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1943 Postings, 7514 Tage TraderNEWS PCCLF!!! Strategic Partner be Decided Soon
Jan 25,2000 - 18:56:16 HKT

Cheung Kong (0001) chairman Mr Li Ka-shing said several companies have expressed their interest in becoming strategic partners of He said Pacific Century CyberWorks (1186) is considering the purchase of's shares and a decision will be made soon. The shareholding to be owned by CyberWorks, however, will not exceed 10 per cent, he added.
Mr Li said Hutchison Whampoa (0013) had taken international factors into account before making the website investment. The prospective alliance between Cable & Wireless HKT (0008) and Singapore Telecommunications will not affect the business of Hutchison. As has a wide range of businesses and income sources are rich, he anticipates that it will not suffer from losses.
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CMGI Asia Holds 60pc Stake in CMGI's 18 Subsidiaries

Jan 25,2000 - 18:52:07 HKT

Mr. Richard Li, chairman of Pacific Century CyberWorks (1186), said that CMGI Asia, the joint venture between CyberWorks and CMGI, will hold at least a 60 per cent stake in the 18 subsidiaries under CMGI. The remaining stakes will go to the respective independent companies of CMGI.
Alta Vista, Engage Technologies (Nasdaq code: ENGA), iCast and ClickCharge will be among the first CMGI companies to be introduced in Hong Kong, said Mr. Li. He added that the proceeds raised through the share placement announced today will be sufficient for the development of these web businesses.
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