Hot-Stock For Review - Sushi Trend (SUSZ)

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Hot-Stock For Review Current ProfileSushi Trend Co., Inc. (SUSZ)Current Price $0.15 Is this an undiscovered gem priced to go higher?Please read the following Announcement in its Entirety and Consider thePossibilities?Watch this One to Trade! SUSZ has increased sales up to 300% per month with 3 new annual openPurchase Ordersfrom major hotel and casinos, including the Aladdin, located in the LasVegas region. SUSZ volume trading is beginning to surge with landslide Announcement.The value of thisstock appears poised for growth! This one should not remain on theground floor for long.  BREAKING NEWS!! Sushi Trend Co., Inc. (SUSZ) has signed open Purchase Order agreementswith 3 major hotel and casinos,increasing monthly sales of up to 1.5 million pieces, which is a 300%increase over current sales. With service being provided to over 50 major hotels and casinos in theLas Vegas, NV regionincluding the Mirage, Treasure Island, the Hilton Hotel, the MGM, theMonte Carlo and many more,Sushi Trend has recently invested in equipment that will increasecurrent output levels to over 600%. Eddie Okita, president and founder of Sushi Trends, stated, "We aregoing through a huge growth spurtin our business. We have made the decision to invest in new equipmentand building space to significantlyincrease our output capabilities. Our investment will allow us toproduce up to 1 million pieces of sushi perday, helping us meet projected demand.? Although sushi has been declared the fastest growing fast food in theU.S., Sushi Trends creditsthe large increase in sales volume to its revolutionary patent pendingfreezing process, which uses aspecial process to bring the temperature of its sushi to -50 degrees F,and its sonic signaling devicewhich brings it back to room temperature in 5 minutes.  Thistechnological break through allows thesushi to retain its  core freshness and taste, keeping clients happyand customer coming back for more. About Sushi Trend Co., Inc. (SUSZ) Sushi production has long been kept within the constraints of time anddistance due to its' short shelf life.Sushi Trend provides the solution with its patented freezingtechnology. All of Sushi Trend?s seafood issushi / sashimi grade, which means its extremely high quality, fresh,and suitable for eating raw. All of thefish is filleted and loined, ready to be made into sushi or served assashimi. Sushi Trend is headquarteredin Las Vegas, NV.  Conclusion: The examples above show the Awesome, Earning Potential of little knownCompanies That Explodeonto Investor?s Radar Screens. This stock will not be a Secret forlong. Then You May Feel the Desireto Act Right Now! And Please Watch This One Trade!GO SUSZ! All statements made are our express opinion only and should be treatedas such. We may own, take positionand sell any securities mentioned at any time. Any statements thatexpress or involve discussions with respectto predictions, goals, expectations, beliefs, plans, projections,objectives, assumptions or future events or performanceare not statements of historical fact and may be "forward lookingstatements." Forward looking statements are basedon expectations, estimates and projections at the time the statementsare made that involve a number of risks anduncertainties which could cause actual results or events to differmaterially from those presently anticipated.This newsletter was paid four thousand dollars from third party (IRMarketing). Forward looking statements inthis action may be identified through the use of words such as:"projects", "foresee", "expects". in compliancewith Section 17(b), we disclose the holding of  SUSZ shares prior tothe publication of this report. Be awareof an inherent conflict of interest resulting from such holdings due toour intent to profit from the liquidationof these shares. Shares may be sold at any time, even after positivestatements have been made regarding theabove company. Since we own shares, there is an inherent conflict ofinterest in our statements and opinions.Readers of this publication are cautioned not to place undue relianceon forward-looking statements, which arebased on certain assumptions and expectations involving various risksand uncertainties that could cause resultsto differ materially from those set forth in the forward- lookingstatements. This is not solicitation to buy or sellstocks, this text is for informational purpose only and you should seekprofessional advice from registered financialadvisor before you do anything related with buying or selling stocks,penny stocks are very high risk and you canlose your entire investment."Now we wait," says Goto Dengo, and shuts off his acetylene lamp, leaving them in darkness. "As long as we do not burn lamps, there is enough air in this chamber to keep us alive for several days. 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