Apollo IPO - Bush & Greenspan im Aufsichtsrat ;)

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18637 Postings, 6790 Tage jungchenApollo IPO - Bush & Greenspan im Aufsichtsrat ;)

An IPO straight from the Twilight Zone
SEC would like to talk to Xiaobo Lucy Luo

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 Updated at 5:22 AM EDT
From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

Whoever Xiaobo Lucy Luo is, she sure is ambitious, and U.S. regulators want to know just what she is up to.

Ms. Luo's Canadian-based company, Apollo Publication Corp., has apparently managed to put together a board of directors that includes U.S. President George W. Bush, U.S. Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter and former Canadian prime minister Jean Chrétien. Mr. Bush is listed as Apollo's chairman, president and first director, while Ms. Luo is chief executive officer and first director.

And that's not all. Apollo's chief financial officer is supposedly Prime Minister Paul Martin and the treasurer is ex-finance minister John Manley. A host of world leaders also toil away for Apollo, including British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who "deals with products and management" in the United Kingdom. Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Jacques Chirac, and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan are also listed as "controllers." Even Cuban President Fidel Castro is said to work for Apollo overseeing operations in Cuba.

According to the firm's website, Apollo sells a range of magazines, newspapers, compact discs and other products. Its mission is: "to found an Imperial of Earth (IOE) with one God Luo, one language, one culture, one history, one law, one standard, one currency, one postal, etc on one land of earth of solo solar system." As for results, Apollo says it expects revenue to soar from $3.6-billion (U.S.) in 2005 to $14.5-billion in 2007. Profit will leap from $2.2-billion to $4.4-billion.

All of those claims, and many more, were listed in a detailed prospectus Apollo filed last week with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The filing was a first step toward going public on Nasdaq this November at $145 a share. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce was listed as lead underwriter, although that was a surprise to the bank.

The filing was dutifully posted on an SEC website, called Edgar, and reported by a number of investment newsletters as an upcoming IPO. This week, the SEC moved to block the offering and launched an investigation. In a court filing, the SEC alleged Apollo made "materially false and misleading statements" and violated a host of filing regulations. John Nester, an SEC spokesman, declined comment. Sources familiar with the case say it's one of the most bizarre filings the SEC has ever received. So far, no one seems to know much about Ms. Luo.

Anyone can file a prospectus for an IPO on the Edgar system, usually for free. The filings are not initially screened because of the volume of material sent in every day. "There are 15,000 issuers," said a source familiar with Edgar. "It's in real time. It comes in and it goes right into the system unfiltered." All IPOs are screened by SEC staff before shares are allowed to be sold to the public and sources say that's how the Apollo document was uncovered.

Many of the those named in the filing were at a loss to explain how they got there. A spokesman for CIBC said the bank has nothing to do with Apollo and only found out about the company this week when it was contacted by the SEC.

Mr. Martin's spokeswoman Melanie Gruer laughed when told about his role as Apollo's CFO. "Holy Cripes," she said. "The PM's investments are filed with the Ethics Commissioner. I will check, but I am not aware of that one."

Calls to Apollo's office in Windsor, Ont., were not returned. An e-mail to Ms. Luo seeking information elicited this reply: "We are glad to receive your e-mail. We shall contact you if we think it is necessary. Please send your e-mail again if you have more concern. Thanks a lot."

Heavy hitters

Some of Apollo Publication Corp's directors and their duties:

George W Bush, chairman/

president: Considers recommendations on executive compensation.

Jean Chrétien, independent

director: Peer quality control


Fidel Castro, controller: Deals with management of performance on public policies in Cuba.

Source: Apollo website


September 14, 2005 latimes.com : WALL ST. ROUNDUP
From Bloomberg News

The Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking to halt a $3.6-billion initial public offering by a Canadian publisher that claims "Al Greenspan" as an auditor and seeks to unite the world using one language and one postage stamp.

Apollo Publication Corp. said in its IPO filing that former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter served as directors, the SEC said Tuesday, and also falsely claimed that Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce was leading the stock sale, the SEC said.

"When God created the universe, her children have lived on the planets and stars like Earth all over the universe," Apollo says in its company overview.

Apollo declined to comment.


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18637 Postings, 6790 Tage jungchen*LOL* herrlich...


September 14, 2005 -- It's supposed to be the mother of all IPOs ? the one to conquer the world.
The drawback of the $3.6 billion IPO filed by Apollo Publications Corp. is that it's likely a gag or a crackpot scheme by someone named Xiaobo Lucy Luo.

The filing says Lucy will share control with kin, who include those with "the family name" of Gore, Bush, Lott, and Hu, among others. Heading the audit committee is "Al Greenspan."


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