Supertyphoon Durian trifft Philippinen

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56898 Postings, 6186 Tage nightflySupertyphoon Durian trifft Philippinen

morgen 4:00 Uhr zwischen Batangas und Manila,
momentan Kat.5,mehr geht nicht.Aber man ist vorbereitet.
Da können die Amis noch was lernen.
mfg nf
Super typhoon "Durian" hits eastern Philippines 1 hour, 46 minutes ago

MANILA (AFP) - Super typhoon Durian slammed into the eastern Philippines on, bringing torrential rains and powerful winds as it headed towards Manila.


Packing winds of 190 kilometers (118 miles) an hour Durian tore through the eastern island of Catanduanes, about 410 kilometers (254 miles) east of Manila, just before dawn destroying property and uprooting trees.

Power lines were brought down causing widespread blackouts throughout the eastern Bicol region including the provincial capital Legaspi City, the civil defense office said.

In Manila, which was overcast, all schools were closed and emergency services put on alert.

Durian is expected to hit Manila on Friday before moving into the South China Sea later in the day.

So far there have been no reports of deaths or injuries.

The local government in Catanduanes and nearby provinces evacuated hundreds of residents from low-lying coastal areas, the civil defense office said.

The typhoon is moving west at 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) per hour, packing gusts of 225 kilometers (140 miles) per hour, the government weather station said.

The highest level of a four-step alert was raised over Catanduanes and other provinces in the eastern Bicol region while the third-level alert was raised in the nearby provinces of Sorsogon, Quezon and surrounding islands.

The second level storm alert is in force over the capital of Metropolitan Manila and surrounding provinces.

Electrical services were cut in the eastern province of Camarines Sur as a precautionary measure in the event power lines are knocked down, the local power distributor said.

Ferry services have been cancelled in Catanduanes and nearby provinces and small vessels have been barred from sailing in areas where lower storm alerts are in force, the coast guard warned.

Some local airline flights to the affected region were also cancelled, local media reports said.

Over a thousand people have been left stranded due to cancellation of several ferry trips, the coast guard said.

In the Bicol region, where strong rains and winds were causing minor floods, schools have been readied to serve as evacuation centers while heavy equipment is in place to clear up roads in the event of landslides, officials said.

Residents of low-lying areas were warned to be on alert for flash floods while those living on mountainsides were told to be on the lookout for landslides, the weather station said.

The Philippines is still recovering from typhoon Cimaron, the strongest cyclone to hit the country in more than 10 years, which left 38 people dead or missing late last month.

Manila received a direct hit, the first in more than a decade, from typhoon Xangsane in September causing caused widespread damage and leaving wide parts of the city without electricity for days.

By the time Xangsane left the Philippines it left more than 200 people dead and a damages bill running into the millions of dollars.

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4969 Postings, 7466 Tage chreilJa, den Knaben beobachte

ich auch schon seit Tagen. Ist von Singapur noch ne Ecke weg und bleibt hoffentlich auch so.


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56898 Postings, 6186 Tage nightflydie deutschsprachigen news über "Durian"

dürftig,schlecht recherchiert und teilweise falsch.
Wahrscheinlich mangels Interesse,ist ja 10000 km entfernt.
So zog der Taifun "Durian"(phil: Reming)nicht nach Norden,
sondern genau nach Westen.Bis jetzt gibt es zu der Katastrophe
keinen umfassenden deutschsprachigen Bericht.
Eine Filipina,in Deutschland verheiratet,wollte Donnerstag Nacht
mit Emirates nach Deutschland fliegen,ich hatte sie am Montag auf den
Taifun hingewiesen und dann am Mittwoch angerufen und ihr gesagt,
daß wahrscheinlich Schiffs- und Flugverkehr eingestellt werden.
So war es auch,am Donnerstag galt für Batangas Signal 2 und damit blieben
alle Schiffe im Hafen,und sie in Calapan,Mindoro, worüber der Taifun
genau mit seinem Zentrum Freitag früh 2:00 fegte,immerhin noch Kategorie 4.
Sie hat getextet: "Letzte Nacht hier in Mindoro Katastrope, viele hause kaputt.
Thats the first time I see in my life.Oh my god.Aber wir haben Glück gehabt,
mein haus ist nicht kaputt." Um so verständlicher wird das,wenn man die
Meldung von der Insel Marinduque,nur ein Stück östlich,hört: 90% der Häuser
Der Taifun ist abgezogen,sie fliegt am Sonntag.Das erscheint realistisch.
Im Gegensatz zu diesem Zeitungsbericht:(der Taifun war nie im Norden und zog
nach Westen)
Taifun Durian zieht über Philippinen
In den Küstengebieten verließen hunderte Menschen ihre Häuser aus Angst vor heftigen Überschwemmungen
Manila - Der Taifun Durian hat am Donnerstag den Norden der Philippinen erreicht und das öffentliche Leben stark beeinträchtigt. Vorsorglich wurden Schulen geschlossen. Der Schiffsverkehr wurde unterbrochen. In den Küstengebieten verließen mehrere hundert Menschen ihre Häuser aus Angst vor heftigen Überschwemmungen.

Der Sturm der Kategorie vier erreichte Windgeschwindigkeiten von bis zu 190 Kilometern pro Stunde und bewegte sich in Richtung Norden. Am Freitag in der Früh könnte er die Gegend um die Hauptstadt Manila erreichen. Im Osten des Landes stellten einige Stromwerke die Produktion ein. Menschen wurden aus ihren Häusern gebracht. Die Katastrophenschutzbehörden warnten vor heftigen Überschwemmungen, Erdrutschen und vor bis zu sechs Meter hohen Wellen.

Ende September hatten die Menschen auf den Philippinen bereits unter dem Taifun Xangsane gelitten. Damals starben mehr als 100 Menschen im Norden und der Mitte des Landes.(APA/Reuters)
01. Dezember 2006
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56898 Postings, 6186 Tage nightflyWetterstation in Naga: Dach fortgeflogen

for Saturday, 02 December 2006 [7:00 AM local]

As of 5:00 AM local (21:00 GMT) Sat 02 December
Source: JTWC Warning #025 (US Navy/Air Force)

Typhoon DURIAN (REMING) continues to move farther away from the Philippines after devastating Bicol Region and Southern Tagalog Provinces 48 hours ago.

*DURIAN (REMING) is now considered the most powerful Super Typhoon ever to hit the Bicol Region and Naga City since 1945. Devastating almost everything on its path including concrete houses along the coasts. It now outclasses STYs JOAN (SENING) of Oct 13, 1970, ANGELA (ROSING) of Nov 3, 1995 and SISANG (NINA) of Nov 26, 1987.

*After more than 24 hours of zero-internet communication, PLDT WeROAM has resumed its operations here in Naga City, thus 6-hourly updates will resume beginning today! This is also to inform you that when STY DURIAN passed about 15 km. south of Naga City from 4:00 to 4:15 PM Nov 30, my Davis Vantage Pro Wireless Weather Station, has recorded the highest wind speed (gust) of 190 km/hr (103 kts) at 3:46 PM and that is blowing from the NE. The lowest barometric pressure clocked was 962.0 hectopascals (mb). Sad to say when the 2nd wind (Back Wind) came - my Weather Station fell down the roof, with its anemometer destroyed. A SPECIAL PHOTO GALLERY on the aftermath of this Super Typhoon will be created thru the weekend.

+ Forecast Outlook: DURIAN shall continue to track West to WSW away from the Philippines and to weaken into a Tropical Storm tomorrow afternoon (Dec 3) and gradually weaken into a Depression before making its 2nd landfall over Vietnam early morning December 5.

+ Effects: DURIAN's outer bands has left western Luzon and most of its circulation is now well over the South China Sea.

[Important Note: Please keep in mind that the above forecast outlook, effects, current monsoon intensity, & tropical cyclone watch changes every 6 to 12 hrs!]


Time/Date: 5:00 AM Dec 02
Location of Eye: 13.4º N Lat 117.1º E Lon
Distance 1: 450 km (243 nm) WSW of Metro Manila
Distance 2: 410 km (220 nm) West of Puerto Galera
Distance 3: 380 km (205 nm) SW of Subic Bay.
Distance 4: 660 km (355 nm) West of Naga City
Max Sust Winds (1-min avg): 150 kph (80 kts)
Peak Wind Gusts: 185 kph (100 kts)
Saffir-Simpson Scale: Category 1
Central Pressure: 964 millibars (hPa)
Recent Movement: WSW @ 17 kph (09 kts)
General Direction: Vietnam
Size (in Diameter): 630 km (340 nm) / Average
Max Sea Wave Height (near center): 25 ft (7.6)
View Tracking Map: 2 AM HKT Sat Dec 02
TSR Wind Probabilities: Current to 120 hrs lead

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56898 Postings, 6186 Tage nightflymudslide am Mt.Mayon- 388 tot,96 vermißt

by Jay Directo
Fri Dec 1, 11:27 AM ET

LEGASPI, Philippines (AFP) - A devastating torrent of mud and volcanic ash triggered by typhoon rains has swamped villages and swept at least 388 people to their deaths, Red Cross officials in the Philippines have said.


Another 96 are still missing, Red Cross spokeswoman Teresa Arguelles said Friday, with all the deaths occurring in the eastern province of Albay in the eastern Bicol region.

With power and communications still down in large parts and flights remaining cancelled, rescuers battled against time to reach areas ravaged by typhoon Durian.

Albay governor Fernando Gonzales said the death toll was expected to rise, as more reports from isolated villages trickled in.

"It doesn't look like there are still survivors," Gonzales told local television. "We are not very optimistic."

The mudslides triggered by Durian's rains reached as high as rooftops when they poured down from Mount Mayon volcano, around 350 kilometers (217 miles) southeast of Manila, witnesses said.

Rescuers using shovels and makeshift equipment, dug out bodies and covered them with plastic. Grieving relatives wept as they tried to identify mangled bodies.

President Gloria Arroyo directed troops and police to back up provincial disaster relief agencies overwhelmed by the scale of the tragedy.

"Get the soldiers to help in any of the activities in the relief operations, extension of medical assistance, the cleaning of the roads, the restoration of power, and helping the stranded passengers," she said at a briefing.

Arroyo's office said she wanted "massive relief, rescue and rehabilitation" operations in affected areas.

      Pope Benedict XVI in a message to the Roman Catholic Philippines said he was "deeply saddened" by the deaths.

"Deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life resulting from the recent typhoon in the eastern Philippines, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI assures all affected of his closeness in prayer," Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone wrote in a telegram addressed to the papal nuncio in the Philippines, Fernando Filoni.

Rescue teams were hampered by blocked roads and swollen rivers as they tried to reach many of the villages dotted around the still-active volcano.

Elsewhere, at least one person was killed in the town of Canaman after being hit by a piece of metal roofing blown off by gale force winds, the civil defense office added.

Roel Ilarena, a resident of Padang village near Mayon, said as many as 500 people may have been killed when the mudflow struck overnight. Officials could not confirm his figure.

The storm damage knocked out electricity, telephone lines and water supply across much of the Bicol peninsula that includes Legaspi and Daraga.

Legaspi City's airport was shut down as debris littered the runway. Windows and part of the terminal roof were destroyed. A power outage also knocked out the control tower.

Some 40 military rescuers were flown out from the capital to the Mayon area by helicopter.

A C-130 transport plane, loaded with equipment and rescuers, is due to fly out to the area at dawn Saturday, and rescue personnel plan to bring special search dogs trained to find bodies.

Around 30,000 residents of villages on the slopes of Mayon had been forced to evacuate in August when the volcano showed signs of erupting. They returned home in September after it simmered down.

The civil defense office said more than 13,900 people had been evacuated in the Bicol region due to the storm.

Large parts of Legaspi City were flooded, officials said, making it hard to reach areas worst hit by the mudslides.

Durian had weakened as it passed near Bicol late Thursday, packing maximum winds of 150 kilometers per hour. It was charted at about 5:00 pm (0900 GMT) Friday 235 kilometers west of Manila.

Storm alerts were lowered in most of the country as Durian continued moving west at 15 kilometers per hour into the South China Sea.

The Philippines is still recovering from the impact of typhoon Cimaron, the strongest cyclone to hit the nation in more than 10 years, which left 38 dead or missing in late October.

In September, Manila was hit by typhoon Xangsane, which caused widespread damage and cut off electricity in many parts of the capital for days.

By the time Xangsane left the Philippines there were more than 200 people dead and a damage bill running into the millions of dollars.

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56898 Postings, 6186 Tage nightfly"dampfende Steine groß wie Autos" / Video


MANILA, Philippines (CNN) -- Survivors told of red-hot, car-sized boulders loosened by typhoon rains barreling into Philippines villages Friday after Typhoon Durian roared across the island nation. At least 388 people were killed, Red Cross officials said.

Flooding and blocked roads challenged rescue efforts after the storm hit Thursday with winds gusts up to 165 mph. At least 75 people were missing.

"Rescue teams have been sent out by boat, but many areas are inaccessible," said Gwendolyn Pang, executive assistant to the Red Cross director in Manila. (Watch as Typhoon Durian blows into Philippines)

Many northeast provinces have lost power, making communication practically impossible and some of the areas are in "neck-deep" water.

Fernando Gonzalez, governor of the hardest-hit Albay province, said the death toll included people who died in mudslides on the slopes of the 8,000-foot Mayon volcano, The Associated Press reported.

"The disaster covered almost every corner of this province -- rampaging floods, falling trees, damaged houses," Gonzalez said.

"It happened very rapidly and many people did not expect this because they haven't experienced mud flows in those areas before," Gonzalez said.

"By the time they wanted to move, the rampaging mud flows were upon them."

Noel Rosal, mayor of Legazpi city, Albay province's capital, said: "It's terrible. We now call this place a black desert."

Rosal told the AP that three of the five communities comprising one village of 1,400 people had been "wiped out" with only several roofs visible above the muck and debris.

Survivors said steaming boulders as big as cars washed down from the Mayon volcano, Rosal told AP.

Rosal told AP his own house was engulfed in a flash flood. "I was almost a goner. I had to swim," AP quoted him as saying.

"When the water suddenly rose, we ran for our lives," said Lydia Buevos, 58, told AP.

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56898 Postings, 6186 Tage nightflyupdates

Sie hat wirklich Glück gehabt in Calapan.Aber Emirates war angeblich
doch nicht gecancelt.
At least three people were reported killed in the town of Calapan in Oriental Mindoro province.

Latest update-
Manila Bulletin:
468 dead in super-typhoon

Death toll expected to rise as more are still missing Landslides bury villages near Mayon Volcano


GUINOBATAN, Albay ? At least 468 people were killed and scores remained missing after super-typhoon "Reming" (international codename "Durian") triggered floods and landslides in several provinces, including Albay and Camarines Sur, which buried villages, officials said yesterday.

Officials said at least 350 people died in Barangay Maypon in Guinobatan, Albay when Reming?s heavy rains loosened the volcanic debris at the upper slopes of Mayon volcano, causing the deadly mudflows that buried the communities around it.

In Sto. Domingo town, Albay, at least 112 died from landslides while some 118 residents remained missing as of 7 last night, officials said.

In Camarines Sur, officials reported six typhoon-related deaths.

The dead were mostly children two years old and above. They were temporarily brought to the town hall of Guinobatan for identification.

There were no immediate reports on the number of families affected by the tragic event because of communication problems.

The casualty toll could rise in the next few days, officials said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jesse M. Robredo assured the people of the city of Naga that power will be restored in four days although there were reports that many electric posts were toppled by the strong winds in many parts of the city.

Sources said a pregnant woman was hit in the stomach by a flying debris at the height of the typhoon. She delivered a baby girl before dying in the hospital.

As of yesterday, the extent of damage to residential houses and business establishments could not be determined due to communication difficulties, particularly in far flung barangays.

Robredo appealed to city residents to keep calm and cooperate with the authorities.

Buildings listed as damaged were the Basilica Minore, Naga City Coliseum, Hope Christian School and Ateneo de Naga University High School in Pacol, and several public school buildings.

Electricity was cut off in Naga City. Residents are also suffering from lack of water as the Metro Naga Water District (MNWD) reported extensive damages.

The Philippine Red Cross said based on its unconfirmed tally, the death toll has reached 388 in Albay province, where at least eight villages at the foot of Mayon Volcano were hit by mudslides and flashfloods.

??We have reports that 388 people are dead and we have sent 500 cadaver bags in the area,?? said Corazon Alma de Leon, secretary general of the Philippine Red Cross. ??Now, whether all of them have been recovered is what we are verifying.??

Six other fatalities were reported in the nearby province of Camarines Sur, mostly due to drowning, local officials said.

Sen. Richard Gordon, Red Cross chairman, said he has dispatched teams to verify the death toll in Albay as well as help in the rescue and relief operations.

??There might be confusion in the death count or double-counting,?? Gordon said. ??We have dispatched people, but they are having a hard time getting to the area.??

Albay provincial Gov. Fernando Gonzales said the death toll was still expected to rise because many people were still trapped under the debris.

??The situation is really bad,?? he said in a radio interview. ??The death toll we reported is just in two villages, and there are definitely casualties in the other areas affected.??

Noel Rosal, mayor of Legazpi City, said one of the badly hit areas was the village of Padang at the foot of Mayon.

Rosal said at least 45 bodies have already been recovered early yesterday and more than 100 others remained missing as two-thirds of the village was covered by volcanic debris and boulders.

??Only the roofs of houses can be seen in the village,?? he said.

??The highway is closed now because of debris from the mudflows and boulders.??

??Padang was devastated. It has become a wasteland, we call it black desert,?? he added, referring to the color of the volcanic debris that buried the village.

An unidentified woman whose relatives were living in Padang appealed to rescuers to hasten the search operations for her aunt and cousins who were swept by the onslaught of murky waters.

??I know that they?re already dead because they had been gone since this morning, but please let me see them,?? she said in an appeal aired over a Manila radio station. ??Please find them.??

Gonzales said search and rescue teams have been dispatched to the area, but were battling difficult conditions.

??Communication is down and many roads are closed due to landslides,?? he said.

Col. Roderick Parayno, spokesman for the military?s Southern Luzon Command, said troops in Albay were helping in the search and rescue operations.

??But they have no special equipment there, they are doing everything manually,?? he said. ??We can?t even get in touch with our troops because power and communication services are down.??

More than 20,000 families have been displaced by super typhoon Reming, which pummelled more than 20 provinces in the eastern and central Philippines. Aside from Albay and Camarines Sur, the other badly hit areas were Catanduanes province and Mindoro Island.

Relief officials said they have not yet received any report from Catanduanes, where power and communication have also been knocked out by the typhoon.

Reming slammed into the eastern provinces with maximum sustained winds of 190 kph and gusts of up to 225 kph.

But the weather bureau said the typhoon has weakened as it crossed to the country?s western coast, with maximum winds down to 150 kph and gusts of 185 kph. It was moving west at 19 kph towards the South China Sea.

Arroyo orders NDCC to deploy search, rescue, rehab teams to Bicol


President Arroyo has ordered the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) to deploy search, rescue and rehabilitation teams from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to two areas in Bicol Rregion that were hit by major landslides and heavy flooding triggered by super typhoon "Reming."

NDCC figures said some 9,542 houses in Camarines Sur were destroyed with 25,658 more partially damaged.

The breakdown of fatalities, according to NDCC, are as follows: 190 in Daraga, Albay; 38 from Sto. Domingo; 22 from Guinobatan; 14 from Legazpi City (Barangays Tagac and Binitayan); 33 from Padang; and one from Tabaco.

During NDCC meeting at the Department of Natonal Defense, Mrs. Arroyo also ordered the conduct of speedy repair of power transmission lines and communication system in many areas of Bicol and Southern Tagalog that are experiencing widespread power blackout after Reming?s strong winds toppled electric posts and power lines.

The Philippine Transmission Corporation (Transco) reported a total power loss in Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay and Sorsogon provinces in Region 5. Transco authoritiessaid that there is no electricity in some parts of Batangas, Laguna and Quezon provinces as of press time.

Local authorities from Legaspi City also asked the NDCC to deploy helicopters from the AFP Southern Luzon Command (Solcom) for the extraction of residents who were stranded on the roofs of their homes as a result of massive flooding. However, the inclement weather prevented the Air Force Hueys from conducting rescue operations as of noon time yesterday, reports said

Office of Civil Defense (OCD) deputy administrator Dr. Anthony Golez said the Air Force Hueys were just waiting for the weather to clear up before they could be allowed to conduct rescue operations in flooded areas in Legaspi City.

During the NDCC briefing, Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. assured the President that DPWH engineers and infrastructure repair equipment are on their way to conduct road clearing operations in Bicol and Southern Tagalog.

In his report to the NDCC, Albay Gov. Fernando Gonzales said that there were 38 persons confirmed dead in the landslide incidents and more than a hundred more still missing. "This devastation (of Reming) is beyond our imagination," he said.

Mayor Herbie Aguas of Sto. Domingo town appealed for relief assistance, particularly food, medicines and clothing as their town was completely isolated by heavy flooding.

Five barangays in Daraga town, Albay that included Balibago, Culiat, Binitayan and Cagsawa were affected by extensive mudflows due to continuous rains, reports said.

Gonzales appealed for more search and rescue volunteers although he mentioned that joint teams from the AFP and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) are already in the area to conduct road clearing operations.

According to AFP Southern Luzon Command (Solcom) spokesman Col. Roderick Parayno, at least 28 lifeless bodies were recovered from a landslide area in Barangay Cagas in Legaspi City by search and rescue teams.

The Albay PDCC has dispatched three search and rescue teams from the Philippine National Police (PNP) Maritime Group in Albay to assist in the recovery of landslide survivors.

A company of soldiers from the 65th Infantry Battalion, 901st Infantry Brigade of the Civil Military Unit were also dispatched to the landslide area.

Ninety percent of the houses in Barangay Cagas were destroyed by Reming?s fury, he said.

Government response teams were also experiencing difficulty since fallen trees and electric posts have blocked the roads leading to the landslide areas and other places that need emergency assistance.

Government authorities established an evacuation center at the Ibalong Centrum for Recreation, PNP Regional Office 5 in Camp Ola and Padang Elementary School to accommodate residents who were displaced by flooding and landslides.

Albay province alone has some 830 displaced persons while Camarines Sur has only 27 persons evacuated to government centers.

The NDCC reported that Laguna has the highest number of evacuees at 12,951 followed by Quezon province with 10,898. Reports said that Laguna, so far, has 15 evacuation centers while Quezon has 58.

The NDCC also said that more than 50 percent of the residential establishments in Virac, Catanduanas were destroyed while an undetermined number of houses were severely damaged in several municipalities of Camarines Sur.

Transco authorities said transmission lines affected include the following:

Daraga-Ligao 699KV line; Tabaco 69 KV line; Daraga-Legaspi 69 KV line; Daraga-Irosin 69 KV line; Daraga-Sorsogon 69 KV line; Naga-Daraga KV 69 KV line; Daraga-Tiwi line and Daraga-Bacman 230KV line, all in Albay province.

Sorsogon- Sorsogon-Irosin 69 KV line in Sorsogon province.

Labo-Gumaca 230 KV line; Labo-Talisay 69 KV line; and Labo-Batobalani 69 KV line in Camarines Norte province.

Naga-Tayabas 230 KV line; Naga-Lagonoy 69 KV line; Naga-Tinambac 69 KV line; Naga-Iriga 69 KV line and Naga-Naga 69KV line in Camarines Sur.

Gumaca-Labo 230W line; Tayabas-Naga 230 W line, Quezon Electric Cooperative 1 (Bondoc Peninsula, Calauag, Tagkawayan, Atinoman, Gumaca, Plaridel, Pitogo, Hondagua and Lopez) in Quezon province.

Marinduque bears brunt of super-typhoon Reming?s direct hit

BOAC, Marinduque ? Marinduque bore the brunt of a direct hit from the 200-kph winds that destroyed or damaged 90 percent of all the homes in this island province of 230,000 residents, authorities said.

More than 40,000 families are affected as most of the roads remain impassable due to uprooted trees and fallen electric posts, officials said. Widespread crop destruction and damage to fishing boats has affected the livelihood of almost the entire population, they added.

Thousands of people in various evacuation centers need food and clothing. Since electricity will not be restored for weeks and even months in some areas, access to safe drinking water is an urgent concern, officials said.

Gov. Carmencita Reyes has been on top of relief operations since early yesterday morning, but their efforts to reach needy persons has been hampered by the catastrophe?s sheer magnitude. "I appeal to every Filipino in a position to help in any way the affected residents of my beloved province. In my almost 30 years of public service I have never seen so much destruction. The Marcopper mining tragedy 10 years ago seems like a passing afternoon drizzle compared with Reming?s fury," Reyes said.

Meanwhile, Rep. Edmund Reyes attended yesterday morning?s NDCC conference presided over by President Arroyo wherein he requested for multi-agency assistance to address the unprecedented catastrophe. "Being an island province, help from the outside will come in more slowly and in smaller quantities because of transportation limitations. I am here to appeal to my more fortunate countrymen to send help as soon as possible so that we can save as many lives as possible," Reyes said.

Reming expected to move from RP to South China Sea this afternoon

Typhoon "Reming" (international codename: Durian) is expected to move from the country towards the South China Sea this afternoon as weather condition is expected to improve in areas affected by the weather disturbance.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said "Reming" weakened into typhoon category from a super-typhoon late Thursday night.

As of 4 p.m. yesterday, the typhoon was spotted at 230 kilometers (kms) west of Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro or 235 kms southwest of Metro Manila, with packing winds of 130 kilometers per hour ( kph) near the center and gusts of up to 160 kph, apparently weaker after crossing the northern coast of Mindoro yesterday afternoon. It was moving westward at the speed of 15 kph.

Signal No. 2 remained hoisted over Occidental Mindoro and Lubang Island, while signal No. 1 was still raised over Laguna, Bataan, Metro Manila, Cavite, Batangas, Oriental Mindoro, and Calamian Group of Islands, PAGASA said.

Initially seen as a tropical storm over the Philippine Sea last Monday, "Reming" entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) the next day and intensified into a typhoon last Wednesday morning.

"Reming" further intensified into a supertyphoon Wednesday and lashed Bicol with winds of 195 kph and gusts of up to 225 kph.

A typhoon is considered to be on super-typhoon when its maximum winds reach 185 kph and up.

Reming?s strength reached 195 to 230 kph ? the same strength as that of the two previous super-typhoons, "Paeng" and "Queenie," which both lashed the northern Luzon areas in late October and early November, respectively.

By Thursday, however, Reming returned to its previous maximum winds of 190 kph and gusts of up to 225 kph and maintained its strength.

It then made landfall over the southern part of Catanduanes, traversed Camarines Sur, and crossed Bicol, where it weakened from a supertyphoon to typhoon category before heading towards the southern part of Luzon, instead of advancing towards Metro Manila.

The change in course was due to the weather system "high pressure area," which pushed "Reming" downward.

Reming?s decrease in strength prompted PAGASA yesterday to lower public storm warning signals over Bicol, some parts of Southern Luzon, and areas in the Visayas.

"Reming," the 18th tropical cyclone to enter the PAR this year, is the third super-typhoon to visit the country after "Paeng" and "Queenie."

The entry of "Reming" as the third supert-yphoon this year is the "first in Philippine history," according to PAGASA weather branch chief Nathaniel Cruz.

He said that after Reming?s wrath, one more tropical cyclone is expected to visit the PAR before the year ends.

The country is visited by an average of 19 tropical cyclones every year as it is geographically located within the so-called "Typhoon Belt."

Arroyo orders DBM to disburse unclaimed ?pork? for rehabilitatin

President Arroyo ordered yesterday the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to disburse the government?s "savings" from unclaimed "pork barrel funds" to fund efforts to provide relief to the thousands of victims of super-typhoon "Reming" this week.

During her meeting with the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) in Camp Aguinaldo, Mrs. Arroyo said the government will use its savings from undisbursed pork barrel funds of congressmen for the rescue, retrieval, and relief efforts for the victims of super-typhoon "Reming."

Mrs. Arroyo?s directive comes amidst allegations by opposition congressmen and senators of a prevailing bias in the DBM in favor of administration allies in releasing pork barrel funds, or priority development assistance funds (PDAF), to legislators.

DBM Secretary Rolando Andaya said the government would allocate an initial amount of from R500 million to R1 billion for the government?s efforts to rescue, retrieve and provide relief to the thousands of victims of super-typhoon "Reming" this week.

"Sa ngayon, humahanap tayo ng pondo na magagamit natin kasi napakalaki ng damage ng typhoon Reming at iniutos ng Pangulong Arroyo na iyong PDAF, the objective of which is to promote development. We?ll tap the portions na hindi pa nagagamit," Andaya said.

"Initially, we will be able to get R500 million to R1 billion to be used for the damage caused by Reming," he added.

Andaya defended the DBM?s processes in releasing funds from the pork barrel allocations for senators and congressmen, amidst allegations by the political opposition that only administration allies in Congress have been receiving their pork barrel funds.

"No one can lay claim to any particular amount, it?s just a source, at tamang tama, ang source na ito ay pwedeng gamitin para sa damages na ginawa ng typhoon. Wala naman sa batas na nagsasabi na sa isang tao dapat ganitong halaga ang ibigay sa kanya," Andaya said.

"Iyong mga request na pumasok sa loob ng menu, iyon ang naibigay. Ngayon na patapos na ang taon at ang pangangailangan ay nandito na, nararapat rin na gamitin na ang natitira. I think no one can dispute na dapat ay gamitin na dito sa efforts para sa victims ng typhoon," he added. (David Cagahastian)

Domestic flights cancelled by 5 airlines due to super-typhoon

At Ninoy Aquino International Airport, domestic flights were cancelled yesterday after five airline companies suspended operations due to powerful winds brought about by typhoon "Reming."

Cebu Pacific, Asian Spirit, and Sea Air halted all their flights from 3 a.m. up to 10 a.m. at the height of typhoon. Philippine Airlines (PAL) and Air Philippines also cancelled flight services, but only to destinations affected by the typhoon.

Airline officials waited for advise from PAGASA on Reming?s actual path before resuming their flights.

Typhoon Reming changed its path from west-north-west to west, thus sparing Metro Manila from being hit. Reming changed its course due to a "high pressure area," and instead hit Batangas and Mindoro.

As of 10 a.m., the airport?s Media Affairs Office recorded 151 domestic and international flights that were cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

Cebu Pacific canceled flight service between Manila and Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Puerto Princesa, Kalibo and Davao.

Asian Spirit suspended flights to Masbate, Mindoro, Caticlan, Virac, Cebu, Busuanga, Basco, Pagadian and Surigao. Sea Air stopped service to Rodriguez in Palawan, Busuanga and Caticlan. Air Philippines canceled flights bound for Iloilo, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Legaspi, Dumaguete, Puerto Princesa and Tuguegarao.

PAL also canceled its domestic flights to Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Bacolod, Zamboanga, Roxas, Tagbilaran, Legaspi, Naga, Cebu, Davao, and Tacloban.

International flights canceled included Northwest Airlines flight NW72 bound for Nagoya, Japan; NW20 bound for Narita; Singapore Airlines flight SQ71 from Singapore; Cebu Pacific flight 5J110 from Hong Kong; China Airlines turn around flights CI631, CI632, CI635 and CI636 from Taipei, China Air flights CI637 and CI638 from Kaoshiung, Cebu Pacific flights 5K561 and 5K562 for Singapore and China Southern flight CZ378 from Xiamen.

By noon yesterday, some of the airline companies resumed flight operations but only to limited destinations.

The airport management is now preparing for the influx of arriving and departing passengers at the NAIA Terminal 1, NAIA Terminal 2 and at the Manila Domestic Airport as domestic operations are expected to return to normalcy today, Saturday.

Phivolcs warns anew residents near river channels, volcano slopes

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) yesterday reiterated that with or without a typhoon, residents living near both river channels and volcanic slopes should be prepared to experience flooding and mudflow in their area during heavy rains.

This was after residents of some areas near Mayon volcano were isolated yesterday due to mudflows triggered by typhoon "Reming."

Phivolcs director Dr. Renato Solidum reminded residents that heavy rains, even if it is not caused by a strong typhoon, can trigger floods and mudflows, particularly in areas near river channels.

He said mudflows are "old lahar deposits" usually found on the base of Mayon volcano.

"Base sa ating mga mapa na lahar hazard map... Talagang almost all sa lower slopes na malapit sa ilog ay pwedeng maapektuhan ng lahar at varying degrees (Based on our lahar hazard map, almost all areas of the volcano?s lower slopes and near river channels can be affected by mudflow at varying degrees)," Solidum said.

He, however, said that not all mud deposits can be taken away by heavy rains.

Solidum also disclosed that there had been a "smaller volume of mudflow," particularly in Albay?s Brgy. Padang, when typhoon "Milenyo" lashed the province late September.

Currently on alert level 1, Mayon volcano?s six-kilometer (km) Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) is being prohibited by Phivolcs.

"The public is advised not to venture inside the six-km PDZ especially within the southeast sector where volcanic flows, falling and rolling debris may be produced from a possible explosion," it advised in its bulletin.

"Areas beyond, but near river channels should be considered risky because these are susceptible to potentially life-threatening mudflows or lahar."

In July of this year, Mayon volcano exhibited a quiet type of eruption after extruding lava which had gone beyond the six-km PDZ accompanied by an increase in steaming activity, noticeable crater glow, and an increase in its sulfur dioxide flux, tremor episodes and volcanic earthquakes.

Mayon volcano?s alert status even reached alert level 4 last August after it exhibited a series of small ash explosions.

However, its alert status was gradually lowered last September until it pacified last October, prompting Phivolcs to hoist Mayon volcano on alert level 1 status. Mayon volcano is one of the six most active volcanoes in the country. (With reports by David Cagahastian, Anjo Perez, & Louie Perez)

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07.12.06 23:55

56898 Postings, 6186 Tage nightflyneuer Typhoon Utor (Seniang) erwartet

Nachdem Durian auch noch über Vietnam wütete und selbst in Thailand
heftige Regenfälle brachte,braut sich vor den Philippinen der
nächste Taifun zusammen,der eine südlichere Zugbahn über Cebu/Panay
nehmen wird(sehr selten) mit Kat.1.
mfg nf
New typhoon for the Philippines?
A new typhoon is brewing in the waters to the east of the Philippine Islands. Tropical Storm Utor (named after the Marshallese word for "squall line") has the potential to grow to typhoon strength before it makes landfall in the central Philippines Saturday. The storm is under only 5 knots of vertical wind shear, and satellite imagery from the Navy NRL web site shows a large, well-organized system with excellent upper-level outflow, impressive spiral banding, and a steadily consolidating area of heavy thunderstorms near the center. Utor is organizing closer to the Philippines than Durian did, and is moving more rapidly--15 mph. This likely means the storm does not have enough time to grow into a super typhoon like Durian did. Even if Utor does become a major typhoon, its fast forward speed means it will not have enough time over the islands to dump the kind of heavy rains that would cause significant loss of life. The typhoon-weary Philippines could sure use a break! The toll in the islands from Typhoon Durian stands at 1316 dead or missing, 1,933 injured, 80,000 homes destroyed, and 167,000 homes damaged. The estimated $600 million in damage is the highest ever for a Philippines typhoon, and the death toll is the 4th highest. The typhoon killed 105 people in its sweep past southern Vietnam, mostly due to high winds that collapsed buildings. Durian destroyed or damaged over 212,000 homes in Vietnam, and sank 808 fishing boats.
Posted by: JeffMasters, 9:24 AM EST on December 07, 2006  
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56898 Postings, 6186 Tage nightflydiesmal ist Boracay dran

Sonntag morgen 6:00.
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aber das hat bei der Größe eh kaum Bedeutung,
Windspitzen bis 165 km/h.
Bisher ein Opfer in Tacloban/Leyte,Stromausfälle in Südleyte und
mfg nf

+ Boracay Resort: Ongoing until 9AM today.
+ Southern Mindoro: 5AM until 2PM today.
+ Coron-Calamian: 8AM until 6PM Sunday.

Note: The EyeWall - is the ring of rain clouds surrounding the "EYE" of a Typhoon. It is here where the strongest winds and heaviest rain of a typhoon can be found. EPFT will show what local times on a given area the most damaging winds and heaviest rainfall could be experienced. EPFT changes everytime a new warning synopsis is issued. Important: This is only an estimate analysis, do not use this for life or death decisions.
As of 5:00 AM local (21:00 GMT) Sun 10 December
Source: JTWC Warning #012 (US Navy/Air Force)

Typhoon UTOR (SENIANG) gained strength as it passed over Jintotolo Channel and is now very close to Boracay Island Resort or over the Southern part of Tablas Island...Its Eyewall affected Masbate and Northern Panay a few hours ago and is now moving towards Southern Mindoro.

*All interests in the Mindoro, Central and Western Visayas should closely monitor the progress of Typhoon UTOR.

+ Forecast Outlook: UTOR is expected to continue moving West to WNW making landfall anew over Southern Mindoro this morning before moving out into the South China Sea. The eye shall be crossing San Jose, Occ. Mindoro between 7-8 AM this morning and pass just to the north of Coron (Calamian), Palawan this afternoon around 2 PM. The 3 to 5-day long range forecast (Dec 13 to 15) shows UTOR intensifying further over the South China Sea with projected winds of 185-km/hr (Category 3) as it approaches the Coast of Vietnam and Hainan Island Friday, Dec 15.

+ Effects: UTOR's inner bands continues to affect the Islands of Panay, Romblon, Mindoro (including Puerto Galera), Masbate, Ticao, Marinduque and the coastal areas of Southern Quezon & Batangas. Its core (eye + eyewall) is now passing between Tablas and Boracay Islands moving towards Southern Mindoro. Typhoon force winds with moderate to heavy rains can be expected today along inner bands of Utor. Meanwhile, its Outer Bands continues to spread across Northern Palawan, Luzon, Visayas and the whole Bicol Region. 30 to 50 km/hr winds and rains can be expected along areas affected by the outer bands. People living around the slopes of Mayon Volcano in Albay especially along the area where possible LAHAR FLOWS (mixture of volcanic mud and water) are located - must evacuate now as moderate to heavy rains associated by this typhoon will continue today. Coastal Storm Surge flooding of 4 to 5 feet above normal tide levels...along with large and dangerous battering waves can be expected near and to the north of where the center of UTOR passes by over Northern Panay, Romblon and Mindoro.

[Important Note: Please keep in mind that the above forecast outlook, effects, current monsoon intensity, & tropical cyclone watch changes every 6 to 12 hrs!]


Time/Date: 5:00 AM Sat Dec 09
Location of Eye: 12.1º N Lat 122.1º E Lon {SatFix}
Distance 1: 30 km (16 nm) NE of Boracay
Distance 2: 60 km (33 nm) SSW of Romblon
Distance 3: 205 km (110 nm) SW of Naga City
Distance 4: 205 km (110 nm) WSW of Legazpi City
Distance 5: 115 km (62 nm) ESE of San Jose, Mindoro
Distance 6: 210 km (113 nm) SSE of Lucena City
Distance 7: 300 km (165 nm) SSE of Metro Manila
Max Sust Winds (1-min avg): 140 kph (75 kts)
Peak Wind Gusts: 165 kph (90 kts)
Saffir-Simpson Scale: Category 1
Central Pressure: 967 millibars (hPa)
Recent Movement: WNW @ 26 kph (14 kts)
General Direction: Southern Mindoro-Calamian Area
Size (in Diameter): 650 km (350 nm) / Average
Max Sea Wave Height (near center): 18 ft (5.4)
TSR Wind Probabilities: Current to 120 hrs lead
View Live T2K Weather Station: Naga City



The above provinces will experience stormy weather today (with winds of up to 100 kph for #02 and more than 100 kph for #03). Coastal waters will be rough to very rough and extremely dangerous to all types of seacrafts.


The above areas will have occasional rains and winds of not more than 60 kph today. Coastal waters will be moderate to rough.

Residents living in low lying and mountainous areas under Public Storm Warning Signals are alerted against flashfloods and landslides, respectively while those living in coastal areas under Storm Signals 1 & 2 are advised to seek higher grounds due to possible storm surge that could reach a high of 5 feet.

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ist gut zu erkennen,der schwarze Punkt rechts davon ist Boracay!  
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56898 Postings, 6186 Tage nightflyund so sieht Boracay bei

Sonnenschein aus, die Touristendestination #1 auf den Philippinen.
mfg nf  
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15.12.06 15:03

56898 Postings, 6186 Tage nightfly update

Durian/Reming   734 Tote, 762 Vermisste
Utor/Seniang     30 Tote,   8 Vermisste
nur Philippinen.
mfg nf  
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