Kein Push ! - aber gute Meldungen für Axia ?!

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406 Postings, 5341 Tage WarhawkKein Push ! - aber gute Meldungen für Axia ?!

Hab ich schon in einem anderen Threat gepostet aber hier nochmal für alle. Was haltet ihr davon und wie ist Eure Prognose ?

Hier die Meldung :

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Axia Group, (Nachrichten) Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: AXIGE) announced today that it has signed an exclusive agreement to distribute the multifunctional utility system called the "Sentry 5000" in Asia and Southeast Asia. Designed and developed by Titan Energy Development of Detroit, Michigan, the Sentry 5000 is a compact, mobile unit that generates electricity, provides heating and cooling, water filtration and satellite communications. Prior to this agreement with Titan, Axia has been working in areas of Southeast Asia to provide high quality, low cost building technology to replace homes and buildings destroyed by the tsunami of 2004.

The Sentry 5000 was developed by Titan to be a smaller, completely self sufficient "first response" unit that will provide vital services in situations such as manmade or natural disasters. The Sentry 5000 unit operates on diesel fuel and is small enough to be transported by pick up truck or SUV. Each unit produces up to 60 kW of standby generation capacity and will produce up to 25 gallons of filtered water per minute. The unit also provides perimeter lighting, space heating and cooling, and satellite voice and data communications.

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Stated Jeffrey Flannery, CEO of Axia Group, Inc., "We believe being able to offer the Sentry 5000 utility system alongside our building technologies makes Axia a more complete provider of disaster response services and enhances our ability to compete for new opportunities. We learned from experience that when we enter an area that has been damaged by a disaster such as the tsunami in Southeast Asia, we need to be prepared to provide multiple levels of support. Not only is housing a need, but some areas lack electricity, potable water and communications. Power outages and lack of adequate power are constant issues resulting in work stoppages that can be costly. The Sentry 5000 affords Axia another potential profit center, and the availability of these units in these challenged environments allows Axia to work more effectively and profitably."

The Sentry 5000 was designed to operate in the extreme conditions created by a disaster. Titan engineered the system to withstand 125 mph winds. Over 20 critical functions of the system are monitored and alarmed. The Sentry 5000 can be produced in any voltage configuration to insure compatibility anywhere in the world. The unit was also environmentally designed and incorporates a 100% spill containment for oil and antifreeze.

Thomas Black, President of Titan Energy Development, Inc. stated, "We are very excited about the prospect of being represented by the Axia Group in these areas of Southeast Asia. The Sentry 5000 is the perfect utility system for non-government organizations that are doing work in disaster-challenged areas as well as for developing countries that are still improving or building their country's infrastructure."

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