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7145 Postings, 5593 Tage cziffraAktuelle Fed-Progrose!

             Änderung  Satz
29. JUNI*
PROGNOSE      +0,25     5,25
10. Mai       +0,25     5,00
28. März      +0,25     4,75
31. Januar    +0,25     4,50
13. Dezember  +0,25     4,25
01. November  +0,25     4,00
20. September +0,25     3,75
09. August    +0,25     3,50
30. Juni      +0,25     3,25
03. Mai       +0,25     3,00
22. März      +0,25     2,75
02. Februar   +0,25     2,50
14. Dezember  +0,25     2,25
10. November  +0,25     2,00
21. September +0,25     1,75
10. August    +0,25     1,50
30. Juni      +0,25     1,25
25. Juni      -0,25     1,00
06. November  -0,50     1,25
11. Dezember  -0,25     1,75
06. November  -0,50     2,00
02. Oktober   -0,50     2,50
17. September -0,50     3,00
21. August    -0,25     3,50
27. Juni      -0,25     3,75
15. Mai       -0,50     4,00
18. April     -0,50     4,50
20. März      -0,50     5,00
31. Januar    -0,50     5,50
03. Januar    -0,50     6,00
16. Mai       +0,50     6,50
21. März      +0,25     6,00
02. Februar   +0,25     5,75
- * Veröffentlichung: 29. Juni 2006, 20:15 Uhr MESZ
- Quelle Daten: Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)
Sitzungen des FOMC 2006:
- 08.08.
- 20.09.
- 24.10.
- 12.12.
Sitzung des FOMC 2007:
- 30.01./31.01.

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7145 Postings, 5593 Tage cziffra*Fed Lifts Rates 0.25-Pt To 5.25%Signals May Pause

*Fed Lifts Rates 0.25-Pt To 5.25%; Signals May Pause
  By Brian Blackstone
  WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--The Federal Reserve on Thursday raised official rates
a 17th-straight time by one quarter point but stepped back from its pre-
commitment to further rate increases, suggesting it may pause the tightening
campaign if infltion readings subside.
  The Federal Open Market Committee, as universally expected, voted unanimously
to increase the Fed funds rate by 0.25 percentage point to 5.25%, its highest
level since March 2001. In a Dow Jones Newswires-CNBC survey taken before the
meeting, all 21 primary dealers polled predicted that result.
  Only ten of a potential 12 FOMC members voted. Former Vice Chairman Roger
Ferguson resigned in April, and Governor Mark Olson plans to leave the central
  The Board of Governors also approved an increase in the largely symbolic
discount rate to 6.25% from 6%. XXXXX regional Fed banks made the request,
versus 11 that requested last month's quarter-point discount rate hike.
  "Although the moderation in the growth of aggregate demand should help limit
inflation pressues over time, the Committee judges that some inflation risks
remain," the FOMC said.
  The FOMC deleted its May statement that "some further policy firming may yet
be needed to address inflation risks," suggesting anothr rate increase isn't a
done deal.
  "The extent and timing of any such firming that may be needed will depend on
the evolution of the outlook for both inflation and economic growth, as implied
by incoming information," officials added.
  Officials acknowledged a spate of above-consensus core inflation numbers,
saying core inflation "has been elevated." It repeated that inflation
expectations remain contained.
  In the two previous FOMC statements, in March and May, officials said higher
energy and commodity prices had "only a modest effect" on core inflation.
  The consumer price index excluding food and energy has posted three straight
0.3% monthly increases - two of those reports came after May 10 - and the Fed's
preferred gauge, the core personal consumption expenditures price index, is
running slightly above the Fed's 1% to 2% comfort zone.
  Inflation expectations, measured by household surveys and nominal and
inflation-linked bond yields, spiked in May but have come down some in the past
  Officials also said for a fifth-straight time that possible increases in
resource use - a nod to the 4.6% unemployment rate and rising industrial
capacity usage - could boost underlying inflation.
  And they reiterated that upcoming moves will be dependent on economic data.
Against a backdrop of slower growth and rising price pressures, economists are
split on whether the Fed will raise rates at its August meeting or pause for the
first time in more than two years.
  Indeed, reflecting the conflicting forces officials face, the FOMC also noted
an economic slowdown is underway.
  Economists widely expect gross domestic product in the second quarter to slow
markedly from the first quarter's rapid 5.6% pace - more than two full
percentage points above the rate most economists consider to be the economy's
noninflationary potential. Some economists expect growth in the current quarter
to come in below 3%, which should take pressure off stretched resources.
  Indeed, employment gains have cooled so far in the second quarter and
consumer spending appears to be slowing.
  The FOMC repeated its assessment that "a gradual cooling of the housing
market and the lagged effects of increases in interest rates and energy prices"
would act to trim growth.
  Bernanke will have a chance to further elaborate on the economy and interest-
rate outlook when he presents the FOMC's semiannual monetary report and
testimony to Congress on July 19.
  -By Brian Blackstone; Dow Jones Newswires; 202-828-3397; brian.
  (Campion Walsh and Benton Ives-Halperin contributed to this article)
  (END) Dow Jones Newswires
  June 29, 2006 14:16 ET (18:16 GMT)

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7145 Postings, 5593 Tage cziffraZinsbeschluss im Wortlaut:

DOKUMENTATION/Der FOMC-Zinsbeschluss im Wortlaut
   Dow Jones Newswires sendet im Anschluss den Wortlaut des Zinsbeschlusses der
US-Notenbank Federal Reserve vom Donnerstag:
   "The Federal Open Market Committee decided today to raise its target for the
federal funds rate by 25 basis points to 5-1/4 percent.
   Recent indicators suggest that economic growth is moderating from its quite
strong pace earlier this year, partly reflecting a gradual cooling of the
housing market and the lagged effects of increases in interest rates and energy
   Readings on core inflation have been elevated in recent months. Ongoing
productivity gains have held down the rise in unit labor costs, and inflation
expectations remain contained. However, the high levels of resource utilization
and of the prices of energy and other commodities have the potential to sustain
inflation pressures.
   Although the moderation in the growth of aggregate demand should help to
limit inflation pressures over time, the Committee judges that some inflation
risks remain. The extent and timing of any additional firming that may be needed
to address these risks will depend on the evolution of the outlook for both
inflation and economic growth, as implied by incoming information. In any event,
the Committee will respond to changes in economic prospects as needed to support
the attainment of its objectives.
   Voting for the FOMC monetary policy action were: Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman;
Timothy F. Geithner, Vice Chairman; Susan S. Bies; Jack Guynn; Donald L. Kohn;
Randall S. Kroszner; Jeffrey M. Lacker; Sandra Pianalto; Kevin M. Warsh; and
Janet L. Yellen.
   In a related action, the Board of Governors unanimously approved a 25-basis-
point increase in the discount rate to 6-1/4 percent. In taking this action, the
Board approved the requests submitted by the Boards of Directors of the Federal
Reserve Banks of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta,
Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Dallas."

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7145 Postings, 5593 Tage cziffra"Inflationsrisiken verbleiben"

ADL: US-Notenbank: Einige Inflationsrisiken verbleiben - werden Daten beobachten
   WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) - Die US-Notenbank Federal Reserve (Fed) sieht nach
ihrer Zinserhöhung weiter "einige" verbleibende Inflationsrisken. Weitere
Zinsentscheidungen hingen von den einlaufenden Daten zu Inflation und Wachstum
ab, teilte die US-Notenbank am Donnerstag in Washington mit. Zuvor hatte die Fed
den Leitzins um 0,25 Prozentpunkte auf 5,25 Prozent erhöht.
   Die Fed werde jederzeit auf Veränderungen der wirtschaftlichen Aussichten
reagieren, um ihre Ziele zu erreichen.
   Inflationspotenzial gebe es weiterhin durch die hohe Kapazitätsauslastung
und die hohen Energie- und Rohstoffpreise, heißt es in der Mitteilung. Gedämpft
werde der Inflationsdruck jedoch durch eine Abschwächung der Nachfrage.
   Der geldpolitische Ausschuss (FOMC) sieht eine "gewisse Abschwächung" des im
ersten Halbjahr hohen Wirtschaftswachstums. Dies sei eine Folge der Abkühlung
des Immobilienmarktes und verzögerter Wirkungen der gestiegenen Leitzinsen und
   Alle Mitglieder des geldpolitischen Ausschusses stimmten für die

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