HRCT Profile Information: Updated 5/9/2000

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9161 Postings, 7757 Tage hjw2HRCT Profile Information: Updated 5/9/2000

Business Summary
HRCT is a holding company with a primary focus in online services in Asia. Hartcourt capitalized on its experience and connections in China to focus on the most promising area of the China market: the Internet. The ultimate goal of Hartcourt is to be the leading Internet company in Asia with a planned 18 acquisitions through year 2000. HRCT's current joint ventures Sinobull, Innostar, and SCIC have laid the ground and have enabled HRCT a giant step toward establishing itself as a major provider of on-line services in China.

Company Website -
Company PR's:
Shares outstanding: 25 million Float: 11 million

Nasdaq Application:

Key Company relationships:
Auditors: BDO International?
Sinobull Business Plan: Ernst & Young?
Investor Relations: Financial Relations Board?
China Telecom/Bejing Telecom:
Financing: Swartz Private Equity, LLC:

What is joint venture?
Sinobull is a secure online trading financial portal in China. The portal access technology through China telecom's China Pac 162 private network, by computer or Legend's "Stock Easy" set top boxes or wireless technology platform mobile phones and wireless PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants) using Innostar. will provide investors throughout Mainland China the opportunity to trade stocks online, gather extensive research information, and get real time quotes in the government approved secure fashion. SinoBull, the revolutionary financial portal, will be available through computers via network access, and through cable TV set top boxes and Palm PDA's.

UAC Online?
operates the first and only nationwide online trading network in China, connecting investors with their stock brokerage offices via ChinaPAC, the nationwide secure packet switched data network owned by China Telecom.
National License:

Financial Telecom Ltd...
is a financial databank providing real-time stock quotes and other information of Hong Kong listed-companies to institutional and retail investors. FTL has been in business for 16 years and had HK $16.6 million in revenues in 1998.
is the leading Internet Broadcaster who provides comprehensive audio and video delivery or Streaming solutions to businesses, professionals, organizations, web site owners and content publishers. Our powerful network infrastructure enables us to stream superior-quality multimedia advertising, live event broadcasting and on-demand audio and video contents over the Internet to target web-enabled audiences all over the world.

Gou Mao of Shanghai ?
Specializes in futures, indices and commodities data, which will complement the financial information database of Hua Xia Info, and the financial delivery systems of FinTel.

Shangdi Network of Beijing?
is one of three owners of Hua Xia Info, the financial data and media arm of Hua Xia Securities, the second largest brokerage firm in China. Through this relationship, SinoBull will obtain coverage and promotion from Hua Xia Info's cable TV financial channel, similar to Bloomberg TV. Hua Xia Securities will provide the brokerage house to process online stock trades.

Other relationships:
Legend computer
Through joint development with Hua Xia Securities, Legend will produce inexpensive cable TV set top boxes for those investors wanting the ease of online trading, but without computer use. Legend is the largest manufacturer of computers in Mainland China, and the "Stock Easy" set top box will showcase the Sinobull Financial Portal.

Sinobull Customer Relationships:
Hua Xia securities:
Xiagcai Securities:
Guosen Securities of Shenzhen (
Streaming Asia customer list:

What Is Innostar?

Innostar is a development stage nationwide Internet Service Provider (ISP) and IP Phone Service in China. Innostar has been operating an IP Phone Service in Beijing for the last 14 months, in cooperation with a leading Chinese telecom company. ESAT Inc. was partnered to provide in providing high-speed Internet connections via satellite. Over the 3 months Innostar's partners and plan will unfold to become worth 5 times that of the Sinobull IPO. Innostar JV is due to IPO in the spring of 2001.

eSAT Inc:
Website: :

What is SCIC?
Sichuan China Integrated Cable Network Co. Ltd. (SCIC) is the newest of HRCT's joint venture investments. In combination with Shenzhen Sinlan Investment Co, SCIC will use the exclusive TV cable network in the capital city of Chengdu, Sichuan province to synergize Sinobull and Innostar.
Due to IPO in year 2001

Other Relationships and Acquisitions:
China Law:
eMPACT Solutions:

Dr. Alan Phan: Chairman and CEO Hartcourt companies
Michael Bianco: CEO Sinobull
Simon Shi Zhang: CEO UAC
Stephen Tang: CEO FTL
Dr. Charlie Q. Yang: COO HRCT
Mr. Duc Duong: CTO HRCT
Mr. Manu Ohri: CFO HRCT
Jack Westfield: Vice president of Corporate Finance HRCT
Mr. Frederic Cohn: Director and Vice President HRCT


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