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1943 Postings, 7581 Tage TraderPCCW-Softbank..NEWS

11:11 Softbank possible distant relationship with Hikari but works more w/ PCCW (1186)
(Infocast News) There are many bad news about Hikari Tsushin recently. A source close to Softbank stated that Softbank will keep a distant relationship with Hikari Tsushin and both parties will not go beyond co-investment in the same internet businesses, as quoted in South China Morning Post.

The report also quotes the speech of the spokesman of Pacific Century CyberWorks (1186), another partner of Hikari Tsushin, that the tumble of the share price of Hikari Tsushin will not undermine the relationship between PCCW and Hikari Tsushin. The spokesman also pointed out that the cooperation is non-exclusive and PCCW can do business with any company in any part of the world.

Masanori Suzuki, Director of Hikari Tsushin International in Hong Kong (2990), said that nothing has changed in relation to the strategic relationship among the company, Softbank and PCCW, and pointed out that Hikari Tsushin is in talks with PCCW and Softbank about cooperation. He added that the company has over US$120 million cash on hand for future acquisitions.

The report also quoted the sources close to Softbank that the whole Board of Hikari Tsushin wished for Chairman Yasumitsu Shigeta to resign as a non-executive director. He continued that Softbank is now looking for opportunities to enhance the cooperation with PCCW, and is in negotiation about several mega deals.



26.04.00 08:43

1943 Postings, 7581 Tage TraderSingtel und News Corp. bieten erneut für C&W HKT!!

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 4/26/00 1:17:00 AM

SINGAPORE, Apr 26, 2000 (AP Worldstream via COMTEX) -- Singapore Telecommunications said Wednesday its option to bid again for Hong Kong's Cable and Wireless HKT was still open, after newspaper reports suggested it may join with News Corp. and a U.S. telecoms company in a joint bid.

``Our position is still open,'' SingTel spokesman Lim Seng Jin said.

SingTel withdrew its bid for Cable and Wireless HKT in February after losing out to Hong Kong tycoon Richard Li and his Pacific Century CyberWorks but kept its future options open.

``SingTel will keep its position under review and may reconsider its position in the light of the progress of the proposed offer and the circumstances in which Cable and Wireless's undertaking will lapse,'' the company said at the time in a statement.

Dow Jones Newswires reported that SingTel and Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. are considering making a counter offer that could be valued at more than dlrs 30 billion in an attempt to capitalize on the current weakness in technology stocks, including Pacific Century CyberWorks.

Since late February, when Pacific Century CyberWorks agreed to buy Cable and Wireless HKT, the value of its cash and stock offer has dropped to U.S. dlrs 25.7 billion from an original dlrs 38.1 billion, Dow Jones reported.

The fall reflects the 53 percent plunge in Pacific Century's stock price since hitting a high on Feb. 15 of 28.50 Hong Kong

dollars (U.S. dlrs 3.66) a share.


26.04.00 10:13

1943 Postings, 7581 Tage TraderKommentar PCCW zu Angebot Singtel/News Corp.

CyberWorks Arena Says HKT Purchase Irrevocable: Comment
4/26/00 12:11:00 AM
Source: Bloomberg News
Melbourne, April 26 (Bloomberg) -- Alex Arena, managing director Pacific Century Cyberworks Ltd., comments on his company's bid to buy Cable & Wireless HKT Ltd.
''We don't concede we're going to lose HKT for a variety of reasons.

''Cable & Wireless have an irrevocable undertaking that they'll vote their 54 percent shareholding in favor of the Cyberworks bid. The directors of HKT voted unanimously to put a scheme of arrangement to shareholders.


26.04.00 11:06

518 Postings, 7577 Tage SalatoNerven verloren, PCCW heute geschmissen zu 1,85 : Kaufmix bei 2,60 o.T.

26.04.00 11:14

64 Postings, 7608 Tage gingkoPCCW bei salato

sorry, aber das ist einfach eine schwache nervenleistung, oder wie beurteilst du dich in  dieser sache?  

26.04.00 11:20

518 Postings, 7577 Tage SalatoRe: PCCW-Softbank..NEWS

Ganz einfach, ich war zu fett drin, 20% Depotvolumen muß nicht sein,
leider zu gierig gewesen.
Das alte Spiel beginnt von neuem, auf günstigeren Einstieg hoffen oder
Nordasia verbilligen oder Biotech verbilligen oder .... habe ne ganze
Menge, die ich verbiligen kann, leider.

 Good trades  

26.04.00 11:33

410 Postings, 7596 Tage carlsonUnd wie eird sich das auf den

kurs auswirken???  

26.04.00 11:33

410 Postings, 7596 Tage carlsonUnd wie wird sich das auf den

kurs auswirken???  

26.04.00 12:03

64274 Postings, 7664 Tage KickyTechnology Sector hatte einige schlimme Einbrüche und der Chart von PCCW sieht

gar nicht gut aus bei  eindeutig noch im Abwärtstrend.Dies hier aus Quamnets Kolumne :Technical shares were unable to sustain and there were some more heart-rending falls, say by 41 cents to $1.31 for Next Media, #282, a nearly 25% fall, Founder, #418, fell 67.5 cents to $4.425 and Stone Elect, #409, dropped 17.5 cents to $2.15. These shares had been at, respectively, $5.80, $10.15 and $5.90, and had been well supported at higher prices. Hikari Tsushun, #603, fell a further 13 cents to 60 cents, and that does not seem to be the end of its fall, whilst Softbank, #648, its Japanese rival, was able to add 15 cents to $2.825. Legend, #992, fell $1.05 to $7.90, but even at this price the company is capitalised at $57 billion, and its to be announced profit for 1999/2000 is unlikely to exceed $570 million, or a 1% return, or 100 times PE on latest earnings. Computer and Technologies, #46, fell the same, $1.05, to $8.55, after trespassing at $31 earlier in the crazy conditions earlier this year.


26.04.00 12:08

1943 Postings, 7581 Tage TraderInteressanter Artikel über PCCW!!  

26.04.00 12:08

665 Postings, 7615 Tage lowizardsalato: absolut richtige entscheidung

glueckwunsch aus dem negativen etwas positives gemacht. ich ware auch rausgegangen. pcc kommt sihcer wider auf die fuesse aber im moment ist es eben schwierig. besser risiko minimieren und spaeter wieder reingehen. ich war mit 40% portfolio dabei hab aber auf 5% reduziert, gleichwohl; bin seit 1,25 dabei gewesen und hab gut verdient (mit nachkaufen bei 1,85 und 2,15, verkaufen bei 2,75 und 2,25)  

26.04.00 12:16

72 Postings, 7623 Tage ClintRe: PCCW-Softbank..NEWS

Man bin ich froh, daß ich bei 3,54 aus PCCW raus bin (gekauft zu 1,29).
Leider war ich bei meinen anderen Investments nicht so schlau.

Bei 1,29 steige ich übrigens wieder ein, denn langfristig ist PCCW ein muß.

Günstigen Einstieg wünscht

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