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2386 Postings, 6019 Tage xpfutureGlaxosmithkline

Sollte dem Kurs am Montag Auftrieb geben:

Glaxosmithkline Reports Positive New Data on Tykerb(R)(Lapatinib) at the 2007 American Society of Clinical Oncology (Asco) Annual Meeting
Sunday June 3, 10:00 am ET  
- Activity demonstrated for the first time in the treatment of first-line metastatic HER2-(ErbB2) positive breast cancer in combination with paclitaxel (Taxol(R)) one of the most commonly used chemotherapies(1)
- Activity in brain metastases associated with HER2-positive breast cancer, an area of significant unmet medical need(2,3)
- 19% of patients on TYKERB monotherapy had reduction in brain metastases
- In trial extension, reduction in brain metastases found in 40% of patients on TYKERB + capecitabine combination

CHICAGO, June 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- GlaxoSmithKline today announced positive data from three key studies on its first-in-class, oral small molecule HER2 kinase inhibitor, TYKERB® (lapatinib). Results of these and other important TYKERB studies are being presented this week at the 2007 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The use of TYKERB in these settings is investigational.

"The robust clinical data presented for TYKERB at ASCO further demonstrate the great potential of this drug as an essential component of treatment regimens for women with HER2-positive breast cancer," said Paolo Paoletti, M.D., Senior Vice President of the Oncology Medicine Development Center at GSK. "GSK is dedicated to an ongoing TYKERB clinical program to identify additional treatment regimens, as well as patient populations that may respond to TYKERB. The data presented at ASCO this week underscore our unrelenting commitment to improving treatment for these patients."

TYKERB in Combination with Paclitaxel as First-Line Treatment for Patients with Metastatic or Relapsed Advanced Breast Cancer (Abstract #1011, Embargoed until June 3, 9:00 AM, CDT)(1)

Paclitaxel is one of the most commonly used chemotherapies in breast cancer. Therefore, the evaluation of TYKERB in combination with this treatment is of high importance.

This large, randomized, multicenter, prospective trial evaluated a total of 580 patients either negative or untested for HER2 overexpression. While the combination therapy did not demonstrate an incremental benefit for patients with HER2-negative disease, an analysis of 91 patients who were retrospectively identified as having HER2-positive disease showed that TYKERB plus paclitaxel increased progression-free survival in patients with HER2-positive breast cancer not previously treated with trastuzumab. Results as follows represent the combination of TYKERB plus paclitaxel (n=52) versus paclitaxel alone (n=39), respectively, in patients with HER2-positive disease:

   -- Median progression-free survival was 7.9 months versus 5.2 months
   -- Median duration of response was 7.4 months versus 5.5 months
   -- Complete or partial response occurred in 60 percent of patients versus
      36 percent (p = 0.027)
   -- There was a trend towards improvement in overall survival after 39
      deaths had been reported. Data presently available indicate a median
      survival of 24 months versus 19 months (p=0.160), but data are not yet
      fully mature

Data from this trial of TYKERB plus paclitaxel versus paclitaxel alone as first-line treatment in patients with newly diagnosed metastatic breast cancer have provided the first evidence of activity in the HER2-positive subgroup that the combination significantly improves progression-free survival of the disease compared with the chemotherapy alone.

"These results have the potential to directly impact clinical practice and may benefit patients in the first-line treatment setting," said Dr. Angelo Di Leo, Director of the Medical Oncology Unit, Hospital of Prato (Italy) and lead investigator of this trial. "TYKERB in combination with paclitaxel is a step in the right direction as the oncology community explores potential combination therapies to individualize treatment for breast cancer patients."

The most common adverse events (AEs) included rash, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, neutropenia and mucositis. The addition of TYKERB to paclitaxel resulted in an increase in diarrhea and rash. SAE-related deaths were higher in the combination arm (2.7% vs 0.6%).

Several additional Phase III trials combining TYKERB with taxanes are being conducted in patients with HER2-positive disease.

TYKERB Activity in Brain Metastases Associated with Breast Cancer (Abstract #1012, Embargoed until June 3, 9:00 AM, CDT), (Abstract #1035, Embargoed until June 2, 8:00 AM, CDT) One-third of women with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer currently develop central nervous system (CNS) or brain metastases.(4) Limited treatment options clearly demonstrate that brain metastases is an area of significant unmet medical need. Once the disease advances to this stage, overall disease prognosis is poor with the average one-year survival from diagnosis estimated at about 20 percent.(5)

Results from an ongoing, multicenter Phase II study suggest that TYKERB has clinical activity in heavily pretreated patients with CNS metastases from HER2-positive breast cancer. Patients (n=241) enrolled in this study had radiographically documented progressive brain lesions following prior therapy with trastuzumab and cranial radiotherapy. Results from an independent radiology review show that 19 patients (7%) treated with TYKERB monotherapy experienced a partial response, defined by a greater than or equal to 50% volumetric reduction in brain lesions with no progression of tumor outside the brain, no increase in steroid requirements or worsening of neurological symptoms. Forty-six patients (19%) experienced a greater than or equal to 20% volumetric reduction in brain lesions.

An additional 102 patients (42%) achieved stable disease for at least eight weeks based on a protocol defined composite response criteria. Twenty- two percent of all patients had no disease progression within the first six months on TYKERB monotherapy.(2)

An exploratory analysis in a previous, Phase III study found that numerically fewer patients on TYKERB plus capecitabine developed brain metastases as compared to capecitabine alone. As a result, this Phase II study was amended to allow patients whose disease progressed in the brain and/or non-CNS on monotherapy TYKERB to then receive the combination of TYKERB and capecitabine. In patients (n=40) treated with TYKERB in combination with capecitabine, 8 (20%) experienced a greater than or equal to 50% volume reduction in brain metastases, and 16 (40%) experienced greater than or equal to 20% volume reduction.(2)

"There is a significant need for effective alternatives to prevent and treat brain metastases arising from breast cancer as there are no currently approved systemic treatments for these patients. These data suggest that TYKERB may cross a compromised blood brain barrier and suggest the CNS activity of TYKERB," said Nancy U. Lin, M.D., Harvard Medical School (Boston,

Massachusetts) and principal investigator for this trial. "TYKERB has promise in the treatment of brain metastases."

The most common AEs included diarrhea (13% Grades 3 and 4), skin rash (3% Grades 3 and 4), nausea (3% Grade 3), vomiting (4% Grade 3), fatigue (3% Grade 3) and anorexia (1% Grade 3).(2)

In addition, updated brain metastases data (abstract #1035) from an unplanned, retrospective subset analysis of the pivotal trial of TYKERB plus capecitabine versus capecitabine alone in patients with HER2-positive, trastuzumab-exposed advanced breast cancer showed a reduction in the number of patients developing CNS metastases as a first site of relapse (4 versus 13 patients, p=0.0445).(3) Original data were presented at ASCO 2006.

Ongoing Trials

GSK has a comprehensive clinical trial program that is actively studying TYKERB in other breast cancer settings and other cancers to better identify patient populations that may respond to therapy. The landmark Phase III study TEACH (Tykerb® Evaluation After CHemotherapy), trial has reached a key milestone, enrolling more than 1,000 patients. TEACH is designed to investigate whether adjuvant treatment with TYKERB will improve disease-free survival in women with early-stage HER2-positive breast cancer, including those with positive and negative node involvement.(6)


TYKERB/TYVERB (lapatinib) is a first-in-class oral small-molecule inhibitor of the HER2 tyrosine kinase receptor. Stimulation of HER2 is associated with cell proliferation and with multiple processes involved in tumor progression and metastases. Overexpression of this receptor has been reported in a variety of human tumors and is associated with poor prognosis and reduced overall survival. On March 13, 2007, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved TYKERB, in combination with capecitabine, for the treatment of patients with advanced or metastatic breast cancer whose tumors overexpress HER2 and who have received prior therapy including an anthracycline, a taxane, and trastuzumab.

TYVERB was approved in Switzerland in May 2007. Marketing applications for TYKERB/TYVERB have been filed around the world, including the European Union, Canada, Brazil, Australia and South Korea.

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Guten Morgen,
hat von Euch schon jemand die Dividendengutschrift bekommen? Laut Kalender sollte die Auszahlung am 12.04. erfolgen. Bei der Diba gibts noch nichts..

Viele Grüße  

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Guten Morgen,
ich hatte die Gutschrift am 16.4. - also gestern - auf dem Konto bei der Commerzbank.
Ich wünsche einen schönen Tag

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zum Div.Schnibbeln .....  

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Dividendengutschrift mittlerweile erfolgt! :-)  

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deshalb der Absturz . 200 Tage Linie als Test ??  

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Goldman belässt GlaxoSmithKline auf 'Buy' - Ziel 1900 Pence

GlaxoSmithKline-Aktie steigt 7 Prozent – Hammer-Deal mit Pfizer  

06.02.19 11:17

46 Postings, 1989 Tage kowalski85Merck KGaa + Glaxo  

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die Aktie schon eine ganze Weile, wie sieht man denn unter den Forumsteilnehmern die zukünftige Entwicklung?
Angehängte Grafik:

28.03.19 18:20

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ich hab GSK als Buy&Hold Anhänger schon fünf Jahre, zahlt gute Quartalsdividende und ist kein Amerikaner. Die Aussichten halte ich für solide, die CEO Emma Walmsley macht einen guten Job so weit ich das beurteilen kann... und in 2-3 Jahren soll es einen Spin-Off der Consumer HealthCare Sparte geben.

Just my five Cents.  

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die nächste Frage, was wird nach dem Brexit? ok kann man wahrscheinlich
nur spekulieren, trotzdem interessieren mich die Meinungen dazu

Danke @Delura....  

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da kann man wirklich nur spekulieren noch ist er nicht durch aber ich bin der Meinung das Glaxo so gut aufgestellt ist das da nicht viel passieren wird.  

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2351 Postings, 841 Tage neymarGlaxosmithkline

Lorne Steinberg discusses Glaxosmithkline  

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Mir macht das Eigenkapital langfristig Sorgen.
Wie seht Ihr das ?  

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Nachdem ich vom Kursverlauf jahrelang enttäuscht war, war ich nahe dran, meine Anteile zu verkloppen und bin jetzt froh, dass ich es nicht gemacht habe. An der Börse in London kratzen sie am ATH und spätestens darüber könnte es sinnvoll sein, den aktuellen Move weiterlaufen zu lassen.  

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146 Postings, 1617 Tage Erpel64Ausstieg?

Eigentlich wollte ich aus meiner vor vier oder fünf Jahren gekauften Position schon eine Weile aussteigen, aber jetzt bin ich mit knapp über 19 ? seit Ewigkeiten mal wieder im Plus und zweifele. Der aktuell Trend ist positiv, in Pfund wäre er sogar noch besser. Aber weiß jemand warum? Außer mal einer Kauf-Empfehlung oder eine Hold-Bestätigung höre ich von dem Wert nicht viel. Die im beigefügten Artikel verbesserte Prognose ist schön, bläst mir aber auch nicht die Haare weg und kann nicht Grund für den aktuellen Anstieg sein.

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im zickzack gings in den ersten 9 monaten 20% hoch mit dem aktienkurs von gsk. das macht die aktie zu einem kandidaten für window dressing - welcher fondsmanager  möchte nicht ende jahr die gewinneraktien des jahres als bestandteil seines portefolios seinen kunden präsentieren?

da sind doch nochmal locker 10% anstieg im q4 drin, oder?
schaun mer mal..  

27.10.19 10:48

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hier echt für richtig kurspotenzial sorgen...  

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2351 Postings, 841 Tage neymarGlaxoSmithKline

Brett Girard discusses GlaxoSmithKline  

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Tolle Aktie läuft und läuft und gibt Dividende! Auch in Krisenzeiten stabil  

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2351 Postings, 841 Tage neymarGlaxoSmithKline

GlaxoSmithKline CEO Emma Walmsley talks innovation with Jim Cramer  

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318 Postings, 4390 Tage csmicTivicay

Zero Hedge:
"Chinese scientists speculate that drugs targeting the fuirn enzyme could potentially hinder the virus' replication inside the human body. Drugs up for consideration include "a series of HIV-1 therapeutic drugs such as Indinavir, Tenofovir Alafenamide, Tenofovir Disoproxil and Dolutegravir and hepatitis C therapeutic drugs including Boceprevir and Telaprevir," according to Li's study.
The conclusion is in line with several reports from doctors who self-administered HIV drugs after testing positive for coronavirus, however there have been no clinical tests to confirm the theory."

Google, Wikiedia:

Dolutegravir: Dolutegravir, sold under the brand name Tivicay, is an antiretroviral medication used, together with other medication, to treat HIV/AIDS.

Tivicay (dolutegravir) is an integrase strand transfer inhibitor (INSTI) that is indicated for use in combination with other antiretroviral (ARV) medicines for the treatment of HIV infection

Hersteller Tivicay: ViiV
Parent organizations: GlaxoSmithKline (76.5%), Pfizer (13.5%), Shionogi (10%)
Preis für ein Jahr: 14.000 USD

Aber Vorsicht: Tenofovir dagegen ist Bestandteil u.a. von Truvada, welches im Vergleich nahezu umsonst abgegeben wird. Meine persönliche Vermutung ist allerdings, dass der Integrasehemmer Tivicay weitaus effizienter sein wird im Vergleich zum NRTIs Tenofovir. NRTIs - nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors -  waren sozusagen Medikamente der ersten Stunde.

27.02.20 11:42

318 Postings, 4390 Tage csmicBoceprevir

Handelsname Victrelis, 200mg, 12 pro Tag, 15 USD je Pille. Also rund 150 ? am Tag. Also rund 45.000 USD pro Jahr. Wird vermutlich nicht dauerhaft zur zur Prophylaxe verwendet werden, aber möglicherweise zur Heilung oder alternativ zu den HIV-Medikamenten - Tivicay, Truvada, Atripla - falls die doch nicht oder nicht gut genug wirken. Hersteller: MSD  

05.06.20 19:24

2351 Postings, 841 Tage neymarGlaxosmithkline

Warum die Corona-Impfung nicht als Gewinntreiber taugt  

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