97        0.065
including         465.73      480.97       15.24        0.083
AND               523.40      669.95      146.55        0.073
including         523.40      562.80        39.4        0.095

DDH06-04          349.00      443.90       94.90        0.065
including         373.38      385.57       12.19        0.086
also including    422.15      443.90       21.75        0.086

DDH06-05          346.86      583.69      236.83        0.057
including         558.78      562.95        4.17        0.119
also including    575.31      583.69        8.38        0.100
AND               702.09      780.22       78.13        0.057
including         758.34      765.53        7.19        0.089

DDH06-06          614.04      759.87      145.83        0.064
including         629.95      642.52       12.57        0.107
also including    676.05      685.19        9.14        0.082
also including    706.53      719.42       12.89        0.072
also including    752.25      759.87        7.62        0.099
(i) previously released drill hole

Tenajon is currently in the process of data compilation and modeling of the deposit, in preparation for updating the resource estimate.

A preliminary route survey has been completed to reestablish road access to the deposit. In addition, preliminary environmental baseline sampling and metallurgical testing are ongoing.

Ali Shahkar, P. Eng., who is a Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101, supervised the Ajax Property exploration program. Drill core was sawn in half by company personnel and delivered to Acme Analytical Labs (in Vancouver) for assaying, using their 7TD package (4-acid digestion followed by analysis by ICP-ES). A check sampling program using standards, blanks and duplicates is utilized by the Company.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors


D. Bruce McLeod, President

This news release may contain forward looking statements which are not historical facts, such as ore reserve estimates, anticipated production or results, sales, revenues, costs, or discussions of goals and exploration results, and involves a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, metal price volatility, volatility of metals production, project development, ore reserve estimates, future anticipated reserves and cost engineering estimate risks, geological factors and exploration results. See the Company's filings for a more detailed discussion of factors that may impact expected results.

SOURCE: Tenajon Resources Corp.

Tenajon Resources Corp. D. Bruce McLeod President (604) 687-7545 or Toll Free: 1-888-338-2200 (604) 689-5041 (FAX) Email: info@northair.com Website: www.tenajon.com

Dies ist keine Kauf oder Verkaufsempfehlung. Aktien können steigen oder fallen. In manchen fällen ist ein Totalverlust möglich.  
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57060 Postings, 6260 Tage nightfly0,505 CAD = 0,331? !!

mfg nf
Langweilige Signatur?
Das ist so gewollt.
Damit das Qualitätsposting noch besser heraussticht.

16.03.08 13:36

437 Postings, 4719 Tage JilSunChart

Bald sollte das Resourcenupdate kommen! Sollte die Unterstützung halten, dann dürfte es bald richtig gen Norden gehen!  
Angehängte Grafik:
tenajon.png (verkleinert auf 91%) vergrößern

24.03.08 23:09

57060 Postings, 6260 Tage nightflyna mal schauen, ob das Teil

überhaupt nochmal aus dem Mustopf kommt.
Heute SK 0,415 CAD.
mfg nf
Langweilige Signatur?
Das ist so gewollt.
Damit das Qualitätsposting noch besser heraussticht.

26.03.08 08:25

437 Postings, 4719 Tage JilSunTenajon Resources

Hi JilSun,

In response to your question below, Tenajon has the following activities planned in 2008:

Moly Brook Project:

In November 2007, Tenajon completed a successful 12 hole drill program totaling 3,633 metres in length.  Drilling encountered consistent, near surface, higher grade molybdenum intercepts over significant widths.   The 2007 exploration program showed that Moly Brook has the potential to host a significant bulk tonnage open pitable molybdenum deposit.  To follow up on the successes of 2007, a 6,100 metre multi-drill program will commence in April 2008 with the objectives of expanding the size and providing additional confidence in the grade of the deposit.   Preliminary metallurgical studies may take place in Summer 2008 with a compliant mineral resource estimates forecast to be completed in Winter 2008.

Ajax Project:

In 2007, a 2,639 metre drill program was successful in defining near surface molybdenum mineralization that may be accessible from surface.  An updated mineral resource estimate incorporating the results of the 2007 drill program is underway and should be completed in early May 2008.  Tenajon is in the planning stages for a 2008 exploration program which should provide sufficient drill hole density to prepare a scoping level economic assessment on the Ajax Project.

Kansas and Summit Lake Gold Projects:

In addition to its Molybdenum assets, Tenajon has two advanced exploration gold projects in its property portfolio, the Kansas Claim and Summit Lake. The Kansas Claim is a joint venture agreement between Tenajon (40%) Pinnacle Mines Ltd. (30.6%) and Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd. (29.4%) and hosts a sizeable gold resource.  Tenajon's joint venture partners are successfully advancing the Kansas Claim, which is situated on the larger Silver Coin property. Pinnacle Mines Ltd. has contracted Snowden Mining Group in Vancouver to compile and evaluate all drill data on the company's Silver Coin property.  According to Pinnacle Mines, Snowden plans to evaluate data from nearly 600 core holes and recommend deposit infill and edge drilling to upgrade the resource confidence categories. Also during this process, Snowden will identify and recommend drilling in areas of potential underground mining. Additional drilling will be conducted during 2008 and core drilling from 2007 and 2008 will be incorporated into an updated data base and a new NI 43-101 technical report will be compiled by Snowden.  Tenajon is currently completing the work required to obtain an independent 43-101 compliant recourse estimate on the Summit Lake Gold Property.

Best regards

29.03.08 07:38

437 Postings, 4719 Tage JilSune-Mail

Hi Thomas,

Unfortunately Tenajon has not been immune to the significant selling pressure experienced in the junior resource markets since August 2007.  Macroeconomic factors have caused a shift from perceived risky to less risky holdings.  We can not control broader market forces; however, we can ensure that we advance Tenajon?s projects in a timely and responsible manner, and hope that the market rewards us accordingly.  2008 will be a busy year for Tenajon, and we hope to increase shareholder value by advancing our portfolio of projects as previously outlined below.  

Best regards,

Brad Kopp
Manager, Corporate Development


02.04.08 19:24

437 Postings, 4719 Tage JilSunBericht von stockreport.de

Sollte sich jeder mal anschauen. Sehr interessant und zeigt das Potenzial von Tenajon Resources!


03.04.08 18:08

437 Postings, 4719 Tage JilSunInsidergeschäfte!!

Insider decken sich ein!


07.04.08 14:31

102 Postings, 4714 Tage AtlantisResort8-seitiger-Bericht

netter Bericht zu Tenajon auf 8 Seiten!  aufmerksam





11.04.08 21:48

57060 Postings, 6260 Tage nightflydas war ja wohl nix - akt. 0,435 CAD

Langweilige Signatur?
Das ist so gewollt.
Damit das Qualitätsposting noch besser heraussticht.

13.04.08 17:54

437 Postings, 4719 Tage JilSunTenajon Resources

top Projekte:

- Ajax Projekt (12 Löcher Bohrprogramm gerade erfolgreich abgeschlossen)
- Moly Brook Projekt (ebenfalls 12 Löcher Bohrprogramm erfolgreich abgeschlossen)
- Burn Projekt ( 5 Löcher Bohrprogramm, gute Ergebnisse am 26.03. veröffentlicht!)

-Ajax Projekt-
Nach dem abgeschlossenen Bohrprogramm wird aktuell ein NI 43-101 konformes RE erstellt.
>>> Laut IR wird die Veröffentlichung für Anfang Mai erwartet

-Moly Brook-
Jetzt im April startet ein weiteres 6100 m Bohrprogramm auf denn Moly Brook Projekt.
>>> NI 43-101 RE wird für dieses Projekt im Winter 2008 erwartet

Definitiv 3 top Projekte die Tenajon hier aufwesien kann. Alle noch in einem recht frühen Stadium der Exploration aber die bis dato gefundenen und vermuteten Gehalte sind als absolut aussichtsreich zu bezeichnen! Klarer Langfristkandidat!

Mehr nachgewiesene Ressourcen, als fast allen anderen Molybdänwerte, wobei diese sogar noch teurer sind!
Tenajon hat auch im Vergleich zu anderen Molybdänwerten beste Bedingungen!!  

13.04.08 20:05

648 Postings, 4983 Tage danvanBolero ist eindeutig günstiger

Man muss aber erwähnen, dass Tenajon nicht die günstigste ist. Bolero hat bereits 393 Mio. indicated Ressourcen und ist mit 8 Mio. Euro berwertet. Zusätzlich hat Bolero noch 220 Mio. Pfund inferred. Tenajon ist bestimmt nicht schlecht, aber der Satz "wobei diese sogar noch teurer sind!" stimmt nicht ganz. Ein guter Peergroup-Vergleich gibt es drüben w:o  

13.04.08 20:14

437 Postings, 4719 Tage JilSun@danvan

Eine extreme Unterbewertung muss man nach den letzten beiden News auch einer Bolero Resources -U7N- einräumen!

Mit über 300 indicated und über 200 Mio inferred (die Zahlen sind extrem abgerundet) und einer MK von ca. 10 Mio Cad $ hat die Aktie auch ne aberwitzige Unterbewertung,
wobei man sagen muß das der Abbau sich bei Bolero´s Projekt deutlich schwerer und damit teuerer darstellt als z.B. bei Tenajon!

Tenajon ist allerdings im gesamten Auftritt und der Entwicklung kompetenter!


21.04.08 19:51

21364 Postings, 4961 Tage Chalifmann3Schlechte News

Tenajon verkloppt alle gold assets (ca.400.000 Unzen) für schlappe 3 millionen:

Tenajon Sells Gold Assets to Kansas Partner
Monday April 21, 8:30 am ET  
Shareholders to Receive Shares of Pinnacle Mines Ltd.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 21, 2008) - Tenajon Resources Corp. (TSX VENTURE:TJS - News; "Tenajon") and Pinnacle Mines Ltd. ("Pinnacle") are pleased to announce that they have entered into a binding letter agreement (the "Letter Agreement") whereby Pinnacle will purchase Tenajon's wholly owned subsidiary, 0781639 B.C. Ltd. (the "Corporation"), which holds an undivided 40% ownership interest in and to the Kansas Claim and a 100% ownership interest in and to the Summit Lake property. Pinnacle has agreed to purchase the Corporation for an aggregate deemed purchase price of approximately $3,015,000 (the "Acquisition"), subject to an adjustment as a result of certain events occurring before December 31, 2008. The Kansas Claim and the Summit Lake property are both located near Stewart, British Columbia. Upon completion of the Acquisition, Pinnacle will own an undivided 70.6% interest in and to the Kansas Claim and 100% of the Summit Lake Property. The remaining 29.4% undivided interest in the Kansas Claim is owned by Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd.


22.04.08 17:47

437 Postings, 4719 Tage JilSun@Chalifmann3


sehe das etwas anders, als du!  

28.04.08 14:51

644 Postings, 5588 Tage MoonshineTraderkonzentration auf molybdän

nach dem verkauf der gold-liegenschaften kann sich tenajon jetzt voll und ganz auf moly konzentrieren. mit dem erlös von 3 mio $ können die jetzt erstmal ne zeit lang bohren. neuer ressource-bericht ajax steht an um die mehr als 600 mio. pounds molybdän in die höhere kategorie zu bringen. bohrungen auf moly brook sind auch gestartet, 6.500 m wenn ich mich recht erinnere.



28.04.08 19:26

437 Postings, 4719 Tage JilSunErste Einschätzung von tenbagger.info

TENAJON RESOURCES - Kurzbetrachtung / #438

WKN: 882552

Tenajon exploriert Molybdän in BC und Neufundland. Des Weiteren gehören zwei Goldprojekte, eines als JV mit Pinnacle und Mountain Boy, dazu.


Ajax Moly
At a 0.040% Mo cut-off the deposit hosts a 43-101 compliant inferred resource of 448.8 million tonnes grading 0.063% Mo (623.4 million pounds) and an indicated mineral resource of 38.8 million tonnes averaging 0.064% Mo (56.4 million pounds).

Moly Brook (100% interest)
Keine Angaben, hier müssen erst noch genügend Testbohrungen gemacht werden

Burn Moly ( 100% interest)
Keine Angaben, hier müssen erst noch genügend Testbohrungen gemacht werden

Kansas Gold
(40%, JV mit Pinnacle und Mountain Boy)
? Joint venture between Tenajon (40%), Pinnacle Mines (30.6%) and Mountain Boy Minerals(29.4%).
? Measured and Indicated resource on the Kansas claim of 355,924 ounces of gold (NI 43-101 compliant)
? Inferred resource on the Kansas claim of 707,605 ounces of gold (NI 43-101 compliant)

Summit Lake Gold (100% owned)
Keine Angaben, hier müssen erst noch genügend Testbohrungen gemacht werden

Im-Boden-Wert-Schätzung der bisher gemessenen Rohstoffe:
Moly 679 Mio. lb x 1 $/lb = 679 Mio. $
Gold 1,06 Mio. Unzen x 45 $/Unze x 40% JV = 19 Mio. $
Gesamtwert: 698 Mio. $

MK = 69 Mio. Aktien x 0,46 = 32 Mio. $

Mögliches Kurs-Potenzial anhand der Ressourcen: 2.000%

Anhand der Ressourcen ist der wahre Wert der Aktie 20x höher als heute! Jedoch befindet sich TENAJON RESOURCES in der Frühphase der Exploration und will in 2008 ein umfangreiches Bohrprogramm vollziehen. Eine scoping study soll dieses Jahr erstellt werden, eine pre-feasibility study gibt es noch nicht und wird wohl erst in 2009 verfügbar sein. Danach folgt dann die endgültige (bankfähige) Machbarkeitsstudie, die Voraussetzung für eine Finanzierung sein wird. Ich schätze, dass TENAJON RESOURCES frühestens in 2012 die Produktion beginnen, und damit Geld verdienen, kann.

Damit ist mir persönlich die Aktie zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt zu spekulativ! Für die weiteren Maßnahmen (Bohrprogramm, Machbarkeitsstudien usw.) sind Kapitalerhöhungen durch die Herausgabe neuer Aktien zu erwarten. TENAJON RESOURCES wäre bei den vorhandenen Ressourcen und der relativ niedrigen MK ein typischer Übernahmekandidat.

Ich würde vorschlagen, wir warten, bis die scoping study vorliegt. Dann können wir uns die Aktie erneut anschauen.


29.04.08 16:14

65 Postings, 4972 Tage maczockMail

VANCOUVER, Apr 29, 2008 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX News Network) --

Tenajon Resources Corp. (TJS-TSX:V) is pleased to announce a bought deal private placement with a syndicate of underwriters led by Canaccord Capital Corporation and including Blackmont Capital Inc. and Dundee Securities Corp. (collectively the "Underwriters") 5,500,000 flow-through common shares (the "Flow-Through Common Shares") at a price of C$0.55 per Flow-Through Common Share for gross proceeds of C$3,025,000.

As consideration to the Underwriters, Tenajon has agreed to pay a commission of 7.0% of the total proceeds raised upon closing and issue underwriters' warrants ("Underwriters' Warrants") equal to 7.0% of the Units issued pursuant to this Offering. Each Underwriters' Warrant will be exercisable to acquire one common share at $0.55 expiring 12 months after the closing date.

The Company has also granted the Underwriters an over-allotment option to increase the offering by up to $550,000, exercisable 48 hours prior to closing.

The Company intends to use the net proceeds for general exploration expenditures which will constitute Canadian exploration expenses (as defined in the Income Tax Act) and renounced for the 2008 taxation year.

Upon conclusion of the Company's proposed sale of its wholly owned subsidiary 0781639 B.C. Ltd. to Pinnacle Mines Ltd., ("Pinnacle") purchasers under this Private Placement will receive a pro-rata number of Pinnacle common shares pursuant to the terms of the proposed plan of arrangement. The closing of the sale of 0781639 B.C. Ltd. to Pinnacle will take place after the completion of this Private Placement and purchasers under this Private Placement will be shareholders on the record date for the determination of the distribution of the Pinnacle common shares.

The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept

responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

This news release does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to sell any securities in the United States. The securities have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "U.S. Securities Act") or any state securities laws and may not be offered or sold within the United States or to U.S. Persons unless registered under the U.S. Securities Act and applicable state securities laws or an exemption from such registration is available.

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Information

All statements, trend analysis and other information contained in this press release relative to markets about anticipated future events or results constitute forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are often, but not always, identified by the use of words such as "seek", "anticipate", "believe", "plan", "estimate", "expect" and "intend" and statements that an event or result "may", "will", "should", "could" or "might" occur or be achieved and other similar expressions. Forward-looking statements are subject to business and economic risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results of operations to differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are based on estimates and opinions of management at the date the statements are made. The Company does not undertake any obligation to update forward-looking statements even if circumstances or management's estimates or opinions should change. Investors should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.

SOURCE: Tenajon Resources Corp.

Investor Contacts: Bruce McLeod, (604) 687-7545 or Brad Kopp, (604) 687-7545; Corporate Information: Bruce McLeod, President, CEO, Director, Suite 860 - 625 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6C 2T6, Tel: (604) 687-7545, TF: 1-888-338-2200, Fax: (604) 689-5041, Email: info@tenajon.com  

04.05.08 09:29

437 Postings, 4719 Tage JilSunLeserfrage im aktuellen Rohstoff - Spiegel

Da ich vergeblich einen Artikel
oder eine Analyse in einer Ihrer
Ausgaben zu Tenajon gesucht habe,
würde ich gerne hiermit Ihre
Einschätzung zu dem Wert Tenajon
Resources wissen.
Trotzdem muss ich sagen, dass Sie
sehr gute Arbeit leisten und ich
Ihre Ausgaben sehr gerne lese!

Tenajon konzentriert sich auf seine
Molybdänprojekte Ajax, Moly Brook
und Burn. Bisher besitzt nur das
Ajax-Projekt eine NI 43-101 Ressource,
448,8 Mio. t mit 0,063 % Mo
(623,4 Mio. Pfund enthalten).
Zuletzt wurden auch von Moly
Brook recht gute Bohrergebnisse
gemeldet. Im Zuge des Kursverfalls
bei vielen Moly-Unternehmen
kam auch Tenajon unter die Räder,
ist jetzt aber niedrig bewertet und
sollte gehalten werden.
Jan Kneist  

06.05.08 12:04

65 Postings, 4972 Tage maczockSchön, schön, weiter so!

15.05.08 15:31

65 Postings, 4972 Tage maczockJetzt sollte doch

bald das Resourcenupdate kommen?!?  

15.05.08 21:32

65 Postings, 4972 Tage maczockgesagt, und schon isses da


18.07.08 20:32

21364 Postings, 4961 Tage Chalifmann3Noch einer drin ?

Aber es hilft nicht im Geringsten,das Resourcenupdate,ganz im gegenteil,tenajon entpuppt sich als Tier2 "Depottotalverrecker" und schmiert immer weiter ab!

Wer ist hier blind ?  

29.08.08 12:43

79 Postings, 4523 Tage schotti83kaufen?

ich glaube man könnte hier auch schön langsam wieder einsteigen. Was meint ihr dazu?

31.10.08 18:08

21364 Postings, 4961 Tage Chalifmann3absaufen!

Mann,mann,mann,bin ich froh ,dass ich zu keinem Zeitpunkt hier rein bin,das ist ja wohl eine totale Kurs-katastrophe bei den explorern im allgemeinen und bei tenajon im Besonderen !

Wer ist noch dabei von den "Alteinstgestiegenen",die damals auf diesen Börsenbriefpush hereingefallen sind ... ?


16.12.08 19:43

21364 Postings, 4961 Tage Chalifmann3NEWS: Irgendwelches Interesse noch ??

Tenajon Announces Results for the Final Three Holes and the Completed Trenching Program at Moly Brook
Monday December 15, 9:00 am ET
Drill Results Include 76.22 metres averaging 0.091% Molybdenum
Trench Results Include 75 metres averaging 0.105% Molybdenum

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 15, 2008) - Tenajon Resources Corp. (TSX VENTURE:TJS - News; the "Company" or Tenajon) today announced that it has received the final exploration results from the 2008 program at its Moly Brook Molybdenum Property located on the south coast of Newfoundland.

Hole MB08-37 was an infill hole located between Hole 95-01 (204 metres averaging 0.061% molybdenum including 94 metres averaging 0.080% molybdenum) and Hole MB 07-4 (378.33 metre section averaging 0.078% molybdenum including 63.71 metres averaging 0.122 molybdenum and 52.45 metres averaging 0.093% molybdenum). Hole MB08-37 intersected a 365.86 metre section averaging 0.060% molybdenum. Within this section there are higher grade intercepts including sections of 70.12, 24.39 and 21.34 metres respectively averaging 0.079%, 0.083% and 0.084% molybdenum.

Hole MB08-38 was located 40 metres north of Hole MB 07-4, and 50 metres south of Hole MB 07-7. Hole MB07-7, drilled largely within the Moly Brook Fault Zone, intersected several narrow molybdenum bearing sections including intercepts of 20.87 and 16.14 metres respectively averaging 0.064% and 0.056% molybdenum. In addition to testing the along strike continuity of the zone, Hole MB08-38 tested in part the down dip continuity of the zone intersected in Hole MB07-8 (247 metres averaging 0.085% molybdenum). Hole MB 08-38 intersected a 350.65 metre section averaging 0.059% molybdenum. Within the intercept there are higher grade intersections including a 76.22 metre section averaging 0.091% molybdenum.

Hole MB08-39 was located 45 metres north of Hole 96-06 (100 metres averaging 0.044% molybdenum including 68 metres averaging 0.050% molybdenum) and 55 metres south of Hole MB07-5 (285 metres averaging 0.074% molybdenum). The western portion of Hole 08-39 tested the down-hole continuity of the zone interested in Hole MB 08-13 (409 metres averaging 0.060% molybdenum including a 54.94 metre section averaging 0.094% molybdenum).

Hole MB 08-39 intersected a 381.1 metre section averaging 0.044% molybdenum. Within the intersection are higher grade intersections including 57.92, 12.19 and 60.97 metre sections respectively averaging 0.066%, 0.162% and 0.069% molybdenum. The drilling has shown the Moly Brook Zone to exhibit good continuity along strike and at depth. The results for the final three holes are summarized below.

           Length          From         To        Int.       Mo      MoS2
Hole            (m)           (m)        (m)        (m)       (%)       (%)
MB 08-37    495.12          37.8     403.66     365.86     0.060     0.100
                       inc 37.8      86.59      48.79     0.068     0.113
                       or 37.80      50.00       12.2     0.093     0.155
                      and 77.44      86.59       9.15     0.085     0.142
                      or 132.32     324.39     192.07     0.068     0.113
                     inc 132.32     202.44      70.12     0.079     0.132
                     and 226.83     251.22      24.39     0.083     0.138
                     and 272.56      293.9      21.34     0.084     0.140
MB 08-38    473.78         46.95     443.29     396.34     0.055     0.092
                       or 86.59     440.24     350.65     0.059     0.098
                     inc 144.51     391.96     247.45     0.070     0.117
                      or 144.51     293.90     148.49     0.078     0.130
                     and 217.68     293.90      76.22     0.091     0.152
                     and 315.24     330.49      15.25     0.093     0.155
MB 08-39    511.59        100.00     481.10     381.10     0.044     0.073
                     inc 209.76     267.68      57.92     0.066     0.110
                      or 209.76     218.90       9.14     0.093     0.155
                     and 255.49     267.68      12.19     0.162     0.270
                     and 307.32     316.44       9.14     0.076     0.127
                     inc 368.29     481.15     112.81     0.061     0.102
                      or 377.44     438.41      60.97     0.069     0.115
                     and 456.71     475.00      24.39     0.074     0.123

In 2008, 4 backhoe trenches, totaling 651 metres in length, were completed across portions of the Moly Brook Zone at approximately 100 metre intervals between 105N and 108N. The purpose of the program was to determine whether the mineralization intersected in several drill holes projected to surface. In all cases the length of the trenches was determined by topographic conditions. Trenches 106N, 107N and 108N intersected widespread molybdenum values. The most northerly and lowermost trench, 108N, intersected a 156 metre section averaging 0.072% molybdenum of which 21 metres had to be assigned a grade of 0% molybdenum as the trench was water covered. Within the intercept there is a 75 metre section averaging 0.105% molybdenum. Trench 107N located 100 metres to the south intersected a 75 metre section averaging 0.060% molybdenum including a 21 metre section averaging 0.081% molybdenum. Trench 106N intersected anomalous molybdenum values throughout its length including a 36 metre section averaging 0.067% molybdenum in which there is an 18 metre section averaging 0.100% molybdenum. Anomalous, greater than 0.020%, molybdenum values were still being intersected at the western end of all three trenches. In addition anomalous molybdenum values were intersected at the eastern end of Trench 106N with the easternmost sample assaying 0.059% molybdenum with 0.16% copper. Trench 105N intersected narrow sections containing 0.01-0.04% molybdenum with the best section being a 3 metre zone assaying 0.040% molybdenum with 0.37% copper. Trench 105N is interpreted to be located to the west of and the main trend of surface mineralization. Limited rock chip sampling has identified anomalous molybdenum values in outcrop to Line 104N along the main trend of molybdenum values with seven of twelve grab samples assaying greater than 0.050% molybdenum to a maximum value of 0.650% molybdenum. The results of the trenching program are summarized below.

         Length      From       To    Int.        Mo      MoS2         Cu
Trench        (m)       (m)      (m)    (m)        (%)       (%)        (%)
105N         204      108W     114W      6      0.023     0.038  less than
                     141W     147W      6      0.025     0.042      0.358
106N         129        0W       9W      9      0.035     0.058      0.140
                      33W      39W      6      0.030     0.050      0.130
                      93W     129W     36      0.067     0.112      0.100
                     102W     120W     18      0.100     0.167      0.120
                     102W     117W     15      0.109     0.182      0.130
                     120W     129W      9      0.037     0.062      0.103
107N         141        3W       9W      6      0.002     0.003      0.065
                      18W      24W      6      0.076     0.127      0.073
                      39W     114W     75      0.060     0.100      0.016
                      69W     114W     45      0.065     0.108      0.123
                      93W     114W     21      0.081     0.135      0.164
                     114W     126W     12      0.025     0.042      0.263
                     126W     132W     NS         (i)       (i)        (i)
                     132W     141W      9      0.022     0.037      0.116
108N         177       12W      21W      9      0.020     0.033      0.098
                      21W     177W    156      0.072     0.120      0.157
                      33W     108W     75      0.105     0.175      0.240
                      33W      72W     39      0.130     0.217      0.274
                      48W      72W     24      0.168     0.280      0.265
                     108W     129W     NS         (i)       (i)        (i)
                     129W     177W     48      0.063     0.105      0.107
(i) not sampled due to water

The Moly Brook Zone is one of three zones of molybdenum mineralization located within a 2.5 km long trend that also includes the Wolf and Chimney Pond Zones. Within the zones molybdenum occurs within sheeted and quartz vein stockwork and along fracture faces. At the Moly Brook Zone sheeted quartz veining is dominant at the higher elevations passing into stockwork at depth. Drilling at the Moly Brook Zone has traced the zone along strike for 750 metres to depths of up to 320 metres below surface. The zone is open along strike and at depth. Width is variable to 500 metres. Overall the zone appears to be oval shaped. The northern portion of the zone surfaces with the plunge of the zone being to the south.

The Moly Brook Zone is located north of Long Pond while the Wolf and Chimney Ponds are located to the south. Long Pond lies along an east-west fault. It is interpreted that the fault has resulted in the southern block being shifted upwards resulting in molybdenum values occurring within sheeted veining similar to that at the higher elevations on the Moly Brook Zone.

The Wolf Pond Zone is located 800 metres south of the Moly Brook Zone. Sampling and mapping at the Wolf Pond Zone has identified a 270 metre wide x 200 metre long zone of sheeted, molybdenum bearing, quartz veining. In 2008 96 grab, chip and channel samples were collected from the zone of which 40 returned values in excess of 0.05% molybdenum. Grab samples assay up to 0.220% molybdenum while chip sample results include 3, 2.5 and 3 metre samples respectively assaying 0.191%, 0.204% and 0.148% molybdenum. Channel sample results include 2.5 and 3 metre samples assaying 0.122% and 0.185% molybdenum. The Wolf Pond Zone has never been drilled.

The Chimney Pond Zone is located approximately 600 metres south of the Wolf Pond Zone. In the 1960's, work at the Chimney Pond Zone outlined a molybdenum in soil anomaly approximately 400 metre long by 300 metre wide. Results of two packsacks drill holes, which tested the zone, intersected anomalous molybdenum values throughout their entire length with one of the holes averaging 0.057% molybdenum over its 27.44 metre length with the last 7.62 metres averaging 0.118% molybdenum. This historic data was collected before the implementation of NI-43-101 and is presented only for information purposes. The Company has no way of verifying the results. Investors are cautioned that recent independent verification has not been completed and the historical results cannot be relied upon. In 2008 limited sampling was completed within the boundaries of the soil anomaly. Of the ten samples collected, four returned assays in excess of 0.050% molybdenum. Grab samples assayed up to 0.087% molybdenum while channel sample results include a 3 metre sample assaying 0.057% molybdenum.

Limited sampling completed between Chimney and Wolf Ponds has returned encouraging results with grab samples assaying up to 0.146% molybdenum with chip sample results including a two metre sample assaying 0.030% molybdenum.

Please follow the link below to view a map identifying the Moly Brook trenching area for the 2008.


Presently all of the data is being compiled. A preliminary resource calculation is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2009.

The Company also announces that Mr. Reginald J. Stranks has retired as a Director of the company. "The Board of Directors and management of Tenajon would like to thank Reg for his years of outstanding service with the company, and wish him health and success in his future endeavors," said Bruce McLeod, President & CEO of Tenajon Resources Corp.

The Moly Brook property is located 2.5 km from the hamlet of Grey River on the south coast of Newfoundland, less than 4 km from a deep water, ice free navigable fjord. The community is serviced daily by provincial ferries. The drill program at Moly Brook is being completed by Geoscott Consultants under the supervision of Dave Visagie, P. Geo., a Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101.

At Moly Brook, drill core is sawn into halves with one half being sent for analysis and the other kept for future reference. All samples are prepared at Accurassay Labs, Gambo, Newfoundland using a 600 gram split with the resultant pulp being analyzed at Accurassay Labs, Thunder Bay, Ontario using a 4 acid digestion with analysis by Induced Couple Polarization (ICP). A stringent program of check, blank and duplicate sampling is employed throughout with duplicates standards and blanks being entered into the sample stream at regular intervals.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors


D. Bruce McLeod, Presiden  

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