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Interessanter Wet in einem Wachstumsmarkt; Neuaufnahme ins Depot "Israel Invest".


Pointer Telocation Ltd., a public company traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market, is a leading provider of value-added products and services to the automotive businesses and insurance sectors.

The company capitalizes upon its unique technologies’ intellectual properties (IP) and operational know-how, while enjoying a strong financial backing from firm investors and shareholders.

Cellocator - Pointer Product Division

Cellocator – Pointer Product Division – positions Pointer at the cutting edge of Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). Being the developers of feature-rich customized products, Cellocator is an acknowledged source of sophisticated, reliable and cost-effective unit hardware systems designed for vehicle security and fleet management. Cellocator has been at the forefront of wireless communications and location technology for over a decade, complements Pointer, making it the one-stop-shop for all-inclusive automotive services and technologies.

Services Pointer provides insurance companies and fleet operators, advanced services around the world via a chain of international subsidiaries and strategic partnerships with independent operators.

Pointer offers:

• AVL Telematics products for security, car & driver safety, public safety, fleet management and asset tracking.

• Proven, diverse Stolen Vehicle Retrieval (SVR) technologies including Radio  Frequency-Cellular and GPS

• Road-Side Assistance (RSA) and Towing services

• Car Replacement services (in case of stolen or damaged cars)

• Fleet Management and Mobile Resources Management (MRM) solutions   XXModus Operandi Pointer’s industry expertise, allows it to quickly establish companies providing services to the insurance industry, as well as to fleet operators and vehicle owners. Pointer's capabilities include setting up 24/7 services and activities such as:

• Command & Control Centers

• Customer Care & Provisioning

• Installation Centers

• Marketing & Sales Organizations

Company Vision & Future Plans A rapid growing marketplace which exists for the outsourcing of insurance companies’ critical operations. Along with new territory expansion and other value-added service offerings such as private health care and secure property - this market is expected to generate a significant long-term revenue growth.

Pointer is perfectly poised to penetrate these new territories, developing new business opportunities, while enabling the insurance industry to consistently deploy high performance services for a demanding clientele.


Proletarier Aller Länder vereinigt Euch !


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Morgen Telefonkonferenz, übermorgen auf der Homepage.




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