Environmental control

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diese Aktie könnte , wenn sie will 300 % machen ? aber wer weiß das schon so genau ..
auf jeden fall sehen die zukünftigen aussichten nicht aus ..

We?ve never hunted down a penny stock with so many MAJOR factors working in its favor, any one of which could send shares in EVCC soaring  or more on its own.

That?s because this company has a very real chance at securing a chunk of China?s $12 BILLION investment to clean up their air pollution? is in a strategic position to profit BIG from the global warming debate? has already been tested by Fortune 100 companies with tremendous results!

4 MAJOR factors that could cause
shares of EVCC to take off as much as
1,324% in the coming months:

1. The Results are In:

Environmental Control Corporation achieves unprecedented emission reductions for two-stroke engines! (scooter?s, lawnmowers, chainsaws, snowmobiles, etc.)

EVCC?s catalytic muffler was just put to the test by Canada?s Emissions Research and Measurement Division and the results are OUTSTANDING. EVCC technology was able to reduce total hydrocarbons and oxides by approximately 90% exceeding every US EPA and California Air Resource Board requirement.

As soon as global engine manufactures get a hold of these results, demand for this technology will soar ? sending shares through the roof!

2. The China Factor:

The real story in China isn?t their unquenchable thirst for oil or their misunderstood currency? it?s their choking pollution.

Most of China?s 1.3 billion citizens use scooters and mopeds as their primary source of transportation. Researches now know the world?s worst polluting engines are not SUV?s, airplanes or even tankers. Instead the worst culprits are small engines (lawnmowers, scooters, chainsaws, etc.)

With no emission controls (contrasted to larger engines where they?re required) small engines emissions have severely damaged 90% of China?s fragile grasslands. Without a strong root structure in place to keep the vast desert region in the northwest in tact, the desert is actually moving closer and closer into China?s cram-pact cities...

hoffentlich kopiert der Bäcker nicht diese Info und macht sie in seiner Trading chance bekannt als seine Aktie ??

eure  schleimig schmierende börsenschlange Mr. HIS

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6409 Postings, 5206 Tage OhioEnvironmental control o. T.

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6409 Postings, 5206 Tage OhioEnvironmental control

EVCC is already realizing their primary goal of targeting Fortune 100 companies as their first customers ? companies that have the money and resources to retro-fit their engines with this technology.

In fact several have already conducted independent tests at their own cost to do just that. And now EVCC is talking to 6 more!

Things are starting to move fast. And with patents locking up their technology ? along with no other competition ? EVCC could be the biggest market mover on any exchange in 2006!


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6409 Postings, 5206 Tage OhioEnvironmental control

vielleicht sollte man sie auf seine watchlist legen und beobachten und wenn sie dann anfängt nach oben zu steigen , dann evtl. kaufen ..
ich werde so erst verfahren !!  

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