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Iraqi 'Most-Wanted' Deck of Playing Cards$9.95 $5.95

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You've seen these cards on the nightly news. They've been featured in newspapers worldwide. Now you can own the one true collector's item from Operation Iraqi Freedom. This is the same 55-card deck given to Coalition soldiers featuring the Iraq's 52 "Most-Wanted" leaders.

Don't wait on this one! This is one of the hottest items in the country and we can barely keep them in stock! Set of four quantity-priced decks also available. Buy them for poker night or to hand out to your friends and family!

This deck is printed by the same company supplying these cards to the US Embassy in Kuwait. This is a real, usable deck of playing cards, printed on casino-quality stock. Don't be fooled by imitations!

Also available: Exclusive 'Iraq's Most Wanted' Poster. Features all 55 cards. High-quality full-color print on glossy stock.

Iraqi 'Most-Wanted' Deck of Playing Cards
Iraqi 'Most-Wanted' Playing Cards (enlarge)  

16.04.03 11:38

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