ADVANCED LUMITECH !!!! (ADLU) obtained product liability insurance

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311 Postings, 7641 Tage papadopeADVANCED LUMITECH !!!! (ADLU) obtained product liability insurance

Endlich ist es passiert sie haben für Ihr Produkt Brithec, das unbedenklichkeitszertifikat vom US staat bekommen und beginnen jetzt mit dem Verkauf ... !!!!! Siehe Link !!!!!!
mit allen NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gestern +70% heute schon wieder 15% und mehr !!!!!!!!! da kommt erst noch Musik rein !!!!!!!!! ........... Leute haltet euch fest !!!!!!


20.04.00 00:57

597 Postings, 7676 Tage doousHoffe das Managment kann damit was anfangen ...

... jetzt wird sich zeigen ob die Auftragsbücher, wie schon vor Wochen auf Bloomberg angekündigt, wirklich voll sind ... auserdem werden wir erst noch sehen muessen ob es einen Markt dafür gibt, wenn ja, dann zweistellige Kurse, ansonsten kannst du die Scheine zum tapezieren benutzen :)
... hoffe eher auf das erstere ...

ein auf die kommenden spannenden? Wochen wartender doous!      

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518 Postings, 7583 Tage ber1.... gute Info zu ADVANCED LUMITECH ! wurde ja auch mal zeit ....

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48 Postings, 7700 Tage bürstelRe: ADVANCED LUMITECH

Da fährt man mal einige Tage über Ostern weg und dann kommt die Nachricht auf die ich schon sooooo lange gewartet habe. ADLU hat seine Genehmigung und AMD ist über 80. Mal schaun wie es mit ADLU nun weitergeht....haben ja lange genug gezittert.  

29.05.00 13:18

311 Postings, 7641 Tage papadopeADLU NEWS/zahlen

Remember this: Strong Buy Recommendation and Confirms
 Year 2000 $6 Target Price for Advanced Lumitech, Inc. (ADLU)
 Advanced Lumitech, Inc. (ADLU) continues to capitalize upon its virtually unlimited lucrative
 business opportunities that exist due to the unique nature and limitless product applications of
 the Company?s luminescence technology ? marketed under the name Brightec™. ADLU
 awards application- and geographic-specific licenses of this technology, which can be utilized in
 numerous high-growth industry sectors and sold to geographic markets worldwide. Revenues
 are generated from the sale of Brightec products through licensees and directly by the
 ADLU?s European Road Show for Institutional Investors was a tremendous success. The trip
 resulted in the Company forging strong contacts with large foreign investors, significantly
 increasing the European investment community?s awareness of and interest in Advanced
 Lumitech stock, and ? best of all ? generating substantial institutional investment in the
 Company?s common shares through two large transactions.
 As a result of the road show that highlighted ADLU?s $5 million private placement, last week the
 Company reported that RMF ? Funds, Luxembourg bought one million shares of Advanced
 Lumitech?s common stock (or approximately 4% of the Company?s issued and outstanding
 common shares). The primary client of this $80 million aggressive high-growth fund is a large
 European insurance group based in Germany.
 Another European player also took a sizable stake in the Company?s stock, with ADLU placing
 a $375,000 unit of its shares and warrants private placement offering with an influential
 investment group based in Frankfurt, Germany.
 Given the tremendous investment opportunity that ADLU represents, especially at current
 trading levels, we expect that the stock?s heightened exposure within the European investment
 community (resulting from the road show and last week?s two transactions) will generate a
 sustained interest in Advanced Lumitech shares. Since the Company boasts significant
 competitive advantages and a prudent yet very aggressive expansion plan, we foresee
 considerable trading of the stock in Europe and greater coverage by overseas analysts and
 brokerage firms.
 We are also very excited to say that even more widespread coverage of Advanced Lumitech
 among the financial sector has resulted from 20 five-minute spots that aired on Bloomberg
 television during the weekend of November 12th. This programming highlighted the Company,
 its current operations, its successful growth history, its exciting expansion plans as well as the
 applications and competitive advantages of its Brightec products. The Bloomberg spots showed
 an interview with a representative of Advanced Lumitech who also discussed the current stock
 valuation as well as his forecast of considerable demand for the stock in the near future.
 By tapping into the highly regarded Bloomberg television audience and achieving greater
 European interest and coverage, we expect a substantial upward movement in ADLU?s share
 price during the next few months. Over the long-term, we foresee continued improvements in
 the stock?s valuation levels given a number of factors ? the most pertinent of which include:
 ? The fundamental strengths of Advanced Lumitech?s operating strategy
 ? The explosive growth in ADLU?s target markets for product sales and licenses
 ? The Company?s firm commitment to achieving greater recognition and coverage among the
 world?s investment communities
 These factors should enable ADLU to achieve a broader shareholder base, which in turn should
 support the stock?s considerable upside pressure that we have identified. We expect this
 environment to result in steady stock appreciation in the next few months and over the
 Stockreporter is very bullish on Advanced Lumitech and continues to see dynamic profit
 opportunities for investors, especially at the stock?s current undervalued trading levels of less
 than $1 per share. We anticipate exceptional top and bottom line growth from the Company, as
 illustrated by the following projections for the year 2000 and 20001.
 Gross Revenues:
 Year 2000: $15,269,673
 Year 2001: $175,877,625
 Gross Profit Margin:
 Year 2000: $1,607,334
 Year 2001: $38,241,840
 Even if we take our very conservative year 2000 revenue estimate of roughly $15,300,000 and
 a revenue multiple of only 12, we consider that a market capitalization of $184,000,000 is
 clearly justified for Advanced Lumitech, even on a conservative basis. Hence, we reiterate our
 price target for ADLU stock at a minimum of $6 per share for the year 2000 (with
 approximately 30,200,000 shares issued and outstanding).
 According to these estimates, the Company?s recent coverage on Bloomberg television, and the
 significant equity stakes taken in ADLU shares last week by leading European financial players,
 we conclude that Advanced Lumitech stock is drastically undervalued at a current price of less
 than $1 per share. Stockreporter recommends that investors who are interested in above
 average returns over the short, medium, and long terms establish and/or increase their holdings
 in the Company. We believe that Advanced Lumitech is currently one of the most exciting and
 promising investment opportunities for both retail and institutional investors, and that ADLU
 shares will be one of the best performing telecommunications stocks in the next few weeks,
 months, and years to come.  

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