HARTCOURT $$$$ Ein Strong BUY

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1524 Postings, 7615 Tage DaLuigiHARTCOURT $$$$ Ein Strong BUY

Dear XXX,

Thanks for being such a supportive shareholder to Hartcourt all along.

I would appreciate your understanding in my being slience since the announcement because officially I am still winding up my duties at Prudential here, and would not be considered too appropriate if I am already speaking up as a Hartcourt person, even though I am already spending a considerate amount of my time in Hartcourt`s office.

Anyway, I can assure you that I will certainly try my best to create value for Hartcourt and its shareholders once I come fully on board starting January 2nd. I will present a letter to the shareholders as to the strategy and directions we have for the exciting new year. And of course, you know we can always count on our Chairman, Dr. Phan`s continuous support and guidance.

In the meantime, wish you have a very happy X`mas and New Year vacation!

Best regards,

Wallace Ching, PhD CFA
Director - Technology Investment
PAMA Group (HK) Ltd
Tel: (852) 2844 1071
Fax: (852) 2877 3748 (Quelle:RB)


20.12.01 21:43

59073 Postings, 7234 Tage zombi17Hast du dich verlaufen ?

Müll uns nicht zu und suche dir ein Börsenboard ;-)))))

21.12.01 12:47

1524 Postings, 7615 Tage DaLuigiGrins: Bid liegt bei 0,56, ein guter Deal steht an

schau dir lieber mal den verlauf an, da ist z.z. richtig kohle zu machen, kurzfristige 100% ist doch was.  

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