Riiiiiiesenchangse aus USA. Schaut euch den Chart an. PATRIOT SCIENTIFIC(PTSC)

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Powerful Microprocessor Chip For
Evaluation Starting in Early February

Enhanced .35 Micron - PSC1000A - Is Smallest, Fastest
Processor It Has Developed

SAN DIEGO -- January 20, 2000 -- Patriot Scientific Corporation
(OTCBB:PTSC), the developer of the first, market-ready
microprocessor for Java, today announced that it has received its
first run of the smallest and most powerful PSC1000
microprocessor chip now available, the PSC1000A. It said the
chip, a .35 micron version of the PSC1000 family that also features
several new enhancements, would begin to be offered to key
potential customers for evaluation, or "sampling," beginning in early

"We have just received our first run of this new processor from our
foundry in Taiwan," said Jim Lunney, Patriot's president & CEO.
"We have refined and improved this chip since we announced its
predecessor earlier last year. We have had strong interest in this
new product from potential customers, and we will begin shipping
this PSC1000A to a number of significant OEMs worldwide
starting next month.

"The release of this new part is consistent with our goal to offer
system designers a smaller and faster embedded microprocessor to
build into Internet-related applications," Lunney continued.

The latest chips are based upon Patriot's .35 micron PSC1000A
Hard core. The company offers both Hard and Soft Cores for
licensing, in addition to marketing complete chips. As part of this
marketing process, Patriot's microprocessor product line for the first
time is being featured in Miller Freeman's newly released IP Catalog
for Systems on a Chip (SOC), a highly regarded technology journal
referenced by systems designers both online and in hard copy.

"The embedded Java market appears ready to explode," Lunney
observed. By designing Patriot's technology into their products, our
customers may accelerate their potential to be leaders in this
burgeoning marketplace ''

Designed to run effectively at 3.3 Volts, the enhanced PSC1000A
can also operate at speeds up to 120MHZ, and with several
additions to the instruction set relative to the .5 micron PSC1000.
The PSC1000A's low power consumption also makes it an ideal
processor for hand held battery-operated products.

Ideal applications for Patriot's PSC1000A include Internet-enabled
cell phones, video phones, embedded Web servers, set-top boxes,
information kiosks, and a host of other new Internet appliances.

Founded in 1987, Patriot Scientific Corp. designs, markets and
manufactures: the PSC1000, based on the patented ShBoom
technology, a 32-bit microprocessor targeted at Java and Internet
appliances as well as the traditional embedded systems markets;
high-performance ISDN Basic Rate and Primary Rate products for
digital communications and ground penetrating radar. For more
information on Patriot Scientific Corporation, visit

Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.


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