Schaut euch das mal an - 431 % - bitte um Meinung

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Hallo, bin zwar neu hier im Forum aber, diese Aktie finde ich sieht wirklich
nicht schlecht aus ! Schauts euch einfach mal an und schreibt mir eure Meinung...


China Exports Great Wall of Pickups
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Quick. Name the automaker that accounts for 70% of truck exports from China, and that increased exports by 431% since 2004. Nope, it?s ChangCheng, or ?Great Wall,? whose year-to-date export volume of crew-cab pickups (pictured), SUVs and off-road vehicles recently topped 7,120. You haven?t heard of them because while other automakers in China have been proclaiming their global-expansion plans in capital letters, ChangCheng has taken a lower-case approach to its export business, quietly churning out vehicles and winning overseas sales.

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