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ALTI (902675)
Aus Traderboard rüberkopiert erbitte ich eure Meinungen dazu:

Diese Technologie macht wieder auf sich aufmerksam.
Dieses Mal der kleine Bruder der in Deutschland wohl bekannnten Nanophase (910885),
nämlich ALTI (902675).
Mit Kurssprüngen von + 35 % (Do.) und + 42 % (Fr.) hat sich Altair wieder zurückgemeldet. Vor allem nach diesen news, die auf noch mehr hoffen lassen:

Thursday December 7, 10:21 am Eastern Time
Press Release
SOURCE: Altair International Inc.
Altair Extends Research Agreement With Heyrovsky Institute
CODY, Wyo., Dec. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Altair International Inc. (Nasdaq: ALTI - news) today announced that its Alternative Energy Group has completed a first phase of testing Altair nanocrystalline materials and is advancing its services agreement with the J. Heyrovsky Institute of physical chemistry, Prague Czech Republic. Doctors Ladislav Kavan and Jaromir Jirkovsky reported that the fast and creative cooperation between Altair and the J. Heyrovsky Institute, ``will allow us to arrive at a better understanding of photochemical and electrochemical properties of advanced oxide materials and to develop tailored materials for applications in lithium batteries and solar cells.''

First phase tests at the Institute determined that the Altair TiNano40 materials showed that the reversible voltammetric insertion charges and the insertion rate constants compare well with the most active form of anatase titanium dioxide. They also concluded that Altair materials exhibited unusually high thermal stability as compared to ordinary nanocrystalline anatase.

According to Dr. Bruce Sabacky, director of Altair's Alternative Energy Group, these findings mean that the technology and materials Altair uses to create crystalline titanium dioxide anatase do not impede the application of the material in rechargeable batteries. In fact, the researchers indicated a correlation between photoactivity and physical properties which Altair controls with its process.

Ken Lyon, president of Altair Technologies, added that these exciting results from Drs. Kavan and Jerkovsky are particularly relevant commercially. Once the precise characteristics are defined by the researchers, the Altair process, originally developed as a paint pigment process, can produce commercial quantities at low cost. It is precisely these process capabilities that allow Altair to start with nanocrystalline material for a wide variety of advanced energy devices. Both our catalyst support elements and the solid oxide membrane we are developing for fuel cell applications utilize these same process capabilities.

Altair International owns a proprietary technology for making nanocrystalline materials of unique quality, economically in large quantities. The company is currently developing special nanomaterials with potential applications in fuel cells, hard coatings, catalysts, cosmetics, paints, batteries, semi-conductors and telecommunications. The technology may also be used to make paint pigment at a cost forecast to be substantially lower than commercial technologies employed today. Altair holds mineral leases on a ``world class'' titanium mineral sand deposit in Tennessee and is in the process of constructing a pilot plant at that site. The company's other principle asset is the Altair Centrifugal Jig, an environmentally friendly breakthrough technology for mining, coal treatment and environmental remediation.

This press release may be deemed to contain certain forward-looking statements with respect to Altair that are subject to risks and uncertainties that include, but are not limited to, Altair's ability to obtain necessary capital, performance and reliability of technology, market acceptance of products using Altair technology, variance in anticipated production costs and unanticipated effects of regulatory requirements related to the technology, as well as those identified in the Company's press releases or discussed from time to time in the Company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Actual results may vary materially.

For More Information Contact: William P. Long, President, Altair International Inc., (307) 587-8245; or Paul Savageau, Savageau & Associates, (303) 756-8045.

News releases and other information on Altair can be accessed
at no charge at Altair's website

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am Montag - Dientag wieder minus xx % ? dann evtl. wieder ein interessanter einstiegspunkt. da die spinner ja immer noch keinen präsi haben...

danke für den tipp! :o)  

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...Parocorp bist du noch reingekommen ?  

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