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Elixir is steadily growing its business and diversifying risk by focusing on development and production opportunities located initially in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico and high impact exploration and appraisal opportunities both in the UK North Sea and in Europe.

Elixir will achieve growth in shareholder value by:

  • Rapidly identifying and securing on a low cost basis exploration prospects globally.
  • Utilising world leading technologies and in-house skills and experience to evaluate and mature exploration prospects within its portfolio to drill-ready status.
  • Farming out exploration prospects to industry to drill, whilst achieving an optimal balance between risk and reward for its shareholders.
  • Efficiently progressing all discoveries to commercial production.
  • Aggressively identifying and securing interests in development and production projects so as to achieve diversification and balance to exploration activities.
  • Actively participating as a joint venture partner in development projects to secure at lowest cost and on a timely basis additions to reserves, production and cashflow for the Group.
  • Developing and maintaining key industry relationships to allow the Company to maximise efficiency, control costs and access a broad range of oil and gas industry expertise.
  • Applying a combination of technical excellence, commercial innovation, speed and flexibility to mature the Company's portfolio and access new opportunities.


Investprofi.de das schlechteste Musterdepot und der übelste Börsenbrief aller Zeiten!!

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wird immer interessanter um die unkonventionellen Erdgasvorkommen auszubeuten.

Elixir Petrolium ist auf diesem Gebiet in den USA tätig, und das überaus erfolgreich.

Man schätz das weltweite Volumen von unkonventionellen Erdgas auf über 1700 Billionen m³ - alleine davon über 600 Billionen m³ in Nord- und Südamerika wo ELXPF aktiv ist.

Ein interessanter Wert - beobachten lohnt sich allemal.

Quelle: www.bgr.bund.de
Investprofi.de das schlechteste Musterdepot und der übelste Börsenbrief aller Zeiten!!

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