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66 Postings, 7711 Tage brainyDIE NEUE AMAZON!!!!!


Derzeit bei 1,86$, heute aber schon auf 2,30$. Dies ist der Anfang, ZMRT ist entdeckt, jetzt gehts los! 10$ bis Ende 2000, langfristig DIE Aktie zum Reichwerden und Nichtsmehrtun (oder nur noch Traden von Zuhause).

Hier die Reco aus USA von WSG:

Zebramart.com (OTC BB: ZMRT)
Price - $0.86
Target Price - $40
Recommendation - Strong Buy

If you missed Amazon.com at $5.00 per share now is your second chance. Zebramart.com is a stock with tremendous earnings potential, an iron clad business plan, millions of clients, impressive products and a share price below $1.00. Luckily for individual investors Wall Street hasn`t taken notice, even after the company partnered with AOL/Time Warner and Roadrunner! Unlike the multitude of Internet e-tailers currently bumbling about the Internet, Zebramart.com has a focused approach and has become the world`s leader in the luxury segment of members-only online shopping.

When a bargain basement book from Amazon.com won`t do for the woman in your life with exquisite taste you can always find a Leopard and Brocade Handbag or a 14-karat gold link necklace at Zebramart.com; when you need a present for your rich uncle who has everything, Zebramart.com has the Sensory Science DVD Player/AV Receiver. Zebramart.com does a good job at what other e-tailing websites fail at-providing a focused, appealing selection of goods that consumers will buy regardless of the price (but maybe in some cases because of the price). Consumers no longer have to go to Paris of New York City for the highest quality, luxury goods, they only need go as far as their computer.

Zebramart.com works as a business because it hasn`t chosen to mimic
Amazon.com. The company hasn`t tried to be everything for everyone and it hasn`t tried to provide products for every price point. Zebramart.com
realized that trying to do those things just meant high costs and razor thin
margins. Instead Zebramart.com is pursuing the high-end market, which means fat margins, high top-line revenue and, unlike most companies doing business on the web, earnings! Zebramart.com`s other advantage is that it has direct access to its potential client base. In 1999 Zebramart.com entered into a strategic agreement with Time Warner (now AOL/Time Warner)/Roadrunner that allows clients of both Time Warner and Roadrunner to access Zebramart.com. More importantly, this relationship gives Zebramart.com access to literally millions of potential clients and free advertising to boot!

Because of its strategic partnership with AOL/Time Warner, Zebramart.com won`t have to spend millions on a Super Bowl ad. In other words, Zebramart.com will NOT spend $2.00 in advertising for every $1.00 in revenue brought in, like many of its competitors. The company has solved the problem of the online marketing money pit.

If you`re interested in value plays, Zebramart.com should be added to your portfolio. This company has figured out how to make money on the web. Don`t wait; this could be your opportunity to retire early!

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