Greenspan soll es bis 82 machen!

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40476 Postings, 6981 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmeGreenspan soll es bis 82 machen!

Bush Will Back Greenspan for Another Term
Tuesday April 22, 2:12 pm ET
By Adam Entous

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush said on Tuesday that Alan
Greenspan (News) should serve another term as Federal Reserve chairman,
ending speculation about the White House's intentions after a rift erupted over a
new round of tax cuts.

                                        "Yes, I think Alan Greenspan
                                        should get another term," Bush
                                        said when asked if the central
                                        bank chief has done a "good
                                        enough job" to be reappointed.
                                        Greenspan's current four-year
                                        term as Fed chairman ends in
                                        June 2004, when he will be 78.

                                        Bush made the comment during
                                        a roundtable interview with a
                                        group of reporters, excerpts of
                                        which were released by the
                                        White House.

                                        White House spokesman Ari
Fleischer (News) said Bush thinks that Greenspan has done a "very able job" in
stewarding the economy and making certain that "we have the proper monetary
policies in place."

Asked if Greenspan has told Bush whether he wants another term at the Fed,
Fleischer told reporters. "I'm not in a position to give you that information. I don't

The Federal Reserve had no comment.

Greenspan was scheduled to undergo surgery on Tuesday for an enlarged
prostate. Federal Reserve officials said he has tested negative for cancer and
planned to be back at work later in the week.

By staying on into 2006, when he would be 80, Greenspan could become the
longest-serving U.S. Fed chief, surpassing the record of William McChesney
Martin, who led the central bank for nearly 19 years from April 1951 to January

After 15 years at the helm of the world's most powerful central bank, Greenspan
enjoys legendary status for his role in guiding U.S. monetary policy.

Despite criticism for failing to pop the doomed stock market bubble of the
1990s, he has earned praise for his handling of the 2001 recession and the
shocks that followed.

Still, some speculation has arisen recently about his reappointment.

Greenspan irked Republicans inside and outside the White House in February
by telling Congress that no new economic stimulus was needed in the United
States and warning of the dangers of rising budget deficits.

Bush has made a new round of tax cuts the centerpiece of his domestic agenda
in the run-up to next year's presidential campaign.

Congressional Democrats and some moderate Republicans seized on
Greenspan's comments in warning that Bush's $726 billion tax cut plan would
exacerbate record budget deficits at a time of war with Iraq.

Some of Bush's supporters had responded by lashing out at Greenspan.

"He is wrong. He was wrong back when we were having the bubble and he is
wrong now," said House of Representatives Majority Leader Tom DeLay, a
Texas Republican.

The Republican-led Congress has since scaled back Bush's tax cut package.
The House has set a $550 billion cap on tax cuts, while the Senate backed a
$350 billion limit.

Conceding defeat, Bush has seized the $550 billion figure as the minimum
needed to revive the beleaguered economy, and administration officials say
they are considering gradually phasing in key components of the tax cut
package to keep costs within limits set by Congress.

The White House said Bush plans to make several day trips, including one this
week to Ohio, to sell his tax cuts.

Ohio is the home state of Sen. George Voinovich, one of the moderate
Republicans who cut the deal that limited Senate tax cuts to $350 billion.

"The larger the tax cut the more jobs will be created," Fleischer said, summing
up the president's message.

The stakes are enormous for Bush as he seeks to avoid the fate of his father,
former President George Bush, who saw his popularity soar after a victory in the
1991 Gulf War only to lose his 1992 re-election bid to Bill Clinton over doubts
about his economic stewardship.

Bush's father blamed Greenspan in part for his defeat in 1992, saying the Fed
was too slow to move on rates to boost the sluggish economy coming out of the
1990-1991 recession.

Wenn das kein Grund für steigende Kurse ist :-)


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