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Mein neuer Tip mit vorraussichtlich sehr guten Aussichten heisst:
·Netrix· (ntrx in usa und in .de 884892).

Netrix legte zwar insebesondere in letzter Zeit ungemein zu, hat aber meiner Meinung nach unglaubliches Potential nach oben.
Sie revolutionieren die Internettelfonie und auch Microsoft liebäugelt mit Netix.
Sie stehen derzeit in USA auf strong buy mit einer 1.0 Bewertung.
Derzeit stehen sie auf ca. 25 US$ waren vor ein paar Tagen bei 29 und kamen von etwas mehr als 1,5 US$.

Für alle die der englischen Sprache mächtig sind ein paar Zeilen von Microsoft Senior Manager:

Microsoft Senior Manager of Business Development for Network Services
Joins Nx Networks as Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing

Greg McNulty to Lead the Company's Sales and Marketing Organization To Capture The Growing Secure Voice over the
Internet Market

HERNDON, Va., and WESTBORO, Mass., Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Nx Networks (Nasdaq: NTRX - news), the leader in Voice over Internet Protocol
(VoIP) and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) today announced the appointment of Greg McNulty as Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and
Marketing. Mr. McNulty, a current member of the Company's Board of Directors will step down to take on responsibility for the Company's global sales and
marketing activities.

``Nx Networks has all the prerequisites to lead the booming Internet Telephony market. While on the Board of Nx, I have been very excited by the products
and solutions that the company offers, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join the company on a full time basis,'' said McNulty. ``With the innovative
products and the dynamic team in place, my job is to make sure we take a commanding lead in this rapidly growing market.''

Mr. McNulty was responsible for Microsoft's WebTV Network Services forging relationships with Internet Service Providers and telecommunications
companies while managing Internet access services and network operations. Mr. McNulty also managed business development for the xDSL product line and
home networking initiatives for WebTV and Microsoft's embedded software products. He expanded the product line to include joint services for Internet access
with major ILEC's, CLEC's and IXC's for national dial up and broadband access.

``We are very excited that Greg will be joining our executive team. We look to his industry experience to accelerate our business goals of building our
distribution channels and fostering strategic relationships with major industry players,'' stated Nx Networks Chairman and CEO Steven T. Francesco. ``Our
relationship with Microsoft and support of Microsoft's NetMeeting product will continue to be cultivated by Greg, as discussions continue to define how secure
voice over the Internet will be addressed by Microsoft. Greg's decision to join Nx networks attests to the fact that we have the solutions that will define the
Internet Telephony market.''

According to Bryan Holley, Nx Networks President and Chief Operating Officer, ``Nx Networks will look to Greg's keen knowledge of the market to
vigorously promote the industry leading solutions of our newly formed company. Rapid acceptance and deployment of our groundbreaking solutions for secure
voice and data communications will be critical to our efforts to successfully penetrate this market which is expected to explode to $23 billion by the year 2003.''

Previously, Mr. McNulty served as a major account executive, prior to his business development role and had worldwide responsibility for all non-retail and
enterprise customer sales for Microsoft/WebTV Internet terminals and related on line Internet Services. The subscriber base grew from less than 170,000 to
over 900,000 during his tenure. He also successfully launched WebTV's first vertical market strategy for Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Telcos, Hotel and
Hospitality and Entertainment/Sports related markets. Among his notable achievements were closing many multi-year contracts with major banks and brokerage
firms for on line services to their clients, negotiating OEM agreements with WebTV licensees, and establishing the long range sales plan to address their
enterprise clients.

Greg McNulty brings to his new role more than twenty years experience in executive Sales and Marketing Positions with companies such as CIDCO, Wind
River Systems and Rugged Digital Systems.

About Nx Networks

Nx Networks is a worldwide provider of secure Internet Telephony and data networking products. Nx Networks customers include service providers,
multinational corporations, and government agencies in over 60 countries worldwide. The company's corporate headquarters are located in Herndon, Virginia
and Westboro, Massachusetts. Additional information can be found on the company's web site at .

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