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February 25, 2000 03:15
Computer Associates and Identikey Collaborate to Maximize End-To-End Security for eBusiness Initiatives

CA Services Complements CA's Leading eTrust Security Solution With Identikey Smart Card Technology
ISLANDIA, N.Y., and BRISBANE, Australia, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) (NYSE: CA) and Identikey, a specialized, industry-leading developer and marketer of 'Trusted Access' systems for Internet-based applications, today announced that CA Services is utilizing Identikey Software and Vasco Tokens as a security smart card for its eBusiness initiatives.
"Security is essential to our success in offering eBusiness solutions," said Steve Savage, CA Services general manager. "We have found that clients have been reluctant to offer too much public access or interaction with their Web sites because of security threats. The combination of CA's eTrust eBusiness security solution and Identikey's technology represent a sophisticated and secure way of utilizing the Internet."
By using CA's eTrust technology, servers can be protected, monitored, managed and assessed with the Identikey technology, meeting the final requirement of secure user authentication. Coupled with CA's vast experience in database and enterprise management solutions, it delivers the power of the business application securely to the Web user.
Identikey is one of the first Internet security solutions to use a digital key. It reads a signal into the key from a bar code installed on a company's Web site via a PC screen. The key gives registered users varying levels of access to a company's Web site. Access can be granted to an entire Web site or restricted to individual pages. The solution consists of the server software, Identikey Manager and a hand-held, credit-card-sized key, the Identikey.
"The agreement with CA Services is a significant milestone for Identikey," said Mark Kefford, Identikey's chief executive officer. "Because Computer Associates has a very strong international presence, it can help us deliver a truly global solution."
"eBusiness is a core area for Computer Associates," said Savage. "Clients cannot move forward without a strong security solution. CA's key differentiator is that we can deliver our clients some of the most secure software solutions available on the market. eTrust and Identikey technology promise the best Internet security and can solve many of the problems that many eBusinesses confront."
Identikey has 10 levels of security to ensure that access to restricted Web sites is only granted to registered users. For example, each key is protected by a PIN. After a preset number of wrong PINs is reached, the key will lock itself. The code is also difficult to hack into because access codes are selected randomly by the server. A one-time only numerical code is given to users each time they enter a site.
CA's eTrust security solution suite is composed of an integrated set of proven tools. The eTrust components secure every aspect of the eBusiness value chain, protecting not only the systems and the networks but also the data and applications they enable. eTrust solutions now include VPN, access control, user administration, single sign-on, encryption, malicious code and antivirus protection, intrusion detection, firewall, certificate management options, policy compliance, authentication, authorization, alerting and auditing capabilities. CA's eTrust is an effective solution to combat the latest spread of malicious code and viruses, and includes protection against the recent Delay of Service (DOS) hacker intrusion.
Computer Associates International, Inc., the world's leading business software company, delivers the end-to-end infrastructure to enable eBusiness through innovative technology, services and education. CA has 18,000 employees worldwide and had revenue of $6.3 billion for the year ended December 31, 1999. For more information, visit http://www.ca.com .
CA Services has more than 4,000 consultants in 44 countries around the world delivering technology solutions for clients in the areas of enterprise systems management, application development and integration, knowledge management, eBusiness infrastructure, security and visualization. Specific services include business assessment and consulting, implementation, education and outsourcing. For more information on CA Services, please visit http://www.ca.com/services .
Identikey Pty Ltd. is a specialist developer and marketer of 'Trusted Access' systems for Internet-based applications. Identikey products enable an enterprise to secure intellectual property- and competitive-based management information. The use of 'strong authentication' methods protects key data and ensures access is properly authenticated, authorized and audited. Identikey was launched in October 1998 by Information Dynamics, an Australian Web design and development company founded in 1990 by managing director Mark Kefford. Identikey is the first security solution to give registered users access to restricted Web sites via a digital key held up to the screen of a PC. Using the key, registered users can be given varying levels of access to a company's management information via the Web site. Access can be granted to an entire Web site or restricted to individual documents. For more information about Identikey, visit http://www.identikey.com .
All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.
SOURCE Computer Associates International, Inc.
/CONTACT: Herman Chin of Computer Associates, 631-342-2364, or
herman.chin@ca.com; or Peter M. David of Identikey, +61-7-3236-5050, or
/Company News On-Call: http://www.prnewswire.com/comp/196575.html or fax,
800-758-5804, ext. 196575/
/Web site: http:// www.identikey.com

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