Teenager sets up ISP

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Teenager sets up ISP
Thursday 27 February 2003, 7:04:52 AM
United Kingdom
Written by James Moreton

James Baxter, a 16 year old entrepreneur from Scotland, has set up a low-cost ISP whose prices can compete with the likes of companies such as BT and AOL.

JJTEK Online offers narrowband access for only £8.99/month and 512Kb ADSL broadband for £24.95/month, along with other packages to suit most clients.

This has not been the only venture Baxter has to his name. JJTEK Online is an offshoot of his main business offering other web solutions such as site design and hosting, with complete computer systems and maintenance becoming available within the next 2 years.



Na, da ist's hoffentlich nur noch eine Frage der Zeit, bis der Junge nach Kontinental-Europa expandiert und Telekom und Co. das Fürchten lehrt! ;-)


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