DPBL aktuell $.03 hier gibt es bald ein Feuerwerk!

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2822 Postings, 7412 Tage thekeyDPBL aktuell $.03 hier gibt es bald ein Feuerwerk!

US-OTCBB-Tickersymbol: DPBL
Aktueller US-Kurs : $0.030
KZ: $.15

Authorized Shares: 500,000,000
Outstanding Shares: 172,593,852 confirmed by TA 12/05/06
45 Million shares were retired to the treasury in October 2006.

Press Release Source: Deep Blue, Inc.

Deep Blue, Inc. Explains Equity Investment
Monday November 20, 9:49 am ET

LAS VEGAS, NV--(MARKET WIRE)--Nov 20, 2006 -- Deep Blue, Inc. (Other OTCbreites GrinsenPBL.PK - News) explains equity investment news release from November 16, 2006.

The equity investment is anticipated to close within 45 days of mutual acceptance and final legal due diligence on the part of both respective boards of directors.

An escrow procedure must be addressed for all stock transfer issues. All parties must agree upon a percentage equity stake, all stock issued to the equity group will be Rule144 registered stock with a minimum of a two year hold period. Deep Blue, Inc. wishes to be extremely clear that this agreement is not a convertible debenture, nor is the stock held offshore outside US jurisdiction.

The Board of Directors passed a resolution with a stock lock-up provision that requires all Board Members to hold their stock for a three year period. The Lock-Up Period commenced on August 4, 2006 and will continue for three years. The agreement is not affected by separation from the company. This action was taken by the Board to demonstrate to the market the long-term commitment of its management team and as a catalyst in discussions with the private equity group. The equity group will be expected to follow their example.

The Board of Directors will hold a special meeting to discuss the current situation regarding the naked short selling of approximately 4 million shares of DPBL stock. Management believes several market makers could be in violation of SEC Regulation SHO, evidence is being assembled and will be forwarded to the proper authorities.

Management believes that the company may have no choice but to start the process of a symbol and cusip number change which will require all legitimate shareholders to exchange their DPBL common stock for certificates with new symbol and cusip numbers.

Deep Blue, Inc. (www.deepblueinc.com) is bringing to market an innovative patent-pending treatment, (Application Number 11/208,402), for HIV /AIDS and other viral infectious diseases.  

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2822 Postings, 7412 Tage thekeyUpdate DPBL

I just spoke with Mike Young.

He explained to me that he has the NOBO/OBO list and from what he knows about the shares cert'd by the directors, and the restricted shares, only 2M shares are free trading among us. This is technically not the float, but the float minus the certs.

He said there are 35M cert'd shares.

This is what I was able to calculate:

A/S:               500,000,000
O/S:               172,593,852
Float:              37,000,000
Cert'd:             35,000,000
Addl. restricted:  100,000,000
Free trading shares: 2,000,000
Short:              -6,000,000

We should have the first human trial results in January 2007.

07.12.06 03:53

2822 Postings, 7412 Tage thekeyGefundene Empfehlung


DPBL update 12/06/2006
DPBL no brainer at that level right now ($0.030)
Take the chance to average down!!!

DPBL ist ein klarer Kauf auf aktuellem Niveau ($0.030)
Nutzen Sie die Chance ihren Durchschnittskurs zu verbilligen!!!  

07.12.06 14:39

2822 Postings, 7412 Tage thekeyGleich gehts los


Free trading shares: 2,000,000

07.12.06 14:42

2822 Postings, 7412 Tage thekeyAriva Chart

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2822 Postings, 7412 Tage thekeyKurse und charts bei ariva


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sk $.014

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