Satelinx - Ausbruch?

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323 Postings, 5151 Tage stockpowerSatelinx - Ausbruch?

Weiterer Ausbruch dieser Aktie? Gestern in den USA schon 82 % im Plus. Geht das heute weiter? Chart sieht meiner Meinung gut aus.

(Nur meine Meinung; keine Kauf- bzw. Verkaufsempfehlung);

News von heute (Stock Alert):
SATELINX INTERNATIONAL INC. (OTC: SLXI) "Up 81.82% at close on Thursday"

Detailed Quote:

Satelinx International Inc. (OTC: SLXI) provides satellite vehicle tracking units that integrates GSM/GPS/GPRS wireless technologies and the Internet to deliver wireless tracking and location services. Satelinx seeks to be recognized as the world leader in providing safety and security solutions on a global scale in a cost effective manner for vehicle owner, trucking or private vehicle fleet and insurance companies.

So, habe fertig für heute! Mal abwarten was die Amis machen.  
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25.07.06 22:08

323 Postings, 5151 Tage stockpowernews und gleich dazu ein absturz von 94 %

(PINK SHEETS:SLXI) - Satelinx has received a purchase order for 5000 taxi GPS units from ETS. VISIONET. This purchase order is in excess of $ 2,000,000.00.

"This penetration into the International market opens new opportunities overseas for Satelinxs' tracking systems and our other product lines. We continue to expand globally, and are confidant that future orders will be forthcoming," stated Sam Grinfeld, Chairman of Satelinx Intl.

This contract is through one of Satelinx distributors . Satelinx distribution network is expanding daily and new distributors and dealers are joining the Satelinx team international.  

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