10bagger - Chance deines Lebens SLJB!

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22.08.06 10:08

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan410bagger - Chance deines Lebens SLJB!

Das wichtigste zuerst:

Die letzten Quartalsergebnisse (30.06.) wurden noch nicht publiziert, diese sollten demnächst veröffentlicht werden (diese oder nächste Woche)... ich kann euch nur sagen schlagt zu...

Doch was erwartet uns?!?! sollte man den Planzahlen (die der CEO Steve Sulja kommentierte) glauben, so erwarten SLJB im Jahr 2006 ein !!!EBITDA!!! in Höhe von 26 Mio USD und das bei einer Marktkap. von lediglich 14 Mio USD!!!!

Und jetzt haltet euch fest - Planzahlen für 2007 EBITDA 93,95 MIO USD bei einem Umsatz von 300 Mio!!!!! USD

Kurspotential mit Ende 2006 von 0,78USD
             mit 2007 von 2,82USD!!!!!!!!!

Interesse geweckt?!?!
eine genaue Analyse seht ihr unter www.urev.net/SLJB/Analysis.html


22.08.06 10:11

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4WKN

Kennummer: A0KEL3
US-Kürzel: SLJB


22.08.06 10:19

916 Postings, 5097 Tage SchnatziWo sind die denn handelbar?

Bei Consors bekomm ich keinen Kurs...  

22.08.06 10:23

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4@schnatzi

sind nur in Amerika handelbar... pink sheet..

besonders gefällt mir die aussage des ceo vom 11. august.... "our shareholders will soon see why SLJB did not need to reverse split the stock to meet our up listing goals" ;o)))


22.08.06 10:26

916 Postings, 5097 Tage SchnatziJa das hört sich gut an...

Aber ich kann die nicht über Consors kaufen... Komisch!  

22.08.06 10:30

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4@schnatzi

es kann natürlich sein dass consor´s edv diese kennummer nicht kennt dann genügt normalerweise ein anruf bzw mail, dass diese kennummer aktiviert wird.... kenn das von meiner bank...


22.08.06 15:54

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4link us board

gerüchteküche brodelt!!



25.08.06 09:02

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4Zahlen

die Quartalszahlen bzw Jahresendzahlen werden am 15.08.2006 erwartet!

NEWS gestern.... wiedermal eine Empfehlung ;o)



Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Receives Initial Coverage From Knobias  
THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 2006 12:27 PM
- Market Wire

WINDSOR, ON, Aug 24, 2006 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd. (PINKSHEETS: SLJB) received initial coverage from Knobias, Inc. (KNBS) on August 23, 2006. The article was favorable and is available at www.knobias.com.

CEO Steve Sulja stated: "We received some early coverage from Knobias. The article detailed the undervalued condition of our stock by accepted standards of price and market capitalization. The company believes the condition is temporary and due to being listed on the Pink Sheets. Our takeover of LoftWerks to protect our joint venture interests is the reason we are temporarily on the Pink Sheets. We are clearly not a start-up company, but we are careful about protecting our money invested in a joint venture. The company financial audits will be completed in a couple of weeks. Then a Form 10 will get our company to the OTCBB. Clearly, this is not our final goal. We will seek a NASDAQ listing. The company is making enough net profits to easily justify the NASDAQ move. Our long term investors know we are worth more and within a year, we will give them one of the greatest short term returns in the stock market."


25.08.06 09:15

238 Postings, 5498 Tage Männe@istvan, wenn die Quartalszahlen am 15.08. erwatet

werden, dann ist es so, wie Gorbatschow schon sagte:"wer zu spät kommt, den straft das Leben". Denn heute ist schon der 25.08.

25.08.06 09:54

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4@männe

sorry war natürlich ein tippfehler ;o)

aber wenigsten schreibt mal jemand was kritisches ;o)


25.08.06 15:00

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4weitere INFOS

ich habe allen interessierten nochmal die wichtigsten punkte zusammengefasst!

~ We are clearly not a start-up company, but we are careful about protecting our money invested in a joint venture. The company financial audits will be completed in a couple of weeks. Then a Form 10 will get our company to the OTCBB. Clearly, this is not our final goal. We will seek a NASDAQ listing. The company is making enough net profits to easily justify the NASDAQ move. Our long term investors know we are worth more and within a year, we will give them one of the greatest short term returns in the stock market."

~ "The current outstanding shares are 500 million. There are 362 million shares held by insiders. Of the 362 million insider shares, 162 million are restricted. There are 138 million shares in the public float. The number of inside owners, of 10% of common class shares, decreased after the reverse merger. The increase of outstanding shares from 200 million to 500 million excluded holders of 20 to 50 million shares from insider status.

~ The State of Nevada has received the assets. The balance sheet has been sent to our auditor and we expect to have the audited financials completed in mid-September. We are pleased to update our shareholders of the asset and audit progress. KPMG and Price Waterhouse Coopers will complete the audit and the assets are contained in the upcoming audited financials.

~ A Red Sea spokesperson commented: "The joint venture includes the supply of lumber and other building materials for 3 new developments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Sulja Brothers is expediting supply chains to meet the immediate groundbreaking."

Sulja Brothers' growth rate in the Middle East is astounding. This joint venture with Emaar Properties opens up possibilities for more projects in the near future and increases our market share in the Middle East."

~ Sulja Brothers Building Supplies, Ltd. is meeting with Consultech Construction Management and Emaar Properties, in Germany, to finalize a major construction and supply agreement.

A Wessal International Group spokesperson commented: "The deal with Emaar Properties will generate $124 million in revenue over the next 12 months for Sulja Brothers."

~ Wessal International has arranged for private financing of USD 25 million, of investment capital, for Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd.

A Wessal International spokesperson commented, "We have acquired private financing to secure the vast supplies and materials needed in the rapidly growing operations in the Middle Eastern market. This will necessitate and alleviate the capital required for such an extensive demand for building materials. The capital attained will ensure that Sulja Bros. will not use company shares to raise capital in the near or distant future, and will continue to not only maintain the upward climb towards a high price per share, but to also steadily rise towards a higher market exchange."

"Sulja Bros. initial business reach into the Middle Eastern market is attracting new investors. Wessal International's President, Ahmed Khalil Al-Muslmani, is buying 25% of the company. No more shares are being issued by Sulja Bros; therefore, Mr. Al-Muslmani has to buy in the open market. By law, this press release is the disclosure of Wessal International's offer and buying can commence in the open market immediately.

SLJB announced today that the company is releasing financial information to its shareholders. Sulja Brothers Building Supplies earned $63,047,611.00 during the 12 months from June 1, 2005 to May 31, 2006. The company made $28,371,424.95 gross profit with a $26,023,991.63 in pre-tax profits. Net profits were $15,879,839.69.

"Sulja Bros. had an excellent year and the Middle East projects are already affecting the bottom line. The pro forma estimated revenue is $307,007,451.50 and estimated net profits are $93,951,965.18. The pro forma for the current fiscal year is available for our shareholders to view.** The pro forma numbers will grow as we obtain our market share of the Middle East construction boom." **

We have decided to remove the middle man in our supply chain. The acquisition of the lumber mill will decrease our finished lumber product costs by over 30%. The decrease in finished product price will make us more competitive in the North American bid process and will increase our market share of projects.** More details will be released after the closing papers are completed. **

"We are currently receiving numerous requests for cement in the Dubai region and we are aggressively working to meet our client's needs." Moreover, CEO Steve Sulja stated, "We conservatively expect the sale of the cement in Dubai to reach 180 million dollars over the next twelve months.** Furthermore we are negotiating a continuous and competitive supplier of structural steel.**


30.08.06 09:41

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4Interview - sehr empfehlenswert!

sulja gemeinde: habe aus dem investerhub forum ein interessantes interview gefunden

ist natürlich nur meine meinung! ;o)

Interview With Chad Curtis:

Enclosed are nearly all of the questions I was emailed this afternoon, and the answers in BOLD are direct answers from Chad Curtis of Marquee Asset Management.

ASUS: Can they put more details in the press releases? For example, the Design Depot PR had no details on location of the parcel, date of groundbreaking, estimate of sales, estimated opening date, etc. PRs should read like a business plan summary for the item they are releasing press about. Vague PR's are fuel for bashing and rumormongers.

CHAD: We?re working on it, a lot of contracts are still open, some are in the closing stage, some are being finalized.

ASUS: How many employee's they 'SLJB' has worldwide....and then how many are currently employed in the middle east?

CHAD: In the two locations Sulja and IBP months ago they were known to have well over 40 employees.

ASUS: What are the specific requirements that Wessel must satisfy before they can purchase shares of SLJB? How far along are they in this process?

CHAD: Private contract not disclosed to public. Close to the end to start buying in my opinion.

ASUS: I would like to have additional information about the "pr" saying that SLJB
was purchasing a lumber mill, most importantly, when is the closing expected?

CHAD: The negotiations are on the table ? the final contract has not been signed, they are still in talks with the lumber mill company.

ASUS: It has been stated through PRs that Sulja Bros wants to take this stock to the NASDAQ. Please explain what regulations you must follow to achieve that goal and what PPS you must achieve and/or maintain and for what length to enable listing on the NASDAQ?

CHAD: You must qualify for the OTCBB, become fully reporting, apply for the NASDAQ with a $4 price.

ASUS: In previous PRs, it was stated that there were 300,000,000 shares set aside for a merger with Consultech. There seems to be some confusion as to the actual current corporate structure in relation to the Loftwerks reverse merger or takeover first of all. Please explain.

CHAD: It was more of a hostile takeover, old management was removed, their shares were purchased. 300M shares are still set aside for Consultech Construction Management Midwest. LFWK was taken over to protect joint venture interests of CCM and Sulja.

ASUS: Second part of the question is, once the Sulja Bros/Consultech merger takes place, where does that place Sulja Bros? As SLJB or a new stock symbol?

CHAD: To be determined and large shareholders (Wessal wants 25%) will be brought to the table also.

ASUS: What is the status of the planned merger with Consultech's Midwest Division?

CHAD: To be determined.

ASUS: What happened to all the properties that were a part of Loftwerk's portfolio. Does Sulja own them?

CHAD: Sulja owns them, and they?re still up for sale. And some of the projects will continue to be worked on.

ASUS: How many shares if any does Dennis Ammerman currently own?

CHAD: Zero.

ASUS: Who controls the insider shares held by company officers (by name)?

CHAD: Management and board of directors.

ASUS: Why haven't we seen a closing signing agreement PR?d regarding the EMAAR contract?

CHAD: Marquee Asset Management hasn?t been updated on this at this time.

ASUS: Where can we go and verify the financial background of Consultech and Vista?

CHAD: Germany. They?re not part of Sulja, they?re still private companies. We don?t have information outside of SLJB.

ASUS: What assets if any does Vista and Consultech own?

CHAD: Not sure, but is known to be a lot.

ASUS: When will we see the Canadian government audited as outlined in the financial report?

CHAD: The Canadian government goes a separate route than the auditors, so we?re not sure.

ASUS: When will we see SEC paperwork to make this company fully reporting?

CHAD: To be determined.

ASUS: Why haven't we issued a dividend? Will we issue a dividend?

CHAD: No comment.

ASUS: What is the status of building the truss manufacturing facilities?

CHAD: Marquee Asset Management hasn?t been updated on this at this time.

ASUS: What is the status of building the New Orleans condominium complex as outlined in past PR's?

CHAD: More than likely they?re going to be doing more than 300 houses. They?ve been working with state, local, and federal agencies.

ASUS: The Middle East entities PR'd by SLJB are companies that are unidentified in any publicly-available database. "Wessal International" cannot be located as an ?internationally renowned company" as stated in the PR's. There are companies with "Red Sea" in the name, but none owned by Wessal. (For example, Red Sea Housing is owned (51%) by Dabbagh Group, not Wessal.) Similar questions arise for other entities mentioned in SLJB PR's. There was no independent confirmation from Emaar about a contract with Consultech or SLJB.

CHAD: Because you can?t find it doesn?t mean it doesn?t exist.

ASUS: "We have contracts closed with conditional status, and some in the final stages of negotiations. We will release the details of our contracts in the near future. We will include final revenue with estimated net profits for each contract. We want to remain focused on the terms and conditions of each contract to make sure each party is pleased with the result. After the conclusion, we will release information that shareholders can easily verify."

The sentence at the end does not state what conclusion is being referred to. After the conclusion of the contract signing? After the term of the contract concludes? And the sentence does not state what kind of information will be released that can easily be verified. Will information be released so that shareholders can identify the parties involved in the contract? Will the other party involved in the contract independently release a PR about the deal? Finally, there is no sense from that paragraph as to a general time-frame for shareholders seeing verifiable information.

CHAD: After all conditions are closed and the money changes hands per contractual basis.

ASUS: I would like to know if Price Waterhouse Coopers is going to be the firm issuing the audited financials for this past business year.

CHAD: More than likely they have a 50% chance.

ASUS: Does Chad have an exact date on which the financials will be made available to the shareholders.

CHAD: Sometime in September.

ASUS: Ask him if this [MN1] interview is going to be rescheduled?

CHAD: It was scheduled for Monday, however he mentioned it may get moved.

ASUS:; Why doesn?t either one of the International Building Products phone lines work?

CHAD: They?re still doing business in Michigan but they?re not headquartered there any more.

ASUS: Are you going on MN1 without hardcore proof of company activities?

CHAD: Silly question.

ASUS: If you are going to go on that show without audited #s and or finalized contracts IMO it will be catastrophic to the share price.

CHAD: Noted.

ASUS: Will you please ask Chad when will we see something definitive such as signed contracts, not just "in negotiations?" An answer of 'soon' is not acceptable since I have been hearing 'soon' for 6 months now.

CHAD: Some are closed, some are closed with conditional status, some are being finalized. I spoke with them recently and some of the contracts will be disclosed. Per their new sig-sigma process with their new press release template.

ASUS: Who of the original Sulja family are still involved with SLJB and at what levels?

CHAD:John Sulja, 25%
    Steve Sulja, 12.5%
    John Sulja Jr. 12.5%
    Kathy Sulja 25%
    Andy Sulja 12.5%
    Sam Sulja 12.5%

ASUS: Has he met in person with any personnel from these groups? If so who and what were his impressions? If so was he more confident in his holdings before or after the meeting?

CHAD: I am more confident now than ever.

Asus, ask him if he knows where Ammerman's big block of restricted shares ended up.

CHAD: They were supposedly bought back by company officials.

Also ask him if we are correct on the asset transfer to the books in Nevada being the only requirement, which will meet when the audited fins and 10k are released.

CHAD: First off, they won?t do a 10K until they do a Form-10.

ASUS: I would like to know if Chad has any knowledge of upcoming deals that have not been announced, in other words, has he heard that new contracts of any sort are being negotiated that shareholders are unaware of?

CHAD: Contracts are being negotiated on a 24/7 basis.

ASUS, IMO you have provided fair balance in your postings and have managed a fairly neutral board in PBLS. I could not say the same about Chads postings as chiphldr. IMO he has relentlessly pumped several stocks including SLJB. After your meeting with Chad, what are your impressions of him? Do you think he is capable of being objective and providing "clean" unfiltered facts from a firm he would represent?

From ASUS: Chad Curtis is a very honorable man. His conscience is clear and he is here because he is excited by what is transpiring. Chad Curtis has a good heart and is not out to deceive people, but is sharing the wealth of knowledge in this company due to his excitement of the very rare situation. I believe he is working for free and could easily exit from this stock with great profits, yet persists because of his belief in the company and his energy to share the wealth in it.



06.09.06 10:41

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4*wer nach dieser Meldung nicht kauft*

ist selbst schuld..... VERTRAG ABGESCHLOSSEN****jährliche umsätze von USD 350 MIO*****
STRONG BUY*********

Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Ltd. -- Announces Closing of Abu Dhabi Cement Contract  
- Market Wire

WINDSOR, ON, Sep 05, 2006 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- A Sulja Bros. Building Supplies (PINKSHEETS: SLJB) spokesperson announced the closing of the cement contract in Dubai with Ramada General Contracting in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

CEO Steve Sulja stated: "The cement contract has been finalized, and the contract is officially closed. The contract is for seven million metric tons of cement per year. The cement will be transported to Abu Dhabi, UAE."

Wessal International's President, Ahmed Khalil Al-Muslmani, stated: "Ramada General Contracting is paying an average of USD $50.00 per metric ton. The deal produces yearly revenues of USD $350,000,000. The UAE currently faces a shortage in cement production. We are continuously looking to fill this need."


06.09.06 10:42

8274 Postings, 5212 Tage pomerolmeinst du ernsthaft? o. T.

06.09.06 10:45

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4@pmerol

schau dir mal die genaue analyse an unter


unter www.suljabros.com sind die planzahlen für 2007 angegben huiii boo...

dann merkst du wie ernsthaft das alles ist....


14.09.06 10:18

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4jetzt wird´s heiss! CHART!

14.09.06 21:33

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4wie angekündigt break out!! über 0,10 USD

15.09.06 09:44

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4keiner dabei?!?!

bis spätestens dienstag werden die zahlen veröffentlicht...
wir sehen bald kurse über 0,2$ watch out....


15.09.06 16:12

3002 Postings, 6140 Tage RoulettProfiDoch ich seit ich zwei Wochen jetzt an der Seitenl

gestanden habe

das Märchen schlecht hin oder eine Mega Chance!
mache einen Thraed dazu auf


18.09.06 15:10

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4seid threaderöffnung 100%

heute gehts weiter up!!!

good invest!

20.09.06 08:39

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4INFO!

www.marqueeasset.comSULJA BROS. HIGHLIGHTS
Company has indicated the release of the Audited Financials by September 23, 2006.

KPMG had requested three days to improve and integrate Price Waterhouse Coopers current results into the final product.

During the 12 months from June 1, 2005 to May 31, 2006, Sulja Brothers Building Supplies had revenues of $63,047,611.00. The company made $28,371,424.95 gross profit with a $26,023,991.63 in pre-tax profits. Net profits were $15,879,839.69.


-The 2007 pro forma estimated revenue is $307,007,451.50

"Plus 350,000,000.00".............Equals $657,007,451.50"
Estimated net profits for 2007 are $93,951,965.18....



Sulja Bros. has closed a cement contract in Dubai with Ramada General Contracting in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Ramada General Contracting is paying an average of USD $50.00 per metric ton. The contract is for seven million metric tons of cement per year. The deal produces yearly revenues of USD $350,000,000. The UAE currently faces a shortage in cement production.



has been mentioned in previous press releases and may be used in the near future. The plan calls for a regular quarterly dividend of .0025 cents ( 1 cent pps per yr) The dividend was mentioned and designed to minimize effects to company profits yet incur maximum damage to the short position in the companies common stock. Consultech and company directors/insiders understand that the money spent on the dividend is necessary to achieve a reasonable fair market share evaluation for all stockholders. Company had stated, "So far, it looks like a matching dividend program from the short sellers. Every dollar the company issues, in dividend form will be matched by the short sellers. If the short sellers refuse to pay the dividend, their identity will be revealed in the 'payment in-lieu paperwork.'


(per company previous press releases)

There is no stock definition for this type of buying; therefore, the company created their own definition. It's called 'Short Seller Captured Capital.' Insiders have expressed interest in selling blocks of shares back to the company at a later date. The shares can be introduce back into the market after the company plans are executed, and the short sellers can complete their buy-in at a much higher price. Short Seller Captured Capital will prevent dilution of the current shareholders' value while providing insulation to the current shareholder from the effects of high-volume sell-offs."

Company announced it is opening 3 new offices in the Middle East. A Red Sea Group company spokesperson commented: "The 3 licenses for Sulja Bros. Building Supplies were obtained in the Middle East. Ground breaking commenced today in Abu Dhabi, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and in Bahrain." Company has stated it's need to supply existing and new clients in the Middle East. The construction in the UAE and the Middle East is projected to exceed 28 billion by the year end. Sulja Brothers is increasing its market share of these lucrative projects. The Red Sea Group has been very successful in obtaining new clients and projects. Our client base has grown tremendously through our relationship with the Red Sea Group."


(still in the works per company pr's)

1. The Consultech Construction Management Inc.'s Midwest merger if used would increase the market cap along with adding a much larger flow of revenues and earnings to the bottom-line.

As previouly stated in press releases this office is was in negotiations with Federal, State, and Local officials to procure storm relief work outside Biloxi, Mississippi more details will be released at a later date per company official. Steve Sulja had announced the appointment of Direct General of Consultech Construction Management Inc.'s Director General Petar Vucicevich as Sulja Bros. new CEO/President. Mr. Sulja had said the new appointed position would allow for a smoother transition of the Sulja vehicle at a later date for its merger with Consultech's Midwest Operations. Mr. Sulja at the same time had mentioned this was indeed a good move on making our process easier.

Mr. Vucicevich stated, in recent press releases "I look forward to working closely with the existing Sulja Board and helping with the merger and expansion plans". Consultech had previously owned Sulja Bros. for nearly ten years and stated that this particular appointment consolidates the three primary aspects of the industry: materials, design and management.


20.09.06 08:43

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4Chartvergleich! wow..

23.10.06 09:49

570 Postings, 5837 Tage istvan4Achtung heute gehts weiter!

lt. aussagen des ceo werden die zahlen heute veröffentlicht!

100% sind drinn!


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