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164 Postings, 6125 Tage andy22Centrex ! Kaufempfehlung! News! WKN: 541434

Die umsätze ziehen an, die Finanzierung ist durch, hier die adhoc news von heute!

(BSNS WIRE) Centrex Announces Closure of Private Placement with Joseph Steven
& Co.
Centrex Announces Closure of Private Placement with Joseph Stevens & Co.

Business Editors/Health/Medical Writers

TULSA, Okla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 25, 2003--Centrex (OTCBB:CNEX)
today announced that the Company has raised approximately $730,000 in
a private placement through Joseph Stevens & Co., Inc. In light of the
JSCI financing, the Company has terminated its investment banking
arrangement with H.D. Brous & Co. According to Dr. Thomas R. Coughlin,
Jr., Centrex`s CEO, the funds will be used to support ongoing research
at Los Alamos National Laboratory, to fund recently announced
development agreements with Stratos Product Development, LLC and
Micronics, Inc., and for general company operations. "We are
attempting to accelerate the development of a highly advanced
technology platform into products that will become powerful weapons
against bioterrorism. In addition, mature versions of the technology
have potential widespread applications in food and water processing,
screening of the blood supply and the field of general DNA testing."

About Joseph Stevens & Co. Inc.: Joseph Stevens & Co., Inc.
("JSCI" is a full service brokerage firm offering a variety of
services. It is primarily engaged in the business of researching,
purchasing and selling securities. However, as a registered
broker-dealer, JSCI also offers other financial products, such as
investment banking services, options, municipal and corporate bonds,
and mutual funds. JSCI also publishes and distributes market research
reports and letters as well as analyses of specific individual
securities, whenever such publications are deemed appropriate. In
addition, JSCI provides technical analysis of major indices for a wide
range of securities, with a focus on technology, fixed income and
currency markets. Its analysts often times are seen on financial media
shows or events.
JSCI clients include individuals, corporations, banks, thrift
institutions, pension and profit sharing plans, Individual Retirement
Accounts, Simplified Employee Pension accounts, trusts, estates,
charitable organizations and other business entities.

About Centrex, Inc.: Centrex, Inc., a development stage company,
owns the exclusive worldwide license to develop, manufacture and
market a system for the rapid, inexpensive and reliable detection of
specific microbial contaminants in air, food and water. Centrex`s
Single Molecule Detection (SMD) technology, developed at Los Alamos
National Laboratory, recognizes specific nucleic acid sequences (DNA
or RNA). SMD is an emerging field within bio-nanotechnology concerned
with identification, classification, spatial orientation and
manipulation of minute quantities of individual molecules. The Centrex
SMD technology can quickly detect bacteria or viruses by identifying
the DNA (or RNA) of the bacteria or virus. Contrasted with other types
of DNA identification, SMD requires far smaller test samples and hence
is very sensitive and fast. The SMD method is especially attractive
for bioagent sensors because of its discrimination, accuracy and
speed. It offers the potential for early warning combined with high
sensitivity and accurate identification of biological weapons agents.
The Centrex bioagent detection system is designed to be adaptable
and easily tailored to detect a variety of bacterial or viral
organisms through the unique genetic fingerprint of the organism. The
proposed device is a simultaneous multi-channel detection system that
is compact, fully automated and capable of monitoring the presence of
microbial contaminants in air, food and water.
For more information, visit the Centrex website at
www.centrexcorporation.com, or call Darren Bankston, Centrex Investor
Relations at 678-455-6914.

This press release contains some forward-looking statements. We
undertake no obligation to publicly update any forward-looking
statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or
otherwise. Forward-looking statements in this document should be
evaluated together with the many uncertainties that affect our
business. Those uncertainties are discussed in the Company`s SEC


26.08.03 11:45

164 Postings, 6125 Tage andy22Schon wieder im Plus! 12%!

Einfach im Depot liegen lassen..mehr braucht man nicht machen :-)
Die Kooperationen mit den anderen Firmen sagt doch schon eigentlich alles.Hier ist endlich mal eine Chance,sozusagen eine Firma von seinen Anfang zu begleiten bis richtig Kohle verdient wird.
Jetzt nicht lachen: Veridene die letzten Wochen gut bei Ebay...die Gewinne stecke ich weiter in Centrex und wahrscheinlich auch in Neomedia.
Mal sehen,wie die Postings hier Ende des nächsten Jahres aussehen :-)
Weiter Geduld und viel Erfolg an allen Centrex Investierten!!!


27.08.03 11:57

164 Postings, 6125 Tage andy22Und schon wieder 10% im Plus!

Seit einer Woche wird nur gekauft! Bald kommt der Ausbruch! Juhu! :-)  

27.08.03 14:27

2851 Postings, 6061 Tage HiGhLiFEin 2-3 Monaten 1000% ??

Bin auch seit einiger Zeit bei Centrex dabei und grade jetzt zu den Tiefstkursen sollte
man sich ordentlich eindecken.
Auffällig is das die Unterstützungslinie bei 0,06Cent echt bombenfest ist und
mit den tollen Volumina wird sich jetz richtig eingedeckt.
In nächster Zeit sollen neue News hinsichtlich der Kommerzialisierung der Produkte
kommen, Verträge mit Stratos und Micronics sind gemacht, bald gehts ab!


03.09.03 18:30

6 Postings, 6056 Tage kIdDINBiotech Wert mit Zukunft!

Es gibt neue vielversprechende News.
Schaut mal auf www.centrexcorporation.com

Das könnte echt das Investment des Lebens werden, Calypte is schon
Hardcore, aber was hier noch kommen wird, dass wird der Hammer.

05.09.03 14:09

3998 Postings, 6236 Tage hippelandWarum nicht?

Neben ein paar advectus 693000 jetzt auch ein paar 541434 im Depot.

Wenn nur eine davon einschlägt...

Microsoft hat ja auch mal mit 15 cts angefangen.


We'll see.


09.09.03 17:34

50 Postings, 6064 Tage goldmopsso langsam geht der Kurs nach oben o. T.

10.09.03 18:05

50 Postings, 6064 Tage goldmopsHeute keine bewegung o. T.

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