Breaking News: Indian Airlines Flugzeug hijacked

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351 Postings, 7104 Tage LittleMonkeyBreaking News: Indian Airlines Flugzeug hijacked

Hijacked Indian airliner lands in New Delhi, CNN confirms. Details soon.
Quelle: CNN  


03.10.01 23:01

95440 Postings, 7157 Tage Happy EndUpdate:

NEW DELHI, India (CNN) -- A Boeing 737 hijacked en route from Mumbai to New Delhi landed here Wednesday, sources with Indian Airlines told CNN.

All 54 passengers were reported safe.

The plane belonging to Alliance Air, a division of Indian Airlines, landed safely and was taken to a separate enclosure at the airport.

The pilot of the plane asked for two engineers to come on board, but it was not clear why.

There was no word on who was responsible for the hijacking.

All airports across India have been on alert for the past three or four days because a militant group fighting for independence on the Indian side of Kashmir reportedly issued warnings it would strike at airports.


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1152 Postings, 7140 Tage borglingDas war gar kein hijack!!! Sowas aber auch. Gruß o.T.

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