NETALONE.COM. Ein neuer Star in HongKong ?? Was meint Ihr ?

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2048 Postings, 7751 Tage checkitNETALONE.COM. Ein neuer Star in HongKong ?? Was meint Ihr ?

news from quamnet: to Set up Children Website(336)
Feb 14,2000 - 16:40:47 HKT (0336) said it will establish a children website named yellow
bus with Stunning Views Limited. The website aims to provide both education
and entertainment to Chinese children. A press conference will be held this
Wednesday to reveal details of co-operation.

Ein paar Fakten:
Yearly high = 4,95
Yearly low  = 2,70
Actuell     = 3,15 = -1,5% daytrading

Anbei Info zu netalone aus

** History

This electronic products manufacturer was formed in 1960 as Kam Sing
Commercial & Industrial Dev. Ltd. It became listed in 1992 by issuing 75 million shares at $1 to the public.
On 20 Oct 1999, the company, a 63%-owned subsidiary of Universal Appliance
(419), placed 88.5 million new shares and 333 million convertible preferred shares to Ex-Citibank top executive Dr. Lo Wing Yan, JP at 30 cents per share. If Dr. Lo converts all his preferred shares, he will become the single major shareholder holding 48.8% of its enlarged capital, and the stake Universal Appliance holds will be reduced to 39%.
After the share placement on 5 Jan 2000, the existing shares outstanding are how 398 million, and if Dr Lo convert his shares into ordinary shares, the number of shares will be increased to 731 million.

The company will develop Internet information and e-commerce businesses after Dr. Lo becomes the Chairman and CEO of the company. The new management
team will launch a series of web-sites, which provide life-style, financial
information, and a web-site designed for children.
The company has changed its name from Cybersonic Tech into

** Current
Loss for the year to March, 1999, was $51 million or 22 cents per share. This compares with profit of $6 million for the preceding period.

** Future
This is a completely new company with no track records. An investment in the
company will be entirely a vote of confidence for Dr Lo the new boss.
Ich sehe netalone eher als Versuch, in den Internet-zirkus einzusteigen, und dabei eine gute "mark"  zu machen. Ob sich dieses Investment lohnt, weiß ich nicht. Kurzfristig bestimmt nicht, langfristig "ich weiß nicht".
Was meint ihr ? andere Meinungen ?

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