Aurora Cannabis - Kanada & die Legalisierung

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24.06.19 15:12

1244 Postings, 3151 Tage body1Aurora und Latein Amerika

Aurora paid C$290 million for ICC Labs, and in my view it was well worth it; although I believe the Latin American market will take more time to develop than some of its European counterparts, even though the continent is more liberal in its outlook concerning cannabis than other regions of the world.

Part of that comes from the need to build up various aspects of infrastructure associated with the industry, as well as boost the amount of production capacity to meet demand in the market, along with competing in other markets.

In 2018 the Latin American market was valued at $125 million, and is projected to grow to $12.7 billion by 2028. I think it could be far larger than that.

Medical cannabis has been considered to be the largest segment of that market, but the rapid increase in production capacity in Columbia will probably change the product mix going forward, as it boosts low-cost  recreational pot exports over time.  

25.06.19 09:40

1244 Postings, 3151 Tage body1Aurora bald profitabel ?! Wäre auch Einzigartig

Aurora Cannabis Could be Among the First Marijuana Sellers to Turn a Profit

BY Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
? 2:49 PM ET 06/24/2019

Aurora Cannabis ( ACB ) is on track to be the one of the first big marijuana firms to turn a profit. That could come as soon as this quarter, according to Cowen analyst Vivien Azer.
The back story. Aurora Cannabis ( ACB ) sold 9 metric tons of marijuana last quarter, but that wasn't enough to beat Wall Street's bar for revenue and adjusted earnings. At the time, BMO Capital Markets analyst Tamy Chen was concerned about a lack of supply that could hinder its path to profitability.

Aurora stock closed at $9.25 3 months ago. Since then it has shed a fifth of its value, sinking to $ 7.30 at Friday's close. Some have been bullish, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Cowen among them, while others, including Stifel's Andrew Carter, prefer rival Canopy Growth.
What's new. Azer called Aurora stock her top marijuana pick, in a note to clients on Monday. She wrote that while other firms struggle with larger losses, Aurora could reach positive earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, or Ebitda, this quarter. Compare that with Canopy, which posted an expanded Ebitda loss of 98 million Canadian dollars (US$74.3 million) when in reported fiscal fourth quarter earnings last week.
"At a time when EBITDA losses across the industry are elevated, we have a strong appreciation for

ACB's operational rigor," Azer wrote.
She noted that Aurora holds a No. 2 position in recreational-use revenue and is among the best at keeping a variety of products in stock in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. She also said it has the largest cultivation footprint in Canada, which gives the company the infrastructure to increase its revenue in the medical market during a weaker recreational market.
Aurora stock was up 2.1% to $7.45 Monday afternoon. The S&P 500 was nearly flat.
Looking ahead. Azer maintained an Outperform rating, noting that it should trade at a premium to its peers "given its near term path to profitability in conjunction with strong early stage execution within the nascent Canadian cannabis adult use market."

She said that as the recreational-use market evolves, she looks for better industry supply to support bricks-and- mortar stores and draw more market share from illicit sellers.
Health Canada will also begin evaluating second-wave Cannabis products, such as vapes and edibles, in October. The process will take 60 days, meaning those products wouldn't hit the shelves until at least mid to late December. When that does happen, Azer expects Aurora to focus its efforts on vapor, although "they will likely carry a diverse portfolio of products."
She said Aurora could add revenue via its operations in Germany and Australia, and attract a big-time strategic partner " likely brokered by strategic advisor Nelson Peltz."
Write to Connor Smith at

25.06.19 09:53

1 Posting, 246 Tage berndwirthIs it possible that cannabis will help USA economy

That´s a very interesting Information, I really belive that aurora Cannabis will turn a profit to sellers.
I also read one day ago an article (in german) which contained that cannabis-shares could help the economy of the USA with growing.  What do you think of that?

27.06.19 19:15

4837 Postings, 357 Tage Gonzodererstewann wird das endlich was

mit dem Kurs? ich will endlich grün sehen.... alle meine wunderbaren Kollegen sagen, dass wird dieses Jahr nix mehr, nächstes vielleicht, alle Vorzeichen stehen auf gogogo und nix rührt sich, Amis sind dumme Menschen Beyond beaf hähähä KGV mal anschauen nachdenken Finger weg, genau wie Nel.... wann kommt der Hype endlich wieder auf Cannabis? im Sommer kiffen ist doch viel schöner als im Winter :-)) und wenn mich jetzt wieder einermüdet wegen pushen gibt es eins auf die Nase.......  

27.06.19 21:02

30 Postings, 3143 Tage MupucklAlles relativ

10 % in 4 Tagen. Rechne selbst weiter hoch :)  

27.06.19 21:23

3123 Postings, 651 Tage AhorncanZahlen kommen so Anfang August

Bis dahin denke ich wird sich der Kurs bis 8 ? erholen. Die anderen Werte sind gut gelaufen und ein Wechsel zu Aurora ist wahrscheinlich.

Das 4. Quartal (30.06.) soll ja mit Gewinn abgeschlossen werden. Die Berichterstatter werden sich hier vermehren, da ja die anderen Cannabis Firmen bis dahin durch sind mit Zahlen Meldungen.

Gonzocanna :)) Geduld zählt sich immer aus. Jede Ampel schaltet mal von Rot auf Grün.  

27.06.19 22:31

3123 Postings, 651 Tage Ahorncan15$

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28.06.19 11:11

1244 Postings, 3151 Tage body1Aurora vs. Canopy

ich gehe davon aus, dass sich Aurora an die Kursbewertung von Canopy annähern wird oder sogar eine gewisse Umschichtung von Canopy zu Aurora!

Die Kursbewegungen in letzter Zeit waren dazu da um Aktien zu Akkumulieren: Bestimmte Markteilnehmer laden sich systematisch auf. Hierzu bedarf es eben diese down und up Kurs-Allüren.

stop-loss absammeln usw.

Auch hierzu ist Peltz in der Lage mit seinen wallstreet-boys and girls ( jedem "Freund/Geschäftspartner" wird ein lukratives BUY-IN ermöglicht ! ;-)

es wird spannend...  

28.06.19 11:13

1244 Postings, 3151 Tage body1Aurora und Substanz

Production capacity, revenue and positive EBITDA

No company comes close to Aurora Cannabis in production capacity, as it should be able to produce about 625,000 kilograms annually by early 2020, and of course its revenue will climb in conjunction with the increase.

What's most impressive about this when measured against any of the top producers is Aurora will be easily the first company to become profitable in the sector. This is one of the major reasons billionaire Nelson Pelz had advised the company that it didn't have any reason to seek out a major partner for the purpose of raising capital.

That doesn't mean the company isn't going to enter into some partnerships with large companies, only that they're going to be structured differently than giving up large stakes in the Aurora in exchange for cash. I expect them to be more on the distribution side of the business with shared profits.  

28.06.19 11:15

4837 Postings, 357 Tage Gonzoderersteoh Gott

was für eine These, es ist einfach so das es keine Zahlen gibt, Perspektiven sind alle bereits im Kurs einer sehr gut gelaufenen Aktie enthalten und der Hype liegt gerade woanders, irgendwann taucht die Welle der Zucker auch wieder hier auf, ein Wanderpokal  

28.06.19 12:07

3832 Postings, 1496 Tage aktienpowerGonzodererste

Es hat garnichts mit dem Hype zu tun !!
Wenn hier der Name Coca Cola fällt, dann gibts es hier eine Massenhysterie der extraklasse .....  

28.06.19 13:09

1244 Postings, 3151 Tage body1stock picking time ;-)

das "richtige timing im Einklang mit den "großen" Jungs !  
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28.06.19 13:13

1244 Postings, 3151 Tage body1Ergänzung zu #2187

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28.06.19 14:44

1244 Postings, 3151 Tage body1Kooperation Aurora zw. Hempco Food and Fiber Inc.

Hempco Food and Fiber Inc. Signs Definitive Agreement with Aurora Cannabis For Acquisition of Remaining Interest in Hempco Food and Fiber  

28.06.19 14:50

3123 Postings, 651 Tage AhorncanDas komische daran ist....

Die ?großen Jungs? hatten weniger Umsatz als Aurora und ihr Minus wurde verdoppelt bei den letzten Zahlen. Probleme bei denen wird es auch in Zukunft geben weil sich ihre tollen Partner in den Firmen eingekauft haben ohne dass daraus bisher mehr Umsatz geschrieben wurde. Wenn die Chefs da nicht aufpassen haben irgendwann die Partner das Sagen.

28.06.19 14:57

3123 Postings, 651 Tage AhorncanHempco sieht doch gut aus :))

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28.06.19 15:01

3123 Postings, 651 Tage Ahorncanbody1

an welcher Stelle hast du gekauft ?   ;-)  

28.06.19 15:09

1244 Postings, 3151 Tage body1Ich habe gekauft/ gesammelt zwischen ...

9,66 $ und aktuell 7,78$ ! ... und bin damit genügend investiert  

28.06.19 15:11

1244 Postings, 3151 Tage body1soll ja leute geben die kaufen immer tiefst und

verkaufen immer höchst ... sooo super bin ich nicht ! heehhe

aber ich freu mich über meine Anteile  

02.07.19 09:29

1244 Postings, 3151 Tage body1Aurora anders als die Anderen !

Revenue vs. earnings

For some time I've been on record saying the companies most rewarded in the short term would be those that generate the most revenue. This is one of the major reasons Canopy Growth has been rewarded with such a high valuation.

That said, I've also said companies are going to have to start whittling down their costs as they boost revenue. Aurora has been doing an excellent job at it while Canopy Growth continues to suffer large losses.

For example, while Aurora has guided for probable profitability in this quarter, Canopy Growth reported an EBITDA loss of approximately $74.3 million in the last reporting period.

Over the next several quarters Aurora is going to have a lot of inventory to sell as it harvests from its huge capacity, while lowering the costs to the point of being profitable. This, in my view, is going to result in the company standing far above all of its competitors.

It also has the potential to add another 400,000 kilograms annually based upon its existing facilities and holdings.

Aurora Cannabis (ACB) Separating Itself from the Rest of the Pack
SmarterAnalyst          § (Ben Mahaney)
SmarterAnalystJuly 1, 2019
There are several things aligning for Aurora Cannabis (ACB) that will rapidly separate it from its competitors, including Canopy Growth. Among a number of areas, it leads the industry in production capacity, international markets it operates in, and is quickly slashing cost per gram to the point it should drop below a dollar a gram.

As it's doing this, it's ramping up its production rate to the point it will be selling a significantly larger amount of cannabis that produces positive EBITDA in the very near future; probably in this quarter, but without a doubt in the next quarter.

With that amount of inventory, and its production capacity expected to climb to a run-rate of about 625,000 kilograms annually by the first calender quarter of 2020, this will provide Aurora with a flexibility to allocate its product to various segments that none of its competitors can match at this time.

That's important to take into consideration because in the last quarter it reported it had to hold back some of its inventory in order to ensure it would meet its medical cannabis demand. That resulted in the loss of recreational pot sales that could have boosted its performance in the quarter.


05.07.19 10:51

1244 Postings, 3151 Tage body1Visualisierte Unternehmensübersicht Aurora


07.07.19 14:44

239 Postings, 763 Tage Goldman-SaxWann nochmal kommen die Q Zahlen?

07.07.19 18:06

3123 Postings, 651 Tage AhorncanAnfang August.....

07.07.19 18:45

239 Postings, 763 Tage Goldman-SaxThx Aho..

08.07.19 10:14

1244 Postings, 3151 Tage body1Aurora pumpt sich weiter auf !

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB): A Leader Making Big Investments...
Aurora Cannabis is another Canadian cannabis giant. While the company already has a very strong market cap, sitting at nearly $8 billion, many (including analysts) argue that it is poised for strong growth ahead. There are a couple of reasons for this.

With the legalization of adult use recreational cannabis in Canada, the biggest hurdle for the company was taken out of the way. Now, the company?s growing production capacity gives it a strong competitive advantage in its sector.

In fact, the company is working on a massive expansion of its 92,000 square foot operation. Back in April of 2018, Aurora announced that it would be expanding its facility by adding a 1.1 million square foot greenhouse.

While most cannabis producers in Canada have a strong focus on the recreational sector, Aurora Cannabis seems to be taking a different approach. The company is focused primarily on the medical side of the cannabis sector. While the medical side of the sector offers a smaller overall revenue opportunity, the company?s leadership and larger margins than seen in recreational cannabis make this a strong choice.

All in all, Aurora Cannabis seems to have made the right moves at the right times to date and continues to do just that. As such, if you?re interested in the cannabis sector, this is one to watch.


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