Hab mir Infos über POKEMON FourKids Entert. gesucht.Wirklich......

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44 Postings, 7492 Tage leCachalotHab mir Infos über POKEMON FourKids Entert. gesucht.Wirklich......

tolle Aktie. Werde heute an der Nasdaq 1000 Stück ordern.
Von wem ist eigentlich dieser Tip?  

18.04.00 11:47

410 Postings, 7542 Tage brinckiRe: Hab mir Infos über POKEMON FourKids Entert. gesucht.Wirklich......

Wie lautet die WKN?


18.04.00 11:51

44 Postings, 7492 Tage leCachalotPOKEMON 874010 in Frankfurt. Ich kaufe aber an der Nasdaq,da

ich nicht weiss ob man in Frankfurt überhaupt welche bekommt(fast keine Umsätze, dürfte erst seit Mitte März hier notieren). Wenn irgendwer in Frankfurt welche gekauft und bekommen hat bitte um mitteilung.  

18.04.00 11:58

50 Postings, 7533 Tage jakubovitsPOKEMON: Endlich mal ein paar kluge Anleger EOM o.T.

18.04.00 17:17

44 Postings, 7492 Tage leCachalotRe: POKEMON MOVIE NUMBER 1:4Kids Entertainment USD 18 1/2 target 100 o.T.

18.04.00 17:22

50 Postings, 7533 Tage jakubovitsHab zu Börsenbeginn noch 500 Stück zu 16 1/2 gekauft. Jetzt 18 1/8

Wieviel hast Du geordert LeCach  

18.04.00 17:25

44 Postings, 7492 Tage leCachalotPOKEMON - 4 Kids Entert.

Ich hab 1000 Stück zu 18 3/4 gekauft und 300 Stück zu 17 7/8. Ist aber egal, bis 30 ist die Aktie auch kurzfristig ein reines Geschenk. Ich glaub dass die in einem Jahr auf 170 steht.  

18.04.00 17:42

44 Postings, 7492 Tage leCachalotPress release POKEMON MOVIE: hier der LINK zum lesen jak

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Monday April 17, 9:06 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release

`Pokemon The First Movie' Triumphs Overseas

Record-Breaking Openings in Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Israel and Others Bring
International Cumulative Gross to $35.6 Million

BURBANK, Calif.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--April 17, 2000-- Warner Bros. Pictures' ``Pokemon The First Movie'' took
international audiences by storm when it triumphed in 11 markets, ranking No. 1 in five key markets -- Germany, the United Kingdom,
Spain, Israel and Finland.

``Pokemon The First Movie'' shattered all other family film opening weekend receipts in Germany, Israel and Finland. The film also enjoyed excellent weekend openings
in Austria, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark and Portugal. Total weekend receipts were $14,573,355. The announcement was made today by Edward E.
Frumkes, President of International Distribution for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Propelled by a vigorous multi-tiered promotional campaign, the film was warmly received throughout Europe:

    In Germany, the film enjoyed the biggest opening in admissions and second biggest box office opening in studio history, with a gross of $4,655,000 on 712 screens,
    making it the No. 1 movie and the biggest opening ever for an animated film in Germany.
    In the United Kingdom, ``Pokemon The First Movie'' earned $4.5 million on 635 screens, making it the No. 1 movie and the 4th best Warner Bros. Pictures
    opening ever.
    In Spain, the film opened at No. 1, grossing $1,253,000 on 250 screens, in the 6th highest opening of a Warner Bros. Pictures film.
    The film marked an all-time industry best opening in Israel, grossing $400,000 on 33 screens, making it the No. 1 film in Israel.
    In Finland, ``Pokemon The First Movie'' was the No. 1 film, earning $304,000 on 35 screens, making it Warner Bros. Pictures' biggest opening ever in this territory.
    The film also enjoyed outstanding openings in Austria ($304,000 on 73 screens), Sweden ($208,000 on 58 screens), Norway ($222,000 on 32 screens), Switzerland
    ($195,000 on 41 screens), Denmark ($103,000 on 30 screens) and Portugal ($106,000 on 45 screens).

In the hold-over markets, the film moved up to No. 1 in its second weekend in Belgium with a fantastic 59% increase from first weekend. It also enjoyed a strong second
weekend in France, where the weekend figure dropped a low 28%.

Stated Frumkes: ``This film's performance against other animated and family fare is a testament to the outstanding efforts of our international marketing and distribution
staff to create, explore and utilize all possible opportunities in bringing `Pokemon the First Movie' to the international marketplace. I'm certain that their efforts will
continue to produce record-breaking openings in the remaining territories.''

Warner Bros. Family Entertainment presents a 4Kids Entertainment Production. ``Pokemon The First Movie'' is written by Norman J. Grossfeld, Michael Haigney and
John Touhey with voice direction by Michael Haigney. Norman J. Grossfeld, President of 4Kids Productions, is the Producer.

The animated film is directed by Kunihiko Yuyama and produced by Choji Yoshikawa, Tomoyuki Igarashi and Takemoto Mori. The film written by Takeshi Shudo is
based on characters created by Satoshi Tajiri. It is distributed by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment, A Time Warner Entertainment Company.

Note to Editors: This material is to be used solely for advertising, promotion, publicity or reviews of this specific motion picture and to remain the property of Warner
Bros. Not for sale or redistribution.


    Warner Bros. Pictures, Burbank
    Mic Kramer, 818/954-6597

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44 Postings, 7492 Tage leCachalotPOKEMON MOVIE press release: Originallink:

file:///C|/Eigene Dateien/ca_warner__2.html  

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44 Postings, 7492 Tage leCachalotPOKEMON 4Kids Entertainment: Time Warner link: jetzt richtig. Sorry


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