Dyesol massives rally steht bevor

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Dyesol Technology Draws International Interest

Dye Solar Cell

Additional orders from South East Asia have contributed to a record monthly turnover and further expanded the international presence of listed Australian renewable energy company, Dyesol Limited.

The orders, for dyes and other materials used Dyesol?s unique ?dye solar cell? technology, follow those already secured from Asia, Europe and North America in the company?s maiden year on the ASX.

Dyesol?s technology produces electricity by mimicking photosynthesis in Nature. Described as ?third generation? solar technology, dye solar cells are a significant advance over earlier crystalline silicon-based photovoltaic cells because they can produce electricity in low light conditions, even on overcast days.

?The new Thailand order represents the first outcome of our planned strategic alliance with that country?s National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) in which Dyesol is supplying materials to the product development program,? Dyesol?s Business Development Executive, Ken McKeen, said yesterday.

?This initiative by NSTDA is another strong commendation of Dyesol?s acceptance as the leading commercialiser and supplier to the dye solar cell international market place.?

The materials orders from Thailand and Taiwan, totalling more than $100,000, will generate a record order book for Dyesol in August.

Dyesol has also been invited to India to discuss the establishment of a funded collaborative development program with the Indian Government-sponsored International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials.

?This type of development program could provide Dyesol with a key opportunity to be on the ground for the commercialisation of dye solar cells in the potentially very large Indian market,? Dr Gavin Tulloch, Dyesol?s Principal for International Business said.

He added that a collaborative pilot work program announced in May this year with a FTSE 100 materials company in the United Kingdom, had been successfully completed and plans for a significant research and development program between the company and Dyesol were being progressed.

- 15 Aug 2006


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